Monday, November 25, 2019

100WC - Week #12 - Keira

Lovely day in Townsville, We have Violin players playing beautiful music making the crowd happy. We have a big zoo filled with Elephants and more. Hi i’m Sam and this is my beautiful home but not everything is amazing because I have to annoying smart headed siblings Jack and Leon.
Oh yea have I told you about the paint thing well here it is so me and mum painted the walls purple and they went and jumped in the paint, yep that’s them. Im gonna talk about how my brothers got so annoying. At first there was just one of them, Jack, We didn’t know any Leon until we went to the adoption centre. We walk in to grab some stuff and in the corner of my eye I see Jack playing with Leon “aww” mum says “lets adopt him” and that’s how I got to annoying brothers.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

100WC Week #12 - Brooke

¨I want a purple violin,¨ the man asked in a gruff voice.
¨Excuse me,?¨ The woman at the counter replied.
¨Purple violin!¨ the man shouted this time.
¨Excuse me?, magic word please,¨ The woman replied tartly.
¨Oh! I´ll give you the magic word,¨ the man said taking out a wand that had been beautifully
painted in all the shades of purple.
¨And what are you going to do with that,¨ the woman replied sweetly.
¨What am I going to do with this,¨ the man laughed, ¨Oh I´m going turn you into an elephant, Abracadabra!¨ 
The woman started to turn big and grey and with that the man stole the purple violin. ´Now I´m happy´ the man thought to himself.

100WCweek#12 - Ruby

“I’m going to the zoo zoo zoo you can come to ,”….. “Sorry about thats just my sister she’s really excited, were going to the zoo today,” “I hope we can see a purple elephant,” my little sister milly pronounced. “Milly I very much doubt there will be purple elephants and if there is they will be painted,” I wasn’t that happy because I wanted to go to the violin presentation. I didn’t really like violins but I knew my brother Max hated them and I wanted to be annoying .But like always Milly and Max got there way we have to go to the...

100WCWeek #12 - Biankha

Purple elephants crossing by one named Ellie and Eli they looked very happy together Eli proposed to Ellie it was very romantic. I said to mum I don’t want to be here, I would rather be at the violin place picking one out for me it would be much more fun than being here. We finally got to the violin place at the it is so packed. We are at the front of the line and no wonder it is packed they are showing there very rare, cool painted violins. Mum says that I can get one because they are so rare.

100WCWeek #12 - Caitlyn

It wasn’t me who cause it 
We painted the zoo !
We walk in the front gate and we here a violin playing .
We go to the elephant part and see that they are so happy .
Then we go to the lizards and watch them change colour .
They go purple  then red then green and blue. 
                                         Sps Psps a monkey just bursted poop everywhere .
                                                            It wasn't me who caused it …
  Running  to the toilet finding out that they are locked 
The Lock is slowly turning and it opens i run in but the door on me 

What an awful day .

100WC#12 The Zoo by Riley

“Happy” Dustin said as we passed the elephant. In the distance we could hear a violin

playing and could see an artist painting a jaguar with purple paint. All of a sudden we

heard screams and then a roar and a truck came speeding passed us telling us to get

away. DUSTIN WAS GONE we looked and couldn’t see him then I saw him he was

running toward the noise and as we finally got there we saw Dustin riding the

lion back into its cage. Phew he was OK. We decided never to come back again.

“Scary” Dustin said

100WC Abby. The Clown Made Me.

I walk into the happy purple circus tent and pick a seat.
I was expecting elephants on unicycles painting violins
but instead a fat clown came in and called himself Chuckles.
Suddenly he turned to me and said, “Come here girly.”
I turned to leave but suddenly I am on stage.
He says to the audience that I was going to dive into a tank of lava of the tightrope.
Chuckles uses his magic powers and suddenly I am on the tightrope.
My legs lose balance and I fall into the lava. But it turns out to be red water. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

100WC - Genevieve - week#11

“Do you want a sandwich?” I asked my friends holding the bread while we sat in the kitchen “sure” he responded “do you want a peanut butter or vegemite sandwich?” I said “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” he said “Oh ok” I responded. But we don’t have marmite, I spread the vegemite on anyway and give it to him, he takes one bite and in a flash he stands up, furious he slams his fist on the table smashing it in two pieces “I SAID I LIKE MARMITE” he shouted with rage he ran outside my house but he didn't open the door, he just ran through it and he sprinted away

Sunday, November 17, 2019

idk. by Luke

  ̈Do you like peanut butter,  James asked.
“No,” Bob said, “I like marmite.” 
¨Oh, well here have some,¨ replied James,
¨Thank you¨ Bob said,
¨No problem,¨ He replied.
¨Can you pass the bread please?¨ asked Bob
¨Sure thing Bob¨ said James
The End. 

