Monday, October 28, 2019

100WC Week #8 - Abby. Leo gets in trouble.

Leo was being a nuisance. He had blown up a brown balloon and kicked it into my room.  “Hey Abby, is this balloon frightening you?” he said annoyingly. “No just go away!” I shouted back. “NEVER!” he bellowed. “Leo stop it or I will tell on you,” I said. Then he stopped and I darted to mum. “Leo is annoying me!” I say and mum replies, “LEO that is a week without your tablet.” Leo wines and I snigger at him. “HA Leo you lost your ipad, you lost your ipad.” I chant. And Leo walked away wining. I won.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

1WCC olivia.richards

Stepping into the haunted house I get a deep shiver straight down my I take another step I hear a really creepy voice say “be careful what you wish for” you couldn't tell the age from the voice but you could definitely tell It was a woman. All of a sudden I hear my little sister scream and realized that I wished she died yesterday night. I ran through the dark hallways and see a dark figure as I stand there I realized that I was to late she was dead!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

100WC - Week #7 - Leena Rangiawha

…”but where did it go?” she shouted…
OH  NO!!! Where did my ball go I think it rolled down the paddock and then I went down the paddock to go and find it. I was out there for 20min looking for it I couldn’t find it then she  yelled WHERE DID IT GO  then I went back to the house. 
Mum said where did you go and I said I went down the paddock to go and find my ball. Then I said to mum can I go back to the shop in town and go and get a new ball please. Then Mum said ok let’s go to the shop then. 

100 wc #7 NO JELLY IN THE CAKE Ruby

It was summer here in Aussie the bright sun shining over us while we're swimming our hearts out at the lagoon. I was so excited it was my birthday me and my friends were swimming in the lagoon. Cake time mum yelled come over here Ruby know I’m telling you Ruby there is no jelly , we’re did it go I say no time to complain mum pronounced ….. but where did it go she shouted …. Mum comes over to me and pulls me aside she says do not behave like that now sit down you will get cake last .

Based on a true story

100WC Abby. Teagen's Skirts.

 Here comes Teagen and the cheerleaders prancing down the hallway towards me. Teagen’s the leader of cheer and she is really mean so I want to get at her. That week it was my chance.
She got out her pom pom’s to do a last minute practice for the rugby. She forgot to lock her locker and I sneak over to it. I pull out Teagen’s skirt and I hide it behind me.
She walks over to her locker and opens it. “My skirt but were did it go? She shouted. So Teagen had to cheer in her underwear. Payback. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

100WC - Week - Abby The Gem and the Mud Pool

Me and my dad were out in The Jungles of Kipling trying to find a big gem stone that we have been tracking for weeks. Me and dad spit up to try and find it quicker. “We’ll meet back up at the plane in an hour”. I walk for 45 minutes when I find the big gemstone in a pool of mud. I walk until I’m under the stone and lift it up. It was heavier than I expected and I started sinking in the mud. Suddenly dad pulled me out of the mud and saved me. That was close.

100WC - Week #6 - Genevieve

In term 1 we were forced to lug around countless desks and chairs and other unexplainable stuff from my classroom (at the time) and the hall storage room to a large metal storage crate because “tHe JuNiOrS nEeD a NeW cLaSsRoOm”  from the classroom to the metal crate was a short walk but it seemed so long once your carrying a desk on your back I know what your wondering, did you get paid? No. We got an ice block worth less than 50cents each once I picked up the first desk, it was heavier than I expected then just a few weeks ago we had to empty it out again when the juniors new rooms were built.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

100WC - Week - Kate

The grass itches my legs as I sit silently waiting for my name to be called. As one girl goes up my nerves get worse and worse until I feel like I am going to faint. “Kaylah,” I hear from in the distance, I quickly chuck the acorn that I picked at while waiting and stood up and walked to the front. I stood there for a while then bent down to grab the metal ball. It was heavier than I expected, my floppy arms could barely even lift the thing yet through it. I lent back, took a deep breath and let go, through the air it went until it hit the ground.

100WC - Week - Caitlyn Kampenhout

When we were going for a walk down by the river when we suddenly   came to a stop ….. 
I saw this stone type thing floating through the stream I told my dad and he said “ Let's secretly go down there and check it out” and I  said “ok” so we made sure that no one was coming and we ran down to the river and we were just in time to grab so dad held onto this log and reached out and grabbed it was heavier than I expected  it we saw there was a lock on it so I grabbed a stone and smashed we lifted the lid up and saw …….

100 WC #6 A problem not solved YET. Ruby

It was cold and windy outside  and I knew why. last week at school, me and my best friend  had a little fight over something I shouldn’t have done, I knew that it would be heavy over my shoulders but  it was heavier than I expected ….  In my mind I knew I had to say sorry, after the holidays past it was time to apologize I tried to apologize but she didn't want a bar of me I went home and emailed her sending an apologetic note so she knew I was sorry the next day came she still hadn’t replied but then she came up to me and said  ……...