Thursday, May 31, 2018

100 WC Week #33 by Zak

One day there was a  spiky fruit up in the tree, there was two big spiky fruits.  I wondered “What is in that spiky fruit? “Maybe there are ants or cockroaches in it.”  I pulled on it and it fell down. When it hit the ground it cracked open. There were over 100 cockroaches moving on the ground.   One jumped at me and I fell over in the leaves, I got up and ran to my camp. I cooked up some meat for the fire, it took ages to cook but it was yummy and tasted like I was at home having a hot chocolate.

100wc #33 by Lucian

In my world we have these plants called Stoickers.  We worship them because of how tasty they are. They are delicious, they taste like chocolate fudge with cream and caramel. Every year all queens and kings from all countries do a feast with famous people that are invited to come, first we worship them then cut them perfectly in the centre. Also if the slicers (the slicers cut the Stoickers in half as there job, they also get a reward for perfect cut if they do) don’t cut it in half they get executed and there's no excuse. They are also rare to find but aren’t supposed to be eaten.

Don't even think about it 100 WC Week #33 By Keira

You see those spikes shaped in like a little ball and normally you find it hanging on a tree or lying on the ground? Yeah don’t even think about touching them. Sometimes they are green and sometimes they are brown.  Under the spikes are even more spikes that can even maybe give you a disease so don’t touch at all.  Imagine if it came alive, it would kill all of us! ahhhhhhh!!!!!! If it ruled the word we would probably be all dead and so it won’t be a better future for all of us.  So don’t even think about it!

100wc #33 Rita

“What is that,” said Zoe.”Whats under the spikes?” said Olivia walking in circles with excitement.” I think its a fruit,” said Chloe.” No it can't be" said Olivia. Zoe started to walk toward the path forwards, and the rest followed along.”I’m scared, it's everywhere” said Chole.”What if it came alive?”said Olivia.”Oh just stop being babies just grow up in life once you two!” said Zoe.”Let's just keep walking forwards and we will reach the top of the mountain" said Zoe angrily.  They didn't move and just looked at each other “what if it ruled the world, would there be a brighter future for us all?” said Olivia.

100wc week #33 Rebecca

Christmas Spikes

Christmas Spikes come out when it is cold and time to light a fire and they work as if they are pine cones they can be used for many different things. They could be used as Christmas ornament or you could light fires with them. Inside they are a firm rook almost similar to plum’s but still as green as the outside and that is the part that burns. But one day we were picking some from the tree for the fire and it wouldn’t budge.. I pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t move. “owww!” I shrieked.

To the secret service 100 WC week#33 By Aidan

Somewhere, I'm thinking a small island, a long time ago when I was walking down the beach  I received a letter in a bottle.
Today I have decided to make my story public because of the security risk. In the letter the anonymous person stated that, there was a fruit that nobody dared to touch. Until one day a silly boy saw it without knowing what it was touched it. The island shaked for days until, nobody knew what it was until the boy tells his Mum. It states that by now The island is probably going to be destroyed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Notch 100wc week #33

My Dad was growing a plant in are garden and he fed it something weird. I thought it was bonemeal, instead it was gold dust. I was thinking it was going to rule the world, it came alive. The next day it was shooting something out, it was poison. "So that was what was under the spikes¨ I thought. After an hour it came alive then it started talking. I thought it was gonna kill us but it just said ¨I will rule wwwwwwwwooooooorrrrrrrrrllllllldddddddddd, and i will make a brighter future for us." I woke up, it was just a dream...

Friday, May 25, 2018

100WC Week #32 by Keira

¨Ok class 100 let's come to the mat¨shouted Mrs Horan.
All of them come down to the mat expect for one the one who never listens and that one's name is michael. everyone calls him Mike when Mrs Horan said ¨come down to the mat mike¨ he did not answer. so one said ¨come down mike¨his name was Mark,and everyone shouted¨COME DOWN MIKE!!!!!!¨
So he finally came down and Mrs Horan was talking and giving insurinons and Mike just did not listen so he when the teacher saw him and said “what are you doing” “drawing”answered Mike
“I didn't understand the instructions Mrs.”
By Keira

100WC Week #32 by Issy M

The magic box.
“Why didn’t you do it”. said john.
“But I didn’t understand the instructions”.replied holly.
John and holly were making a little box for there mum for mother's day “I have to go get the necklace for mum.I will be back in half an hour.You try and make the box.” John said. “Where are the instruction.”asked molly. “Here.”replied john throwing  the instructions into the air. “Thanks.” said molly.(half an hour latter.) “Molly I'm home have you finished the box yet.” “yes.” “ok now I'll put the necklace in.”John said. “I hope she will like it?”