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100WC - Week #11 - Lachlan

NO i don't want marmite its yuck it tastes like sait it looks like poo and its like vegemite i  like marmite sometimes its in a jar and no buy marmite it taste so bad `why is marmite brown marmite is a quick thing what you can put on your sandwich but it doesn't taste nice tho my family hates marmite like it just like vegemite  marmite is yuck and who likes it they are yuck like who eats marmite i won't rate marmite 1/10 a 5 because it is brown and it looks like poo the end

100WC - Week #11 - Leena Rangiawha

… “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”…
One Day I was at home and I went to go and get some Marmite and then my Brother saw Me getting it out of the cupboard. Then they yelled Leena can I please have some then I said ok so then I gave him some. 
Then the next Day Mum went to the supermarket and got some marmite for all of us to eat and then mum went to the supermarket and got peanut butter instead. Then my brother said No I like Marmite. 

100WC - Week #11 - BRENDAN

So what would you like for breakfast Harry. Some toast please, what would you like on your toast, jam or some nutella No he said I like marmite. But we don't have any marmite, then go buy some fine lets go so we got in the car and went I saw the police on the way I said hi to the police and he waved back I was happy. When we reached I went strait to the marmite I was really happy. Yay! I said, now we went to the check out and bought it and went home and had it I was really happy.

100WC - Week #11 - Olivia Richards

I Wake up ,walk down the stairs, and sit at the table. then  mom yells out what would you like for your breakfast sweetie, I reply Mar mite on toast  with butter OK sweetie she replies to me pop some toast in the toaster she pops my toast in the toaster and once it comes out she puts butter than Mar mite on it. Thank you I say I'm so hungry I take a bite out of the toast. WWW I start to gag Vegemite I say gross I say once more. You said you wanted Vegemite mum said No he said I like mar mite!

Unfortunate marmite events 100WC Week #11 Mitchell brown

There was darkness and then gooey substance like tar surrounded  the country, it was vegemite as a factory was swallowed whole by vegemite, a Sanitarium marmite logo bubbled up then a Vegemite man said  ̈only vegemite now ̈ as he retorted that sentence over and over  the man wakes up.  An earthquake Jolts and recoiled to the bouncing movements of  tectonic plates clashing. He glances over to the Marmite factory it gone, at that exact time he feels a sharp push against his chest rebarb has pierced him, ¨No ̈ he said  ̈ I like marmite. ̈

100WC - Week #11 - Kerrin Wilson

Today is Sunday, Max was making his lunch for tomorrow. He looked in the cabinets, “where is  the marmite gone?” ask Max
“What about vegemite it's the same as marmite” replied mum 
“No,” he said, “I like marmite.”
“Well we can’t go to the shop it will open at 8 o’clock, it’s only 7: 30 am” said mum
7 minutes later: “it’s 8 o’clock mum!” shouted Max
“Ok, countdown is not that far from the house”
“Oh and mum i’ll use my money I have enough money to buy it.”  relied Max
“Be careful crossing the road Max!” shouted mum 

“Ok!” shouted Max. he went inside looking around when found the right one he started searching he found it he took it and he paid and went back home

100 w-c week 11# lachlan w

It was the earthquake?! We all took cover under the desks it had in a sec stop… we all got up hearing our parents running through the doors like lions they grab both of us we got back home to hear the news that the marmite factory

Had been closed. for whole mouth!!!? Noooooooooo not the marmite then my brother told me that he jam better than marmite “no” he said “l like marmite” I said that to him it will that its going to take a long long time. But at lest we still have nutella right terry terry?...

100WC - Week #11 - Natasha Dalton

One morning my Mum asked my Dad “did you get my vegemite for my breakfast.”
“No,” He said “I like marmite better so I bought marmite instead.”
“Dad, can you pass me the cheese” I asked.
“No,” He said “ I like marmite so I bought 10 containers of marmite”
“Dad I need it for my toasted cheese sandwiches” I said trying to find the last of the cheese.
“You don’t Need cheese or vegemite all you need is marmite” He replied.
“Dad please stop you are going crazy” my Mum and I said together.
“No,” he said, “I like marmite.”

