Wednesday, July 31, 2019

100WC - July 19 (5) - Luke

I've always wanted to take a picture of me and the moon but I can't because I don't have a camera to take a picture, and there's a snake outside and I don't have a phone either so I'll have to wait until my grandchildren come by. One day later. ̈ ̈Hey its my grandchildren" ̈ ̈hi grandpa ̈ said jake ̈hey kiddo how's it been? ̈  ̈ ̈good ̈ ̈hey can you call the animal patrol plasee ̈ ̈yea ok ̈ ̈thank you can you also take a pitcher of me holding the moon¨ ¨ok grandpa i'll do it right now ̈ ̈oh thank you so so much¨. 

100WC July 19 (5) - Charlee

Once upon a time there lived a man who wanted to visit the moon, but he was poor and stupid  he was also determined so he saved up every single day. Eventually, he had enough money to go to  America now he had to become smart so he went to 29 different  colleges till he was really really smart then he went to NASA and asked for a job they said yes, but he had to sit an exam, he passed and trained to become an astronaut years later he went to the moon we know him as Neil Armstrong

100WC - July 19 (5) - Lachlan W

Oh no It the guy off dragon ball  z  he making the moon! Everybody run!!!!!!!! Get the spaceship gooooo wait what is it we don't have a space ship what!! Why don't we because we dumped  it in the sea why did you dumped it in the sea for!!!!! Because I don't know why we just did it for fun. Were done for whyyyyy me maybe *spaceship goes off* wait don't leave me!!!!. Great am all alone here oh no the worlds going to blow up!!!!!! Noooooooo why me this is it I knew this would happen *world blows up* ahhhhhhhhhh.

100WC - July 19 (5) - BRENDAN

One day a family was camping and they left in the morning. They found this cave and went in it and then they saw a family of bears, then a bear woke up and started chasing them out of the cave the family was frightened. They couldn't believe there eyes. Then they gathered sticks for their fire, they lit up the fire and then it went everywhere and they had to call the fire station. Then they set up their tent and went to sleep.

100WC - July 19 (5) - Kerrin

John and his family went on a long holiday camping trip, in their camper van on a hill where is a beautiful view of the half of the moon. John want to pose with the moon, his older son josh have to take the picture john thinks he's holding the moon. At 9:00pm they went to bed but they did not sleep the kids were playing on their device and the parents were watching the small tv. It was 10:35pm their mum told the kids to go to sleep. Two small twins named zack and jack sleep together and big brother sleep by himself the twins are boys they are only 6 years old. The next morning they all wake at 7:10am their breakfast was bacon and egg on toast the twins want to go to the beach because it was a hot and sunny day they agreed they went to the beach the sand was soft the twins went to the wet sand to build their sand castle. Big brother josh jump into the ocean water zack make a pool near the water to fill it up he dig it so deep when the salty water came in it went into the hole all the sand in the water start swishing around.

100WC July 19 (5) Mitchell

The man who stole the moon

One day Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to steal the moon and sell it on
e bay after his hit song the motivation song yep he made a song and it's weird whelp let get into the story.

It was a full moon and the plan was in action Arnold was at the point of no return and was a little scared to go back as he shot the grapple he regretted it all as the moon started to crash down onto the earth below but luckily he shot a shrink beam at the moon and saved the day and was super happy