100WC Week #32 by Lucy

 “But I didn’t understand the instructions…”

“Well I don’t care, you did it wrong and now he’s dead!”

Her Mum was yelling at her because her Dog had died. It all started when Amber’s Mum had told her that Dad and her would be going on a trip for three days. Amber had to look after Lucky ( the dog ) she said okay. Her Mum gave her clear instructions. Then they left for three long days. Amber did everything her Mum said but on the third day everything went downhill and wrong.
Lucky had died in her care.

By Lucy   

100wc week #32 by Natasha

Playing Monopoly

One day I was playing Monopoly with my Nana. When I was reading the instructions I saw the part about money, but I didn't understand the instructions. “Nana I don’t understand the instructions” I said.
“What part of the instructions don’t you understand?” asked my Nana.
“The money part” I said.
“Oh, the game comes with monopoly money.”
“Okay, Nana lets play” I said.
“Not till we have afternoon tea” said my Nana as she went and got one hot chocolate, one tea and four biscuits. We had afternoon tea then we played the game for a little.

Showcased Week #32

Thursday, May 24, 2018

100WC Week#32 by Abbie

The Lego Set                                                                                           
It was Sunday afternoon and I was really excited for Monday the 21 of May as I was getting this awesome lego set with 1000 pieces.      As Monday  afternoon came I ran down the driveway  to look in the mailbox and slowly walked back up.   When I got in my room I ripped the box open and grabbed the instructions, opened them,  but I didn't  understand the instructions they were written in  Chinese how will I ever build the coolest lego set ever. It was the sky tower in Auckland.
By Abbie

100WC #32 By Hayley

Ring ring that was the bell. Me and my friends ran to class I sat at my desk. I saw a big pile of papers on the teacher's desk. The teacher said ¨I am going to read out the results of yesterday's test. Max 10%,Phoebe 100% congratulations, Madison 70%.¨ (etc).
When she called my name 'Kate' my ears all of a sudden perked up. ¨Kate 20%¨ The teacher said.  
¨But I didn't understand the instructions.¨ I exclaimed.
¨Well then next time tell me when you don't and I'll explain it to you.¨ the teacher said.

100WC Week #32 by Nandani

“Mum Mum come quickly I found something on the deck in the backyard and it says Zara Mcgoal.” Zara was really puzzled about Zara Mcgoal because her name was Zara Mcmaggie. She kept thinking and then an idea popped up in head and she thought about going around the neighbourhood and knocking everyone's door. Then she finally came to the last door on her street and knocked.  Then she thought that it was her house, bang she hit her head into a girl named Zara Mcgoal so Zara Mcmaggie ran away with the box all the way back and open it and tried to make it but I didn’t understand the instructions...

Aidans 100WC Week #32

Always listening I think Blah Blah Blah I'm stuck in boring old science class with Mrs Hallford. I properly should be listen, bah I don't care. She splits us up into groups. I have Calar, Jake and Sarah. Everyone looks scared Calar gives me a pen, and everyone starts saying ideas. I decided to write them down. The teacher comes around to our group, “Why do you not look so scared”. “Why”.” i’m sure you know. I ask Jack. He says we have been chosen to protect the world from a boom that's going to explode and destroy the work in 3 days.
By Aidan

Notch Week 32 100wc

Ding dong! ¨What was that¨ Bob said, he opened the the door and found a package the, he opened it and he found something and it said ¨build your own monster truck toy¨. Soon he finished, ¨finally finished¨ he said to himself. His dad came along and said ¨what did you do to that toy¨, Bob answered ¨but i didn't understand the instructions¨. Here I will help you, after a while Bobs Dad had finished ¨boom done¨ Bob said. ¨Thank you.¨

100WC #32 by Laine

One day I got a big lego set it was huge when I got home I opened the bags of lego there was heaps of lego I couldn't believe it. then I opened the instructions I couldn't understand the instructions I said they where to fuzzy for me to read. I couldn't  make the lego if I couldn't read it even a old man couldn't read it with magnifying glass it was that hard to read. I was so bored I just chucked It in my lego box and then I just went to get some food, chips ya.

