Our Class Showcased

100WC - Week #29 - Milah

“What is that?” we hear from below.
“Is that a flying saucer?, no A CAR!”
Oh no. something has gone wrong in the engine.
“TAKE THE WHEEL” says dad.
Oh no…

The steering wheel always slips out of my hand. It is impossible to drive. I had control for a bit, But then..
BOOM CRASH BANG. Where are we??. All I know is that we are up high, real high. OH NO! I see Mrs Horan walk out of her house.
Wow, I crashed into my teachers house.
“UMM, hello!”

“HI” she shouts

100WC - Week #24 - Bailee

“I’m losing all memories” My brother yells. “Hold on”I yell back ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted Hold on tighter I”m coming” I run towards the sound of my brother's voice just in time to see all of his memories sucked out of him. “NO” I yell there is no way I could let that happen. I've got to turn off that machine and quick. I run towards the whirling machine. “Where's the off button?”I whisper to myself. “There”I whisper again ‘BEEP BEEP BEEP TURNING OFF’ the machine booms “Wow what happened?”asks my brother.

100WC - Week #24 - Ken

We were entering war for the first time . We were walking sneakily till the Commander yelled. “AMBUSH! RUN.” Suddenly KABOOM! That was the last thing we had heard before the explosion. “Hello?, is anyone there.” I said. There was no response. I carefully looked down at the old broken bridge. There was a soldier holding onto the bridge for his life. He wouldn’t say a word. He looked as shocked as a man being tasered. “Don’t let go.” I said very clearly. “I’m trying to hold on.” he shouted as if he was a mile away. I drag him up and we duck behind the sandbags.

100WC - Week #23 - Joe

What's going on? Something is happening around here? As I walked straight ahead of me nothing was in sight. I wonder what was happening here? Hey look at a Sign! What does it say? It says…….be…..ware….of the creature! BOOM!!! WHAT WAS THAT!? OMG ITS REAL THE CREATURE OF BLACK!!!! I gotta get out of here before it's too late! But as soon as I ran I fell into a trap AHH Boom! What the….he..c..k happened? Oh great I into a trap Well I can try get out of here if… I… can. Oh I don’t know…

100WC - Week #22 - Taisha
It's my birthday. I saw a note on my bed, that's weird. All my letters normally go to Mum. Maybe it's a birthday card? I opened the note it said "Dear my friend, your Mum is gone, if you follow the rules to this letter you will find her. Go in the car and follow this destination, then you will come to a door. Open that door…" I did what the letter said. When I got to the destination there was a strange door, I opened it. "MUM you're here?" "SURPRISE" my friends said as they jumped out to surprise me.

100WC - Week #21 - Jaxon

Silent School
Silence! Yelled Mr Fraiser. “Ugh” I thought “why do we have to be so qui-” suddenly I got hit in the chest so hard that I got flown across the auditorium. Everyone screamed but I couldn’t feel anything, all I could feel was the throbbing  painful wound of were I got hit. I looked up everyone was running out of the auditorium i got up, I looked around and saw a little glowing stone I walked over to it, when I tried to pick it up I felt a ginormous flow of energy surging through my body. I saw my pink giraffe, everything was dusty. I saw myself singing, I think I sang...


100WC - Sep 19 (10) - The Long Fall

- by Abby

I run up the stairs to the top of the skyscraper in Auckland and stand behind a crowded line. “Hey what's happening?” I say. The glass had been smashed all around the place. “A crane smashed into here so there is no wall or glass. The crowd walks away but I stay where I am. Suddenly Leo comes running into me and I fall off the edge. I just grab a pole and look down I am about 4 miles off the ground.

As I turned my head the world spun and I let go. I start the long fall.

Special Terry Culkin 'toon' drawn for Abby!

100WC - Isabella 

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I was walking in the woods when I heard something that sounded like a baby crying, it was soft to start with but as I got closer it got louder and louder until it stopped.  Suddenly I turned around, I heard them before I saw them they looked a bit like goats but they only had two legs and they spoke in Latin. They started to walk towards me then I saw the baby behind them in a pot.  I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the baby I grabbed her and ran home.  My Auntie Z told me to take a buttermilk bath and try not to think about the things in the woods. That night I heard knocking on my window, it was them…..

100WC - July 19 (5) - Genevieve

It was the dead of night and John and Mary were outside having a nice conversation.  It was their 5th year together and John wanted to propose so he constantly dropped hints to Mary that he wanted to get married to her and it just seemed to go right over her head. John thought Mary deserved the world so he didn’t get a ring he thought he should kneel next to the moon and pretend it was his ring in a way. so he sat there waiting for the perfect moment.  When this moment came, he proposed and now they live together happily.

Special Terry Culkin 'toon' drawn for Gen!

100-WC week#25-Abbie

I´m walking through Hogwarts, very scared, just thinking that one of the ghosts are going to come out.  My friend Biankha is with me.  We hear someone coming so we hide behind the candy bar but it is only Harry Potter so we come out.  But then Voldemort comes with Slytherin and he has made Ron and Hermione follow him.  We hide again.  Harry Potter distracts him so we can gap it.  
We gap it into Dumbledore’s office.  He looks at us very weirdly but then he finally speaks and whispers “Where is Voldemort?” 
“Fighting Harry Potter” me and Biankha cired. 
Dumbledore goes out in a flash we follow but lose him. We finally find the entrance and we leave.
“Wow that was scary.”   

