Thursday, June 28, 2018

100wc #week 37 Rita

“Bep bep” My alarm went  off .I jumped out of bed went to look at my calendar for the morning.No it can't be it just can't be i'm too late i look the a freak and i need to straight my hair.”How on earth did I forget it was photo day “I said to myself frustrated.Now that on earth am i going to wear, I run to the table and grabbed my laptop and i facetimed my friend. “Yo i have no clue what to wear HELP ME” . “It had been raining all morning so its postboned.” said Rebecca.That moment i felt like screaming the roof off.

100WC Week #37

Yarn I just woke up ready for an new day.  Rady to do new thing, make a great day, make greatness, do amazing things, save the world. Get rich. Hold on I have one small problem just tiny. It had been raining all morning. UMMMM what am I going to do i'm stressing out. Lets see how bad it is i'll just have a look how bad it is. (opens door)  (Heavy rain) Ok that's bad. Well i won't be getting the paper this morning. How about I just settle in have a hot chocolate and watch T.V.

Motto: Sometimes it's just best to relax.

100 WC week 37 By Trent

It had been raining all morning. I had not known what this day had in store for me. I heard screams. I wondered what type of screams. I stopped and listened. These where screams of a person in pain. They were coming from the garage. I went in and there i saw something. Like a person it was coming closer. It was a man. He was coming closer. I had to run as fast as i could to get away. I went outside and tripped on a rock. I saw him he had a knife. He was coming towards me.
By Trent

100wc #37 rebecca

 we were getting ready to go down to the shed had been raining all morning ...when  there was a big struck of lightning and then a big loud clap of thunder and  the cows scattered through fences. We ran out to the car and flew down down to the shed to dad. By now my sister was already historical. Dad came with us to get the cows back and put another wire to try and stop them. we had finished putting up the fence and we went to the woolshed/house for breakfast, but it was not over yet

100wc week #37 Abbie

It had been raining all morning and it still had not stopped the paddocks were flooded with all the cows at the top.The cows were all huddled together  in 1 big big mob  with all the grass at the top  turned into mud. The lambs and sheep were altogether in the shed as they shoved them selves in.Now there was thunder and lightning too. Loud roaring noises shook the ground and thick thick clouds that narley touched the ground.So I´m just glad I´m inside now.
 By Abbie

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

100wc #37 Lucy

It had been raining all night.
It had been raining all morning.
It was going to rain all day…

Molly, Holly and Bill were friends. Molly had invited Holly and Bill over for her Birthday. They were going to sleep outside that night but it had started raining cats and dogs.
“You can still toast marshmallows in the fireplace and sleep on the Living room floor, Molly.” her Mum had said.
“But it won’t be the same Mum!” cried Molly.
“Yeah Molly’s Mum!” said Bill
“Sorry kids but you can’t” said Molly’s Dad.
“Look it’s stopped raining!” said the kids.

100WC Week #37 - Charlee Gubb

It had been raining all morning… wait no scratch that it had been raining non stop all month, and the only good thing that has came out of it is that town has been flooded  so NO SCHOOL!!!! And the bad things are: the town has flooded, we have lost our cat, our dog now sleeps inside and somehow there are sharks swimming around outside even now we are miles away from the ocean. BOOM.. CRASH, oh no! I better go the sharks are getting into the house … SMASH ... correction they ARE in the house. 


100wcweek37Issy m

“Ugh!Daddy help!”Yelled sally.
“What is it honey.”Ask sally's dad.
 “Look at all of the worms. That is just gross!”Said sally.
“Don't do that I thought someone died.”Explained sally dads.
It had been raining all morning and there were worms everywhere.
“Get them daddy.Get Them I don't like them.”yelled sally.
“Honey don't be scared.They wont hurt you.”said sally's dad.
“ok but still get them.”
“Your a funny little girl.Such  a funny little girl.”said sally's dad.
by Issy m


“Mum how long has it been raining because we have cross country today”.
“ All night  and it has been raining  all morning .  I'll bring the school now and see if it is still on because it is sposto be like this for the rest of the day”.
“Ok should I get into my cross country gear or wait till you have ruing he school”.
“Wait till I have ring the school because it might not be on”.
“The school said cross country is still on because it is supposed to be worse tomorrow”.
“Ok i will get changed”.

notch week 37

¨Waakkkeee uuuppp,¨ my mom was shouting like a dinosaur, so i woke up and i ligitlety fell of my bed and it had been raining all morning so i got out, got change got my breakfast and played Roblox on this server called epic minigames and i saw some of my 42 friends on roblox were playing and i played about like 20 games on the server epic minigames and you could level up from wins and it was still raining and yeah.