100WC week #32 The by Charlee

Once upon a time a baby was born her name was Selista. Selista was born into a world of hate but Selista was not like everyone else she was gentle and as she grew older her gentleness began to rub off the people, she decided to write stories. But one day she was stuck in a writers pit and the only way to get out of the writers pit is to get inspiration so she took a walk through town and she saw millions of Dobbles wandering the the marketplace when she stumbled upon a small dobble “what's your name?” she asked “but I didn’t understand the instructions” he said.

100 WC week #32 BY Lucian

Our class was going for an exercise before we played a game of cricket. 
I was too distracted by my friends laughing and chatting over our teacher who was telling us instructions. I talked to my friends as well but then I heard my teacher yell out GO!
I saw everyone run, so I started to as well.
I stayed behind so that I knew what was going on.
 Everyone stopped and then started doing star jumps.
I wish I took my glasses today because I didn’t know what was going on, everyone laughed at me. “But I didn’t understand the instructions.” I said.

100wc #32 by Morgan

Art problem at school

Today we are going to do some art to do with your face.  So you are going to go back to your desk and draw the shape of your face.  In ten minutes I’ll give you the next instruction. So off we went and draw their face then they draw their face feature and hair.  As the teacher went around she saw that I had done no work and she asked me why I have not done any work she said you will stay in at lunch and do it. But I didn’t understand the instructions…

100 WC week #32 By Ava

Room 4
Ok Room 4 Mrs Horan said.Tomorrow we are going to campbell park for rugby, netball funday you will need to bring your PE gear and if you are playing netball you will need a jacket or a jersey, a drink bottle, some long pants if you would like.  Oh and your lunch.  I don’t understand the instructions Ava said.  They're simple you just need a jacket or a jersey  if you would like some long pants and some lunch.  If you are doing rugby you will need the same stuff but you will also need a mouthguard you need sneakers though.

100 word challenge Week #32 by Dillan

There once was a scientist who gave instructions to make a monster to take over the world but his partner in crime. “But I didn’t understand the instructions” muttered mad 2 in a sad tone. “Its ok if you don’t understand things, I can do the head you can build the legs i’ll do the brain and spinal cord” exclaimed mad 1 to mad 2. Then they got straight to work. 17 hours later they went out with there brand new cijuw and it got blown up by the bot team pacific rims. And then they were put in prison for life and sentenced to death so that’s that.   

by Dillan Riches

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

100 WC #32 ISSY.D

“Mom come on will be late,” said Lara. “Shut up Lara let Mom take her time,” said her twin sister Stella. “Don’t talk to your sister like that, where going come on where’s Max, he is already in the car.” “Stella can you please look up the way to the Grand Canyon”. “Ok Mom.” “So go right then left o wait no were lost,” said Stella. ‘Stella,’ “but I didn’t understand the instructions Mom,” said Stella.


100WC Week #32-Olivia

Ring ring, “I hate Monday mornings, and even worse we have that  maths test” exclaimed Lacy. “ I  am terrible at maths, on my last test I got a C-!”  said Katy.  They ran to class hoping the test would be cancelled. ”Ok class today we are going to do a maths test, you have 30 minutes to finish. Your papers are at your desks The class answered the questions in disgrace. After the students handed in their papers they rushed outside for lunch.
 After lunch they got  their test results. First Lacy got hers she got 80%.  Then Katy got hers, she got 20%.  But I didn't understand the instructions” she said. "That's too bad" said her teacher..

By Olivia

Friday, May 18, 2018

100WC Week #31 by Abbie

THE  FLYING  COW             
I was outside rounding up the cow´s into the cowshed for milking when I saw this thing flying around quite low. I looked down shook my head and looked up again,  I still saw it ¨ What is that thing?¨ I said out loud to the cow´ s. But of course the cow´s wouldn't answer  I though but then I heard an answer ¨I´m not sure.¨ ¨How's that ¨ I said loudly ¨me¨ said a voice ¨where are you¨ ¨I'm a cow¨ ¨come closer.¨ As she started walking to me she said ¨Hop on ¨ so I got on and we flew off into the sky of the magical land.
By Abbie

Thursday, May 17, 2018

100wc week#31 by Issy M

The Sphinx.

