Tuesday, February 4, 2020

100WC - Week #19 - William

Me, my brother and my parents were driving back into our hometown ‘Morrinsville’ from coming back from the airport after having a holiday in Australia. “Wow” everything has changed here since we were here last, Suddenly I heard a high pitched scream and then a low groan, “did anybody else hear that. Everyone nodded slowly. “Oh no we are going to die” Mum shrieked, I was looking out the window as we passed the local playground and I saw a small boy with a screwed up face and wrinkly pale green skin swinging on a swing   “zombie apocalypse” I screamed….


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  2. Hi William i enjoyed how you were driving back and saw a Zombie kid with green pale skin and he was swinging on a swing. From Jacob

  3. William, I love the theme of the story. Zombie Apocalypse is a good theme. Its enjoyable. Make more writing like this, have it spread over the whole world. I really liked the way you described the zombie kid.

    Continue writing, they're really good.

    -From Kenneth.

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  6. William I like your story it really good I like the part were you saw a little boy on the swing that was really good how you described the little boys skin from Diesel

  7. Hi William
    great work keep on trying!
    from Harry

  8. To William,
    I love how you screamed “zombie apocalypse" that was cool I also like how your mum said that oh on were gonna die!


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