Ava Craig 100WC Week #37

Kids get up mum was saying at 6:30 yesterday morning your going on the bus do we have to go on the bus and why are you waking us up so early and the bus doesn't leave till 7:00 am  Ava said you and your brother have to walk down to the bus stop mum said and plus it had been raining all morning why is my life so miserable I might get sick from the rain Ava said yea what if we get a cold cole said oh well I need to get to work I have a meating so i’m sorry but i've gotta go right now.

Monday, June 25, 2018

100wc #37 Marissa

It was my birthday and it had been raining all morning and mum and dad had forgot my birthday.And my birthday was on a school day so i got ready for school and mum and dad told me they were having a family dinner for my sister because she got in to the poem Finals it is  weird my mum and dad FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY.


Ring  the bell rings YEAH I  get to go to my sister ‘fake birthday’ still i think it's so weird that they FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY that weird  haley is picking me up.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

100wc Rebecca Week #35

“MUM MUM” screamed Sally as I ran frantically down the hallway.
“What is it” Mum replied
“It smashed” I said as a  tear ran down my cheek
Sally had been given a ornament from her Grand Pop before he passed away and she was cleaning up her room and she knocked it off with he duster… however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…
“What do I do?” Sally asked.
 “I don't know what you can do know that it is broken” Mum replied.
“Please don't tell Nanna i broke it”
“I’ll have to see about that” Mum said mysteriously.

The Big Bang 100 WC Week#35 By Keira

¨Good job on your dance today¨ said Mrs Luca
¨Thanks¨ replied Amy
¨Keep up the good work¨
¨Okay, will do¨ said Amy
When Amy got home she practiced and practiced and she was doing her twirls with a straight leg and there was a vase.  ¨CRASH!BANG!¨ WOW WHAT just happened.  Her Mum heard the big bang and came in straight away ¨What happened?¨ Amy WAS sitting there crying because it was her favourite thing in the whole word and she was crying then her Mum said ¨WHAT DID YOU DO!¨ However, she couldn’t believe what she had done!

100wc #35 by Lucy

However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.
“AMY COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!” shouted Auntie Mary. “HURRY UP, BE QUICK!!!!”
“Oh no,” sighed Amy and slowly walked down stairs “W-w-what is it Auntie Mary?”
She did know what she did she just didn’t want to own up to it. Never. Ever Not in her life.
“B-b-but Auntie I-I-I-----”
“Okay Auntie Mary.” whispered  Amy.
“O-o-okay fine Auntie.”

100 wc #35 Abbie

It was dark outside as my best friend Olivia crept outside and into her Dad's secret shed about 20 meters away. However, she couldn't  believe what she had done.
She had stolen her Dads spy computer.  But she didn't know that her Dad was a spy  so she didn't know what she was about to see. As she lifted the lid a tracking device with a red dot near the middle was flashing she didn't  know what was going on where her parents even human? 
By Abbie

100wc #week 35 Issy M

“Help help please, my friend Lunar is not conscious and her leg is broken.” Bella yelled.
Bella and Lunar have been friends for at least seven years.  They met at the Calamine Stable because Bella's Dad worked as a doctor there. 
“Bella's birthday is in a week and I was wondering if I could buy a horse for her birthday.” Bella's Dad asked Mr Calamine. 
“Dad can we give her Solaria. She loves that horse.” Lunar asked. 
“No" Said Bella "I can’t, that's too kind.  I’ll take one of the not so great horses.” 
She could not believe what she had done... 
By Issy M

Morgan 100wc week 35

Once there was a farm and there were three goats on the side of the road.  She threw big rocks at the goats and one of the goats fell over.  She went up to the goat and the goat was dead. 
Then the farmer saw her and said "what are you doing to my goats?"
She said "One of your goats is dead"
"Why?" said the farmer.
"Because I was throwing stones at them.  He told her to leave, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done so off she went.  The next time she went past the goats were dead.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


One day me and my mum were walking down by the beach.  It was a lovely day.  "Oh my gosh look over there at the pod of dolphins" I said.  A little girl heard me so she sprinted into the water. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.  She had run into the water but she didn't know that sharks swim with dolphins.  Her mum yelled out to her but the little girl could not hear her. 
My Mum said to go and get her.  "No way,  I’m not dying for her" I said.
"Go now."

