Thursday, August 30, 2018

Special Prompt #6 - Trent Allen

The Jump

100 Stairs up on floor 180 there was a surprise birthday for me. But i didn't know that. I went up too floor 180 (my workplace). I opened the door. “Surprise” everyone said. There was a pink cake sitting there. “Thank you” I said. Then after work they took me to the river.  we cooked some eels. After that we went for a swim I was going to jump in i was nervous.   I held my breath and i jumped. I hit my head on a rock. I was bleeding out. My friends tried to help me. I was Dead.

100wc special prompt #6 Rebecca

“Mum where are my pink pants?” I yelled from the bottom of the stairs.  
“We are going to the river you don’t need to find your jeans.” Mum replied.  Mum had cooked some cookies to take to the river for something to eat. 
Once we got to Lake Karapiro I started to get nervous about going on the biscuit.  The night before my Dad had worked me up saying that if it flips you will drown, so you have got to hold on.  I didn't want to fall off and drown.  I was too young to drown.
When it was my turn I loved it.  

Special Prompt #6 - Charlee Gubb

Facts about this strange animal
Pink tigers also known as P.TS only drink water from a running River and eat only Nervous deer.
They also tend to eat humans, but ONLY COOKED humans, if they eat raw humans the effect could destroy them!!
P.TS aren’t actually Pink they just really like the colour, but they are colour blind so this can be odd when they are licking a Pink ball when it’s really an orange.
P.TS mostly hang around the Stairs of heaven, which is how they got another nickname of guardians of heaven. But can also be seen around sparkling lakes because they also like things that sparkle.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Special Prompt #6 by Dillan

I walk nervously up the stairs, down a hall then in the door of my parents room.  In their room I saw a picture of a river.  Then mum called from down the stairs ¨Sweetheart dinners ready come wash up, it's nice cooked pink steak.¨
¨Fine, is Finlay home yet I want to play some forza horizon with him.¨
¨Not yet he's got some work to do¨  Mum said.
¨Where is he?  In town or with dad in hospital.¨
¨ With Dad in hospital to help him leave and come home tonight.¨
That night my dad came home from his time in hospital with cancer.¨

Blake Taylor Special Prompt #6

¨It´s pink¨!
¨So, I´m a boy!¨
¨It doesn't matter it's just a shirt¨
¨It's got a tutu attached to the bottom¨
¨We can cut it of, come on let's go up the stairs to get some scissors¨
I don't know why but i'm sort of nervous. I shouldn't be because I know that he used to be a surgeon and the best one in the hospital at that, so he should have precision cutting. After he cut the tutu off he cooked me dinner and we ate at the outside table next to the river and that was just a day in the zombie apocalypse.

Special Prompt #6 - by Notch

... I'm getting nervous about this riddle then I heard this riddle on the internet and the answer was river. I rushed upstairs to my room and then I saw a small river going through my room. For a second I thought it was fake, instead it was real. One of my sisters is very sad because she does not like the pink muffins dad makes and he cooked a delicious macaroni and cheese so i went outside and I saw somebody who was famous. It was Jake Paul and i just fainted.

Special promo #6 AIDAN

A day in the life of a T.V.

I woke up from an infomercial brake "HSHSHSHSHS" goes the T.V. set up “This is KB H 12 news investigations, and today on the show”. “We investigate the new hot dog cart terrorizing the neighborhood”. “What have you seen Bob”. “Well Sandy the cart ran down 53 ave and had cooked anything in sight.” 
“Were really in the high canals now”, I say to my cousin. PHHHSHSHSHHSHSHSHSHHSHSHSHSHSHSH “And look at that river isn’t it amazing”. HSHSHSHSHHSHSHSH“ So what about the pink stairs”, "Well they are great, you know i was really nervous about how I could look but it turned out great”. HSHSHSHSHSHSHSHS