I whooped huffing and puffing we run home we tell my Mum what happened. “It was so cool” we announced.

100-WC week#25- Gracy

When I was just walking along with my sister minding our own business we saw an old building.  We tip toed inside to look around and see if there was any old stuff that we could have. But there was nothing until we found an old painting my sister said it had a rip in it.  I took a closer look at the rip that's when I saw an old candy bar. I went through the painting and so did my sister but when we got in the rip in the painting was  gone we were trapped inside.  My sister tried to get us out but it was hopeless we are trapped here forever.

100WC Week#23 - Olivia

“Quick” whispered Jamie. 
“OK” yelled Sara accidentally 
“Be quiet” I reassured her. “Make sure Mum and Dad don't hear us, remember we want to get the lolly jar." 
"But without making noise?  This will be  a challenge” Jamie exclaimed.  Past the bench of death and the freezing fridge we go.
'Don’t make noise' Sara remembered.  
“Finally we made it to the lolly jar.  Be very quiet and don’t bump anything." 1,2,3 grab the lolly jar.
"I've got it” Jamie sighed in relief. “But wait the jar is empty” What a surprise! I turn around I see a glimpse of Mum and Dad staring right at me!!!

100-WC Week#24 - Keira

“Wake up honey it is time for school” Mum asked tiredly. “Hurry I am tired get changed already” demanded Mum.
“Okay, okay, I will get up” I say while pretending to sleep.  I get up make my bed, get changed and go out to make my lunch.  First I put in my chips and muesli bars then I try to sneak it into my bag. 
“Remember your sandwich” Mum says in a hurry.
“WHY ME” I say disappointed.
I go get the bread and get the Vegemite and tip it all in the bin and then trick Mum and say, "The Vegemite is empty. What a surprise!"
But mum answers “ I can buy you some now”

100-WC Week#23 - Biankha

I was walking around and I saw some pavement that wasn't set. Something got me distracted and I tripped into the soft pavement. So someone that was walking past called the fire truck because I was sinking .I got my wallet out of my pocket and all my coins fell out I tried to get them but they just sunk .Finally the big red fire truck came and told me to climb up the ladder, until was nearly up the top ,and then the ladder snapped and I slipped down again but this time I was on the grass, and I looked like a dead fish.

100WC Kate - Week #23

Brooke and her friend Kate were at a fair one day and decided to do the Escape the room challenge, they thought it would be quite fun and a good way to waste time. When they entered the immediately saw a red mark on the wall that said, ¨it's better dark,¨ so Brooke turned off the light and saw a hidden message that said,¨ sinking,¨what could that mean said Brooke as they were sinking into pavement. When they had finished sinking they found some coins and put them in a vending machine and found a key in the coke can, they climbed up the ladder and escaped.

100WC Week #22 - Olivia

AAAHHH I screamed “what's wrong honey” replied mum "I think I stood on something"I replied back"It's probably just a stone" mum smirked so I look at my foot and there's a bee stuck to my foot oh no i'm allergic to bees I scream! Mum runs to my aid i'll get the vinegar she runs to the kitchen i'll call the ambulance OH NO i scream it's already swelling up  i dial 911 as she's putting the vinegar on my foot “AAAHHH the vinegar is to sharp” I yell Weeewoweeewow the ambulance is here i'm so relieved…….     

100WC-Week #22-Brooke

“Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar we need more vinegar yelled!” Jack.
“No we don’t, who want that much vinegar.I would have drunk a whole bottle of water if you put that much on,”said Betty.These chips have got to be yum, the vinegar will spice it up, said, Jack.
Oh! I know how about adding some salt on then they would taste better, exclaimed Betty.
Yes I guess so, they might, ok then let’s try it! whooped,Jack.
Betty sprinkled some salt over the chips “perfect”said Betty.
Now that they have got vinegar and salt, lets try them! Shouted, Jack.
Betty took the biggest chip, and bit right into it but the vinegar was too sharp!

100WC - Week#21 - Olivia

“Mummy” murmurs Sally where are we going today?
"We are going to the mall" replies mum,
"Okay" answers Sally
"Make sure teddy is in your bag tightly while we cross the road," but as Sally and mum walk across the road teddy falls out and hits the ground without Sally noticing. A Sally and mum sit down at the mall with their chocolate ice cream Sally wanted to play with teddy so she gets her bag and realises teddy is not there.  "No" Sally starts to cry "where's Teddy" she screams.  Mum has a good idea.
"We should retrace our steps so we can find teddy."  So they retraced their steps until they found teddy!

100WC Week #19 - Kate

RING,  “OK first customer,” said Jenny as a customer walked into her restaurant,  this was Jenny's first day on the job, as you could probably tell that she is a little bit nervous. While Jenny was waiting for another customer she saw something moving under the fringe of the couch, just then she had the shivers down her back thinking it was an alien, then all of a sudden a black cat popped out. Just then jenny remembered that in a book she reading black cats were bad luck! “Ohh” she said that’s why the lights were flickering and the eggs were broken, after that she washed the cat thinking all the bad luck will go away, and it did.

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