Tuesday, April 30, 2019

100WC - Week #28 - Kate

“What is this?” said Kayla, as she walks deeper into the plants.
“It looks like some deadly virus,” replied Mason, “we have to take it back to earth to do some testing then, we'll have to start quickly before it spreads.”
 “Indeed we do,“whispered Kayla.  For a moment they both look at the dried up earth in confusion. “Run,” Kayla screamed as everything before them turns brown like it is infected too. They hurry back to the spaceship like they had never ran before once they got back to the ship they sat down to talk when they realised that they were turning brown too. They were infected!

Monday, April 29, 2019


And action!

¨Ow my head it hurts¨ howled olie.
¨Well our plane just fell and the seat belt hit your head¨ explained Emmy.
¨How about we go and explore this mysterious place?¨ asked Katy
¨Sounds good let's go¨ Caitlyn agreed.
¨Wow this place is a mess!¨ Emmy shouted.
¨Who goes there?¨Farmer All shouted.
¨Umm noone¨Katy shrieked.
¨Well it must be someone if there's a voice¨ Farmer All said grumpily.
¨N N No¨Emmy said shakily.
¨You have made me so mad now¨ growled Farmer All.
¨Hey why are you grumpy?¨Caitlyn said.
Didn't you hear what I said!¨Farmer All Was furious now.

And cut!

100WC - Week #28 - Olivia

“RUN” yelled  Bob “run now we don't know what that was, to be honest I don't want to”
“Anyway" interrupts Lily "but we do know that we have to get a shelter or something but we are in the middle of the woods so let's build something like a…..”
“A tree house” shouted Bob before Lily could even share her idea. "OK then let's explore!" So they ran west for about five minutes straight but when they stopped the saw these weird looking plant stumpey things "BOOOO ahhhhh wait what are you OK Bob?"
"What do  you mean ahh?" It was just a dream.

100WC - Week #28 - Caitlyn

¨Oh no Jack there is going to be some fighting to do ¨ explained Bella.
¨Yep I can see what you are talking about Bella ¨ Jack said in fear. 
¨It looks like there´ve been here a couple of years¨ Bella said trying to hold it in. 
¨I don't think they have been here for a couple of years I think they have been here for 100 years¨ Jack said, getting worried.  "Okay, we're about to land so get ready to fight."
"Um okay is it time yet because I am not ready fly" Bella says pushing me out of the plane.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

100WC-Week #28-Keira

One windy morning I find this mysterious planet called Blablablabing. It has a really weird name, I don’t get it, they say they call it well you know Blablablabing, yeah I just don't get it.
Well I go over and you see the picture there, yeah that is what it looks like.  A weird planet filled of sticks.  I go and feel these weird brown things that look like heads “EWWWW” I shout I get so freaked it feels just like a hairy rock. I walk through it and it looks like a place that has been here for a while but no one found it.  I write down all these descriptive words about it “Yay I can’t wait to show the queen and have it go all over the news I'm gonna be famous”
I step on this really bumpy feeling rock “umm what is that?” It starts to move I run like a cheetah is chasing me it starts to come and chase me it stops and rest I check it and it looks like my dog. I go a bit closer “Tulip is that you”

100WC-Week #28-Brooke

It’s Dad’s birthday and he gets to do anything he likes! And he says we are going on a holiday. 
“I hope it’s a good place" I whisper to my brother.
"Yeah” he replies. My brother doesn’t sound that satisfied I wonder.
“All right time to go!” My Dad shouts.  We are off.
“But where are we going,” I ask my Dad.
"You will see when we get there" he shouts back.  
It was totally crazy we were stepping right into a rocket ship.  
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off!   
As soon as I step out of the ship I see a swamp dead trees and a marshy land.
This was an alien planet.

100WC - Week #28 - Abby

Far away in a jungle out of sight,
are some creatures that would give you a fright.
Like giant wasps with bat like wings,
and are stuck to each other by black sap streams.
The trees twist and turn then fall to the ground,
a fire starts and burnt them all round.
A pig hunter comes to see what had happened,
but goes back home without a pig and his lantern.
I suggest not to go but don't listen to me,
I bet you'll be gone in a 1 2 3.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


“I want a T-shirt for my birthday, Blue!"my brother shouts at me.

“Okay, I’ll get you a blue shirt,”I sigh.

“Yay!”My brother shouts.

Though I had a plan. I wasn’t actually going to get him a blue shirt.So I got him a turquoise shirt. I laugh mischevely. As I hand him the present he opens it in delight, then suddenly realises that it is the wrong colour.

