Thursday, June 27, 2019

100WC - Week#36 - Mitchell - Maxwell's horrid Predicament

It was another Monday in Mondayland where everything was boring and every day was Monday
And life seemed like a loop for Maxwell yet no one else felt how he did cause every morning he said
“Looking back, I remember nothing”
But everyone  in his family shrug it off and say “we’ve never done this before Maxwell”
And every time he went to work it was normal until today he killed himself over and over again
Starting at that same conversation and that he always retorts “Looking back I remember nothing!!”
And that is the story of Maxwells’ horrid Predicament  

100WC - Week #36

Me and my friend who is Liam, we were watching the NBA finals and it was lebron james vs dirk nowitzki. I was going the lakers and liam was going for dallas mavericks. When the game started the lakers already scored 1 goal and it was a slam dunk. Then a few minutes dallas mavericks scored a 2 pointer. Then me and liam went and got some food I got some chips and a hot dog liam got the same. when we sat down I had my chips and I ate my hot dog and I forgot I had my hot dog so I asked liam where is my hot dog. I don’t know I think you ate it said liam looking back, I remember that I ate the hot dog and the lakers won it was 108 and dallas mavericks were 98.

100WC - Week #36 - Liam

Me and My friend Brendan were watching the NBA when we See DE Aaron Fox going against Lonzo Ball

DE Aaron fox crossed Lonzo ball and dunks on LeBron James. But looking back I realized that DE Aaron fox was not the best player now he won the 2019 most improved player so that blew my mind the Sacramento King whopped the Los Angeles Lakers, the Score was 123 to 98. Me and Brendan went to the playground to do some basketball and I ankle broke him hard then dunked on him It was the funniest thing you’d ever seen...

100WC - Week #36 - Keira

I was in bed getting ready to go to the pools again, I sleep and dream i think about stuff.
 Looking back, I remember when I kinda did a thing?
 And had to go home because of it i kinda didn't know where the bathroom was, I was only like four soo?
I fell asleep but all I thought about was that.
The next day I was so excited I got all ready and even bought two of everything.
We arrived and I started thinking about what i was thinking last night, I jumped in I had the best time and it didn't happen i was so relieved.

100WC - Week # - Kate

Miss Oakes would always be so kind, she would always leave little notes behind.
She was only here for a little while, oh man I miss her beautiful clothing style.
Netball she played (she was a very good player)
Even when she lost, she was always smiling.
Looking back, I remember just how much we really need her,
She would be a really good teacher on her own, but sadly it is time for her to go 
She might come back to our school even if she doesn't she'll still be in our hearts 
We will miss you Miss Oakes.

Monday, June 24, 2019

100WC - Week #36 - Abbie Hornsey ''The drown.''

Swimming in the haunted water trying to catch a breath, everybody jumping in to try and save me slowly sinking one by one feeling the slimy eels coming up to eat me. ‘’Help, help’’ i gasped for breath as the little tiny waves pulled me under oh no! Now i am stuck in seaweed ‘’help me’’ i gasp again thinking in my head why isn’t anyone helping me where is everybody. About 2minutes later my dad comes but it is too late I'm already under water he calls 111. The next day I was alive. ‘’What happened’’ i murmured ‘’you drowned sweaty.’’ said mum ‘’well where am i’’ I say as I start to remember. in hospital. about a year later looking back I remember that I was fine all along.  

100WC - Week # 36 Biankha

 My mum tells me go look at  your baby photos so I say ok as I go look I see all these well pictures of me when I was little I say yo mum I look so chubby why Is this?she says  Well every baby is a little chubby as I am looking back I remember being little. Looking at these pics are  painting a picture in my head I yelled to mum you are such a good photographer she asked why I answered because these pictures are painting memories in my mind she answered well thanks I guess I was .

Sunday, June 23, 2019

100WC - Week # - Natasha Dalton

One Night when I was sleeping I had a Nightmare and this is what happened in my nightmare

‘I was at school then I released that the ramp was broken I had a giant hole in it I went up to the hole and found a weird green person it was staring right at me then It said ”dbvjgdu.”
Right then I knew that it was an alien I ran to my class and then I saw an orange guy then I ran to my sisters class.
looking back I remember that I have to take off my shoes to go into the class...

100WC- Week #36-Brooke

“Look after the house Misty, and don’t  do any thing naughty like last time”I told my kitten.
We were going on holiday for a week! And that was just the beginning because we were going to the Gold Coast where all the theme parks lay!
My brother whispered to me “were you just talking to the cat”he sounded like it was a big deal.
“Yes” I whispered back excitedly.
Just as we get to the airport I see a tuft of black fur down beside my feet, I looked closer then pulled away as my brother jumped out of the car.
“We’re here!” he shouted.
  Suddenly a meow sounded beside my feet, looking back, I remember seeing a tuft of black fur.
 I  exclaimed in surprise “Misty what are you doing here!”

100WC - Week # - Caitlyn Kampenhout

Run says mum there is a fire I am running to the front door and looking back I remember that our cat is still I remember from the fire lesson that they will find a way out I hope he does I say in my head if he dies I will put some birds in his box with and hopefully he will com back to live the door is right in front of me and I turn one more time thinking should I go back in or should I go well I went outside and I saw a cat with a bird and then look at it closely and remembered that on the inside is a toy and my cat had a bird it must have listened .

