Thursday, February 28, 2019


One day my mum and I where making onion dip, I put the reduce cream in, then I put the onion soup packet in. But I accidently spilled the vinegar in the bowl, so I  quickly mixed it up before my mum came, then we leave the onion dip in the fridge for 30 minutes. After we went to the supermarket to get some chips, then we went home to eat the chip and dip. When we got home we had it but the vinegar was to sharp so we had to throw it away.

100WC - Week #22 - Biankha

In this little house  there were some little creatures  and they were making some lovely bug dip so first you put in the bugs of your chose  and then you put in the special ingredient witch is some lovely  green grass from the garden now to put in the main ingredient black or  white vinegar  so you put it all in the a bowl and mix until it is fluffy you have it with a piece of leave and then you eat it  I was walking past and the asked if i wanted some i said I will try a little bit  so i tried some and the vinegar was too sharp.

100WC Week #22 - Olivia

AAAHHH I screamed “what's wrong honey” replied mum "I think I stood on something"I replied back"It's probably just a stone" mum smirked so I look at my foot and there's a bee stuck to my foot oh no i'm allergic to bees I scream! Mum runs to my aid i'll get the vinegar she runs to the kitchen i'll call the ambulance OH NO i scream it's already swelling up  i dial 911 as she's putting the vinegar on my foot “AAAHHH the vinegar is to sharp” I yell Weeewoweeewow the ambulance is here i'm so relieved…….     


100WC - Week #22 - Charlee

Once upon a time there lived a food critic named nancy. Nancy  is the best and worst at the same, the worst because she is the hardest food critic and best because she has shut down ninety nine  cafes and restaurants, anyway back to the present she is in her one-hundredth cafe and they have just served her muffins she picks up one and takes a buyt, the vinegar was too sharp, I immediately spat it back out and left “fail” i say as i walk out and that is how my one-hundredth fail went down.

100WC- Week#22-Kerrin

When I eat salt and vinegar chips. I ate three chips at a time, when i’m eating I taste the vinegar so I said ‘the vinegar was too sharp’  
So I tell my mum the vinegar was too sour. My mum give me ready salt chips because I like ready salt chips , chicken and sour cream & chives flavors,  I only taste the salt a little bit, because if they put too much salt, then the chips will be salty ‘sigh’ Chicken flavor my favourite because it sort of taste like chicken. Sour cream & chives my 2nd favourite flavor I can taste a bit of sour and cream but I can taste the chives, I like the pringle sour cream & chives flavor. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

100WC-Week #22-Brooke

“Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar we need more vinegar yelled!” Jack.
“No we don’t, who want that much vinegar.I would have drunk a whole bottle of water if you put that much on,”said Betty.These chips have got to be yum, the vinegar will spice it up, said, Jack.
Oh! I know how about adding some salt on then they would taste better, exclaimed Betty.
Yes I guess so, they might, ok then let’s try it! whooped,Jack.
Betty sprinkled some salt over the chips “perfect”said Betty.
Now that they have got vinegar and salt, lets try them! Shouted, Jack.
Betty took the biggest chip, and bit right into it but the vinegar was too sharp!


Ok my first ever time tasting Salt and Vinegar chips Three Two One go.CRUNCH CRUNCH ew its way to vinegary yuck.
¨Mum! Do we have Ready Salted chips I don't like Salt and Vinegar.¨I said.
¨Yes honey we do.I thought you would have liked Salt and Vinegar chips.¨Replied Mum
¨Well here is what I think of them.They are to vinegary for me i´m not a big fan of vinegar¨I called back.
¨OK honey here they are.Remember share them with your sisters.¨Said Mum
¨Fine fine fine I will I will I will.¨I Replied

100wc-week 22 Abbie

One day there was a little dog and she had a secret her secret was that she could talk and she said ‘’I hate vinegar so much  it’s disgusting on everything like hot chips and in dip gross’’ she said. but what’s weird about it is that she likes salt and vinegar chips and it has vinegar in it she says that it doesn’t have vinegar in it but that’s because she can’t read and she’s so silly but when I buy salt and vinegar chips she stands on two legs and opens it with her hands she is silly but smart. This dog always complains about vinegar she thinks the vinegar is to sharp.

100WC-week #22 - Caitlyn

“Come on Caitlyn we need to go now” Yelled Dad             
 “It is low tide and we are going to miss out on the pipes said Dad . lets go 10 minutes later. “I think there is about 200 in there” Yelled Dad excitedly .  “Be quiet dad, I said you are yelling. “oh sorry .” “Cook them up” says dad “ok” I say. “Now it’s time to eat them my favourite part, but first we need to put the in vinegar ok” “yuck” “what” “The vinegar was to sharp” I yelled . “What no it’s not, yes  it is you have different taste buds.

100WC - Week #22 - Harvey Cabug

When We went to the shop we got soy sauce and vinegar which is the both flavors inside of it. After at the market when we were starting dinner it has meat, vegetables and more. later I put both vinegar and soy sauce a lot in a half of the food in my plate and when i ate it and it  was painfully and said ...the vinegar was too sharp… my tongue was bleeding out lof it it and it was too painful and my parents put me to the doctor and the doctor told me never ever both flavors again