But it is the wrong colour!”he shouts at me.

‘Yes I knew that all along” I laugh.

100WC - Week #27 - Natasha

It was Christmas I had been knitting a scarf for my sister. The scarf is baby blue, a beautiful colour also a colour that I thought my sister would love.
“Ziva open the present from me first” I told my sister waiting for her to scream out ‘I love it thank you.’
I hear the ripping of the paper.
“Thank you, I guess” my sister said sadly.
“Do you like it” I said in a sad voice.
“I guess, but it is the wrong colour, why is it blue I love purple” she said.
“But it took me all year to make that scarf for you” I said about to cry.

100WC - Week #27 - Abbie

Yay my Mum is going shopping today and she is buying me a pink floral top for my birthday.  I am so excited for it because I saw it on Cotton On's page on my Mum's phone.
‘’I’m going now honey’’ 
‘’Alright remember to get me that pink floral top that I want.’’
‘’Yup’’ yelled Mum as she flies through the door. 
It takes her about half an hour to come back.
{half an hour later}
Yay she is finally back, I see what she has got. ‘’What!!!!!!!’’ I yell ‘’why is this purple I wanted floral pink’’
‘’Well’’ says mum in a soft voice ‘’there were no floral pink t shirts so I got a purple one for you’’
‘’Mum it’s the but it is the wrong colour!'’

100wc - Week #27 - Gracy

BANG BANG  ¨H- hey is anyone home¨ she said terrified.
¨ Please open the door ¨ they yelled.
¨ PLEASE¨ she yelled even louder. But no one was there then…
¨AHHH¨ she screamed so loud that the whole neighborhood heard and quickly ran outside to check it out. As the police quickly drove here they investigated the body until one of the officers saw something greenish white.
"What is it?¨ one of the witnesses said
¨I think it's the blood¨ the officer exclaimed ¨but it's the wrong color¨

Monday, April 1, 2019

100WC - Week #27 - Abby

¨We're almost there Rubs!¨ We had been running to the car, away from the dog that had been chasing us. When we get closer Ruby shouts,¨ but it's the wrong colour!¨ When we hop into the car and close the door we see a family sitting there with a surprised expression on their faces. We hopped into the wrong car!! We hop out the other side of the car and found ours on the side of the pavement. When we get in the car. Mum and Dad had been laughing about the car incident.  Mum. Please. Just. Drive.

100WC-week #27-Liam

Today I was getting a new scooter. I was going to get a Ryan Williams scooter. It was coming today. I told my Dad to order a yellow one because yellow is my favourite colour. My dad said Postman Pat had arrived and I’m like what I didn’t know Postman Pat was still doing his job. That is cool he is taller than I thought he handed me over the scooter in a big box. We went inside and I opened It up but there was one thing, it wasn’t yellow. But It was orange and that is one of my favourite colours but I still love It and I’m very very grateful.

100WC #week 27 Ruby

Jobs. There’s always one job to do everyday maybe even more . This morning  my Mum explained to me that I need to go pick up a new hair colour for her hair salon. Why do I always have to do jobs for you, that’s what i’m thinking but I should just keep it at a simple "Yes" I answer.  "Yes Mum" she gives me her keys and makes it clear that I have to meet at her salon. I’m driving to GHD and get the new hair colour  then I think to myself that was an extremely long drive . I’m coming into Morrinsville. I’m parked just behind the salon I tip toe in trying not to make any noise I pass the box to mum and she yells making the drinking glass shake  but it’s the wrong colour!!

100WC - Week #26 - Laine

Me and Mum were colouring the house so it is ready to sell. We got a colour and started painting. The colour was white and it was a glossy white and shining. We finished painting it is so boring but it is done, then we notice but it is the wrong colour!. We were so angry that we flicked the paint everywhere on the wall we were angry we just stopped painting.We did not no what to do now cause we did the wrong colour my Dad is going to be so angry at us cause we stuffed the house up.


¨Hey Hanna do you want to do some colouring with me¨ I asked.
¨Yeah what are we colouring?¨Hanna asked.
¨A dinosaur with spots and dots¨I explained.
¨Well then let's get started¨ Hanna shouted.  I was going well when Hannah used red instead of blue.
¨No no b b but its the wrong colour!¨ I cried
¨Oh nuts¨ she said.
¨Well how about I get another copy and you get and you keep this copy¨ I explained.
¨That is so unfair no I'm not gonna keep this old one I want a new one too¨ she screamed.
¨Well you have already ruined this one¨ I screamed
¨MUM!¨ Hanna shouted.