100WC - Week #11 - Isabella

So let me tell you something, one day when I was in woolworths in Aussie I was buying some vegemite and the person at the counter could tell I was a kiwi and said,” do you live in New Zealand,” an I was like “ yep do you like vegemite,” “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”  I thought I had seen it all but I never thought I would see the day that an Australian would like marmite but I have

100WC - Week #11 - Abbie .wheres the Marmite?

‘’Mum wheres the Marmite’’ I whined. 
‘’It should be in the pantry where it always is’’ 
‘’well it’s not’’. Mum then tells me to have Vegemite sweetheart.
But I say ‘’ Vegemite is made out of vegetables’’ 
‘’ who told you that’’ 
‘’Dad did’’ I throw a tantrum, but she tells me that Morrinsville has got a Marmite blow out!!
“Well w, w, what am I supposed to eat’’ I cried 
“Vegemite’’ she yells 
“No!’’ I yell back “ I just wont have breakfast then I”ll starve.’’

But I have breakfast anyway with a little dot of gross Vegemite on my toast.


Jason was making breakfast for his kids and wife , the two kids were girls and their names were Sam and Hanna , his wife was called Kelly.The two kids would always fight over the smallest things like who is gonna walk the dog or who has done the best at school.Today was no different you see the girls compared to other kids was way of the scale! The girls cousin was here and his name was Timothy when Timothy was asked what he would like for breakfast he said hashbrowns then  ̈No¨ he said ̈I like marmite.¨ ¨Please ̈

100WC#11 MARMITE By Riley

“No,” he said, “I like Marmite.” His face was covered in it and stolen Marmite jars
were everywhere making it extremely hard to walk around in the kitchen.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh he screamed there’s no marmite left then he
jumped out the window going into houses and coming back out with Marmite jars
and attacking the marmite inside once he had finished the jar he threw it away. Over
the racked he was making you could now hear the wail of sirens as the police
surrounded him.

But then he turned to the constable he said “HI” I LIKE MARMITE goodbye dude.”

100WC - Week #11 - Laine

Hey mate what you doing over there you look like you are up to something. And when people are up to something it does not look good, tell  me what you have got in your hand right now tell me. ̈ ̈No ̈ he said,̈I like marmite.¨I hate Marmite just to let you know ok. I don't need to know that but ok but like how do you like it it is just looks so weird and taste so weird just how do you like it.but to the case is that the only thing you had in your hand.

100WC - Week #11 - Kate

The school was silent as the debate went on. 
“I think Vegemite is better because it has more flavour and is more texturized and easier to spread, said Connor. 
“Well, said Patrick, your statement doesn't really prove a point, shall we ask the school.”
̈̈Raise you hand if you think Marmite has the right to win this debate once and for all!¨ Patrick shouted 
(The audience hands all raised at once.)
What about Vegemite? Connor said quietly
What about you, Mr Smith, do you like Vegemite? Connor asked

Then Mr Smith spoke, “No,” he said, “I like Marmite.”

100WC - Week #11 - Brooke

̈Jam, jam, jam! itÅ› as sweet as the sky. I absolutely love jam. How about you Mike?¨ asked John.
 ̈No, he said, ¨I like marmite.¨
¨Your disgusting,¨ John said while looking at his best friend with hatred.
 ¨Your disgusting,¨Mike retorted tartly.
¨I call this a war,¨ John responded.¨
¨Fine by me,¨Mike replied.
¨Oh! jam is as lovely as sweet honey!¨ John started singing.
¨While marmite is the healthiest option, it´s like a world of sweetness!¨ Mike started singing.
̈Jam, jam, jam is like a honeycomb filled with sugar!¨ John finished his song.
̈So you like honey?¨ Mike laughed as John turned purple with embarrassment.

100 WC #11 the angry child - Ruby

 Splash the gloomy air blew against my face “get up your on the bus this morning,” my mum tries to yell but she can’t because she has a dead tooth I roll over “ come on get dressed,” mum snickers “what do you want for breakfast ,”she yelled from down the hall “toast with jam,” she examples  “No ,he said,”I like MARMITE   on my toast, not sloppy old jam, who do you think I am a rat,``''excuse me young man,’ my mother said ,I know I’m in a lot of trouble  the first thing I do is run. bye?