Once there lived a magical animal called the sphinx. It is half bird half giant cat. It lives in the whispering woods and guards a magic hour glass. The hour glass is magic because it holds the power of healing the sick. There is only 1 left of the sphinx.  The sphinx was discovered in 1800.  It was just a baby when it was discovered.  When the explorer healed it, it flew away and was never seen again.


Bunny Horn
Have you ever heard of a bunny horn? Hahaha if you said yes then you are lying to me because I made it up.  It is a bunny with a horn and it poops rainbows.  I wish they were alive and hopping all over the world.  If they were real I think they would live in New Zealand and Australia in a dark cave with heaps of butterflies and would eat fruit and vegetables and are so cuddly to people and other animals and any one could have on as a pet.

100WC Week#31 By Keira

The Merdog

Have you ever seen a merdog before?
Maybe you have seen it in the sea or at the beach?
Most of the time it is in the lioness forest there are about 10 big free standing TANKS!!!
They are so cool. It has a pug looking face and it as a mermaid tail and four little pug legs.
You might think it should be called a merpug but NO, it has lots of  different  looks.  I was just describing one.  It stays in water most of off the time and it can go on land for a certain amount of time that is what a merdog is.

100wc #31 Rita

100wc # 31
Have you ever seen a imaginary animal that is long like a Whale, has a tail like a Mermaid, has wings like a Dragon, legs like a Frog and head like a Jellyfish?  Well I have, it lives in the Waterland and can be found in the Iceland.  They love the cold and some heat but not too much. They also love playing with Seaweed, Fishes, Seahorses, Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins and many more sea creatures. Would you like to meet her?  If she doesn't like you beware she might bite! But first I want to ask you do you have an imaginary favourite animal?

Olivia 100WC #31

The Killer Orcadolphins

The Killer Orcadolphins live in an underwater kingdom named Wave Kingdom. They live in sunken shipwrecks and seaweed. The place the orcadolphins live is called wave kingdom because of the wave storm they had 1000 years ago.

 The king and queen live in the palace, which is full with diamonds and jewels. All the Orcadolphins get together every night for dinner in the palace.

 They play all day but at night they all burrow away in their shipwrecks too afraid to come out because because of the stinging shark that eats the orcadolphins. But one of them had a plan to attack the shark. And so she went. The next night the shark didn't come.

By Olivia

Hayley 100WC #31.

The Fireette´s.

Have you ever heard the  song of a Fireette? If you have you’ll know what I mean. It sounds like a Dragon and an Owl all in one. It’s beautiful and scary. They were discovered in the desert of fire, found half dead buried under the sand. The discoverers took it to the closest Owl sanctuary that was 2 hours away. When they got to it, two Fireette’s had mated and there were 2 babies. They were named Fireball and Lavaia. Later in the Fireette world they were named the King and Queen. And that's where they are for now…….

Notch 100WC #31

I was my room reading a book, I saw shiny red button blinking on my table so I pressed it, it started beeping even faster! I hid under my blanket. I saw my whole house falling into a world. Cccrrrrraaasssshhhhh!!!!! My house landed onto the ground. I went outside and saw a sign that said ¨watch the sky, for crystal birds¨ then I looked up and saw the crystal bird. I got back into my house and pressed the red button again and saw everything was back as usual. But that sign also said “Welcome to the Lioness Fore Desert"

100wc week#31 by Morgan

The Horse that can Teleport

“Diamond where are you, do you want to go for a ride “I shouted
“Yes yes,“ Diamond said.  "Where do you want to go?” 
"Where ever you want “ 
“How about the Dolly Forest?"  “No” you said i could choose” 
“Okay” . So off they went.   When they got there they hid behind a bush so they did not get seen.  After a bit I got of Diamonds back and we came out from behind the bush and just then was when i tripped and all the dolls came out Diamond held them of for a while then diamond looked and seen a doll had a knife with blood on it...