by Ava

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This story by Mitchell #35

This story is about one girl that conjured the sea heaven earth and fire.  This story is also about a grave mistake which people were trying to find which could end the world.  As we know it's not you and your world is but a prawn to ours.  So reader, whatever your name is, so if you don't mind let's get started.  In my world we talk English, did you hear me?  She was fighting a dragon.  Killed the dragon and the dragon turned out to be her father.  However, she couldn't believe what she had done.  She woke up….                                                                                             

The weird death Notch #35

I was 5 when my Dad died. I don't know what happened to him. I was crying desperately for like a day or so. The next day i saw a camera, in are living room where my Dad died, so I went into my Mums room. She told me about the camera, and she said the control room is at the end at the hallway. I went there and I replayed the day when my dad died. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She said to herself ¨I was sleepwalking and killed my father.¨ ¨I am sorry Dad, it wan't my choice.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

100wc week34 Ava

One day my friends an I were going for a walk on the most largest bridge in the world. We were going to go alone but then my Mum said it would probably be safer if I came with you so she came. When we were walking Mum said look over there kids so we did woooow! we all said the whole bridge was sprinkled with beautiful pink daffodils that is so pretty and it looks better on this huge bridge it is the best thing i have seen all day I said. I can make it better mum said how about we go get an ice cream and then go for a swim yay!!!!

The meadow 100wc week 34 trent

The Meadow
Once I was walking across a bridge when I saw a meadow. Now this wasn't just any meadow, it was a huge, wait no not huge, I would probably say it was a giant meadow. So I walked over to this meadow and what a sight, I saw pink flowers everywhere but not just any pink flowers, pink daffodils. There were trees with leaves that flew absolutely everywhere and sprinkled the ground. I lay down on soothingly nice grass and it was the best experience I ever had. I would sure like to go there again but the terrain has been destroyed.

100WC #34 by Hayley.

I was my sixteenth birthday and I had just passed my drivers test. My parents said that they would buy me a car I was so excited. When i heard a honk a looked outside and saw this huge pink car driving over  the bridge with my dad at the driver's seat, I couldn't speak. The first thing that popped in my mind was ¨I HATE pink.¨But the worst part was the car was the type i wanted. I didn't know what to do so I decided not to worry and went and sprinkled sugar on my daffodil cookies.

100 wc Wk #34 Mason

In the cold misty morning I wake up and go to my window and see pink fluffy unicorns and a bridge in the paddock with pink fluffy unicorns on it with recently planted daffodils everywhere with a huge pink fluffy unicorn in the middle of the lot of them so I call the pound then that can't fit them in the pound the pink fluffy unicorns take over the world then I wake up from a dream.

100WC Week #34 Laine

One morning in new York I was getting ready for work then to get to work I had to drive of the huge bridge in new York it was the biggest bridge I had ever seen it took like 2 mins to drive over the huge bridge then the next day I got ready for work I got in my car I got the bridge and it was covered with sprinkled pink daffodil  the whole bridge was fall of daffodils I don't know where they came from but someone must of put them there I don't have a clue.

Notch week #34

My family and i were going to the airport, it took us about 5 long long long hours of riding a car to the airport. After that 5 long long hours of driving i feel like i was going to puke of tiredness from 10 briges. In the airport people who work here sprinkled pink daffodil´s which were fake pink daffoil´s. We buyed some food and i got a huge hot choc and i saw a humanges airplane i ever saw actully it was a hele which it said apachi and the apachi is the fastest hele ever. It was just a dream.

100WC Week #34 - by Charlee gubb

Once upon a  time there stood a huge pink castle with a drawbridge the size of nineteen men on top of each other, the castle belonged to poppy render, who was princess of the seven dimensions. Poppy render always wore blue dresses sprinkled with tiny yellow daffodils, and she  loved the color blue and yellow and loved to grow candy-trees, i mean she had a WHOLE GROVE OF THEM, which is pretty impressive since they need fizzy drink and fizzy drink is quite rare you know. Poppy loved to go for walks around the round town and the people of round town loved her…  EVERYONE loved her. OH i better go POPPY RENDER'S COMING.

100wc #34 Lucy

She walked over the sprinkled bridge it was dotted with all the bright and happy colors you could think of. She didn’t know where she was going because she was just walking along the bridge. Then without a warning she stopped then she looked around down and up and when she looked up she saw a huge pink daffodil. She longed to climb it once she saw it then like the world read her thoughts she started flying up towards it the she landed with a soft thud. She felt very tired so she lay down and fell asleep.