Thursday, August 29, 2019

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Brooke

Bang! The gun shot fired I couldn’t take it anymore, so I just ran away from the horrible place. I had been invited to watch the duck shooting going on near my Pop’s farm. But I didn’t like it how the ducks suddenly dropped to the ground.

Suddenly I slipped on the wet grass, and ended up at one of the shooters feet.“Hey!” he shouted after me, as I started to run again. But out of nowhere another shooter blocked me with his arm.“Hey!, you should be watching this” he said as he did another fire of his gun.

“No” I shouted back.

“Come on, this is a duck, we can eat this.” he laughed as he said it to me.

Just because it is doesn’t mean it should be” I shouted at him as I finally broke free from his grasp and ran away…………...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Biankha

As I walk in the kitchen my mum says "just because it is doesn't it should be" I think wait what as I turn around the corner I see my brother I assume something has happened but I just mind my own business which is quite hard but I try my hardest so I walked slowly to my bedroom trying to hear what they are saying I hear things like thats not fear and then mum say well that's just how the cookie crumbles .I think well I need to what's going on in there so I walk quietly and slowly and then I get there OH NO!! ...

Monday, August 26, 2019

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Caitlyn

I was walking into the forest one day waiting for something to happen something really scary I cared on my usual way until I realise someone was watching me It was really creepy I kept going until It was starting to really freak me out I ran real fast trying not to think about it but it was stuck in my head and I don’t think it is going to come out just because it is doesn’t mean it should be following me I got to my house all nice and safely yelling out my parents name no one was home I thought but then I heard this noise .

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Lachlan

As soon as I went to the kitchen my cat knock down some wine classes!?. "Ahhhhhh!" I screamed my cat walk away like nothing happened and I chased my cat past the bedroom and into the back yard it ran up the wall so did I and I had to look out because my nex tdoor people who was living had a dog. Who was mad was right behind me!! I ran as fast as I could! I jump over to another house the door was locked why could it be not locked and then someone yelled!! at me and said "just because it is doesn’t mean it should be" And then I quickly ran back to my house.

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Kerrin

̈ ̈Wheres my keys honey ̈ asked dad  
¨I don't know where your keys are? ̈ mum replied ̈maybe in the washing machine ̈ guessed mum.
  ̈What!" shouted dad̈because it might be in one of your pants ̈questioned mum. ¨It could not be in my pants¨ yelled dad
̈just because it is doesn't mean it should be in one of your pants¨ I ask, so he looked all of his pants nothing there so he ran around the house still even he looked closely to but still nothing but he remembers he left it in his car so he calls the people that can fix cars and open doors when they are locked when they finished to get the key out of his car it cost $102 dollars sorry I forgot to say he's a very rich man he buys me everything I want. Like gaming PC, consoles, ipad, iphone, gaming chair. Basically everything so he paid it we hop into our car and drive home drive home. Any way we have two cars, one is a family car the car brand is a Ford Ranger Raptor my dads work car is a Porsche 911 carrera. 

100WC - Aug 19 (9) - Kate

“Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be,” Kaylah protested, “just because someone says it's right doesn't mean that everyone agrees with it!
 ”Okay that's going great,” I say ,”but you need to pause for one second and then go into that bit where you that everyone does not agree, but still great job I say reasuring …..”
“Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be,  just because someone says it's right doesn't mean that everyone agrees with it,” she repeats.
“ Okay going great,” I say, my eyes gaze off at the clock,” oh shoot! ” I say, “it's time for you to go on stage.” “You got this girl,” I whisper as Kaylah walks on stage.

100WC - Aug 19 - Isabella

…just because it is doesn’t mean it should be…

My twin sister had just passed away and I was lost for a few weeks so my mum thought it would be best if I went back to school, so I did. As I walking to the counselor's office I heard someone say her name, I walked up to her and said “just because it is doesn’t mean it should be” she stared at me and she said “I’m sorry for your loss” at that moment my heart sunk, my head was spinning, I fell to the ground the world went blank…..

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Genevieve - Aug 19 (9) - 100WC

“Go clean your room” said my mum “but it is clean” I replied “Okay then, will you be Okay with me check it then? “..... no” I said, sheepishly “So it is messy?” she asked “Yes…” I replied “Well, just because it is doesn’t mean it should be messy so go clean it” She said “But mum can’t I do it tomorrow” I begged “That sounds familiar, oh that right you said it yesterday, and the say before that, AND the day before that!” she started to get angry “But mu-” she cut me off “No buts! Go clean your room” she said, now angry “Okay.. fine” I replied