100WC - Week #11 - Charli Tracey

“Cooper” time for breakfast. mum shouted from down stairs do you want “peanut butter” on your toast mum said “No”, he said, “ I like marmite.” on my toast. Okay mum said I will do that now then. But first, are you ready for school because we have to go soon or the bus will be waiting. “ Coming”
Down the stairs he sings
“Marmite” “marmite”, 
“I love marmite”, 
“I can’t wait for my Marmite on toast”, 
“Marmite” “marmite”
Mum is my Marmite on toast ready. “Yes” it’s ready come on now you need to eat your toast and then we start to go.
“On the way to the bus stop he sang his marmite song”

100WC - Week #11 - Liam

̈ ̈Boys time to wake up said Mum ̈
¨OK we both say tired ̈
So we get up and go get breakfast my friend John says.
̈can I please have Vegemite ̈ 
̈ ̈Sure sweety mum says like a weirdo ̈  do you want some butter with that.
̈ ̈U mm yes please exclaimed John ̈
So while the toast was in the toaster the boys get changed when we hear that noise that the toaster make we out to make our toast.
̈John hears the marmite I say ̈
¨I said i wanted Vegemite shouted John ̈
Mum comes in the room saying ̈everything ok she says ̈

… ̈No,̈ he said,̈̈I like marmite

100WC - Week #11 - Caitlyn Kampenhout

My little brother starts kicking me so I kick him back he  wakes up and rubbed his tired and sore eyes he starts to yell at me mum  screams from down the hallway cut it out you two so we do he has a big stretch he’s  walking out to the kitchen and seeing mum putting ginger and apricot jam on my sandwich “no,” he said , “I like Marmite .” you no that don't you a lot of butter and a tiny bit of marmite why can't you get things right around here . he stomps and grabs a piece of toast and slams it in the bin what are you going to do about that .

100WC - Week #11 - Keira - Friend comes over

School was finished, me and my friend Jack were planning to ask my Mum if he could come over. We went to my Mums car “Mum” I say “can Jack come over?”
“Fine” Mum replies
We arrive at my house and get some food “Can I have marmite” Jack says
“Okay” Mum replies but then she gets out the honey
“No,” he said, “I like marmite.
Mum grabs out the marmite and spreads it on to the bread “here you go” She says
“Thanks” He replies
While Mum makes my sandwich me and Jack go outside and play on the trampoline and have some fun. We hear a car noise going up my driveway then I hear a little shout “JACK” his Mum was here, she was picking him up, He had to go home...

Genevieve - 100WC - Week#11

“Do you want a sandwich?” I asked my friends holding the bread while we sat in the kitchen “sure” he responded “do you want a peanut butter or vegemite sandwich?” I said “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” he said “Oh okay” I responded. But we don’t have marmite, I spread the vegemite on anyway and give it to him, he takes one bite and in a flash he stands up, furious he slams his fist on the table smashing it in two pieces “I SAID I LIKE MARMITE” he shouted with rage he ran outside my house but he didn't open the door, he just ran through it and he sprinted away

100WC - Week #11 - Abby. Marmite the Kitten

Mike and Tom's mother had found a lost black kitten.
While she went to put up missing cat posters,
Mike thought that they should name the kitten instead of calling it ‘The Kitten.
“Hey, Tom let's call the kitten Ripper or Destroyer.”
"Maybe something nicer like Marmite since she is black.”
Mike shouts out, “that's a stupid name.” Tom looks up at Mike.                                                   
“No,” he said, “I like Marmite.”
When their mother came home she decided to make it Marmite
because Mike's ideas were too violent.
The family soon got a brown dog and called it toast since they BFF’s.

100WC Week #10 - Abbie

What did Adam say to eve the night before Christmas It’s Christmas eve. 

It was the day of Christmas eve, we were going to pick a tree, but you now the only part I don’t like about picking a tree is that you have to decorate it. And it takes forever. Last time when I was decorating a tree I accidentally smashed a snow globe.When it gets around 7:00 we set up our stockings, and go look at Christmas lights. When we get home its probably 8:00 thats when we go to bed. In the morning we open presents.

Have a merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

100WC - Week 10 - Charli

“It was the night of Christmas. Me and my brother Cooper were so excited. That day we went to the shops to buy all the things to decorate the apartment because we went to Australia for Christmas. Back to Christmas.  When we went shopping mum said that we need to get red and green decorations. Christmas is my favourite holiday I like Christmas because it is fun and especially because we get to go to Australia.  when we got back mum said that we had to go to bed because it was Christmas tomorrow. And it was going to be a long day.
I hope you have a good Christmas
Merry Christmas!