100WC - Week #36 - Abby Sommerhalder The Rose 3

“Leo is that you?” I say. Leo grabs the hat and takes it. I run after Leo out of the shop but he disappears. Where did he go I ask the hat maker. “Where did he like to go?” he replied. Looking back I remember the rose. I run to the pavement were we had found it and Leo is sitting there. When he sees me he then shakes his head. “A-Abby?” he says white as a ghost. Then the rose falls down. Dead. Leo was free of the curse. We walk back home. Don’t tell mum this I say.

100WC #36-Emma

̈ ̈Ah it's so nice to be free from the world¨ I say to myself
Looking back I remember myself getting old and frail and talking to myself was the only thing that kept me company.When I was a child my parents used to say ̈giving up is the worst choice you could possibly make.¨I never knew how bad it could be because I was only a kid but my parents were right it is the worst thing you could possibly do.So anyone who is reading this don't give up no matter how much you want to!

100wc week- #36 leena

…looking back, I remember…
One day I found some of my Baby photo’s and I was very young and I had a look at the photo’s and I think that I was only about 2 months old and that was a very long time ago and then I went to go and show mum and dad and they said you were so young then you could not even talk. I said wow that was Made about 12 years ago because mum and dad I’m 12 years old now and that was a very very long time ago.

Then the next day I went to my bedroom and I saw that mum or dad put the photo’s up on my window sill and then I said to mum and dad that am I the only one that you took photos of and mum and dad said yes.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

100WC- Week #35- Brooke

“Owww,that hurt!”exclaimed Dom.

“Well it’s not my fault it was a crash landing!”Domino snapped back.

“Why did that evil domino have to send us to a different planet”Dom shouted grumpily.

“And make us have a crash landing”Domino added.

“Come on that evil domino sent us to explore this world and see if there is life on this planet,so let’s go see if he’s right. Dom replied grumpily.

“Well I think he was right see look over there”Domino shouted.

“What are those things!”Shouted back Dom.

“Don’t be scared,Dom look we have completed the mission!”Domino exclaimed.

100Wc - Week #35 - Caitlyn Kampenhout

Me and my friend Emma were walking to the rock shop one day but we got distracted by this huge thing.  We went and had a look at these kids were sitting under it we thought it was a magic trick but it was not.  We hurried the kids screaming the parents did not even care the were just standing there watching maybe it is a magic trick after all because when I looked behind me there the kids were standing there in front of me that was scary I said to Emma .

100Wc - Week #35 - Abby Sommerhalder DOMINOS

“Let's play dominos!” I shout. Leo comes running into my room. Soon we both have a long path of the mini plastic bricks. Leo tries to knocks over one but it stays still. He looks like he's struggling so I try. It's really stable. “Let's play outside then,” I say and outside we see thousands of dominos lined up. Leo pushes one over and they all, well, domino. I look at Leo and he looks surprised. Are you okay I say. Leo looks me in the eye. “It was easy to push it over,” He says. Now we are terrified.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

100WC #34 - Charlee Gubb

“Mum mum, there’s no water” I wailed
“I’m working,” she screamed back “I’ll go into town later”
“but I’m thirsty” I muttered, I turn away from the fridge and spot a small glass of water I larch forward gasping for water, I lap up every drop and place it back on the counter I turn to see my mum waltz in she spots the  empty glass and her mouth drops open
“what happened to that glass of vodka” she whispers this time my mouth drops open “but but it looked just like a glass of water”.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

100WC #34-Brooke

"Help!" screamed my brother.

I ran to his room as quick as a flash.Something was beside his bed it looked just like a glass of water,

it’s eyes were as blue as clear water with a dazzling body just as clear as glass.

Was this a new creature that we’d discovered I thought to myself,

I held out my hand to it, then quickly snatched it back as it made a sound.

"What do you think it is" my brother said trembling.

"I don’t know for sure, but I think we have just discovered a ghost!"

Sunday, June 9, 2019

100WC #34 - Charli Tracey

‘Mum’ I’m awake and ready to go to school, why are you so happy to go  said mum, because I get to see how my science experiment went replied  Charli ,cool said mum lets go to school, then  we got to school and mum walked me in because it was raining, then I ran to my science experiment,  and it looked just like a glass of water ,then I looked around the room and everyone else worked, but not my, mum I said in a sad,  my did not work I was so sad that mum said ,Charli let's just  go home then, so we did.

100WC #34 - Abbie

‘’Yuyuyu You drank all the water’’ I said to Tom in a angry voice. He said ‘’haha now you have to survive without water’’ he laughed. ‘’Um so do you, you no.’’ I said as he realized what he did. So he ran to every tap in the house and none of them were working. There was only little drips that he tried to catch in his mouth. Then i realize that there was  a cup on the table i run to it and i am in for luck because it is very full and then i drink some. ‘’Ew!’’ I say ‘’i think that i just drank salt water.’’ ‘’but,but it look just like a glass of water.’’ i sobed. Tom comes in and sees me crying and just laughs. how rude.


¨Rowley  time for your morning belly rub¨Mummy yelled
¨Ruf Ruf leave me alone¨I said thinking iḿ dying from the bright sunlight.
¨Now that is no way to treat your Mumma!¨My mum screamed
¨Hey leave the dog alone¨Dad said looking like he had been in his bedroom for years.
As I stood up I could hear Mum and Dad fighting.I went to the toilet to have a drink Because my water boll was empty.
¨Mmm Yum¨I said thinking I was in paradise
Then I realised  who had just went toilet and didn't flush
¨W w what this can't be it looked just like a glass of water eww¨I barked.

100WC week#34 Ruby

So this is how my story all adds up. I’m walking down the hospital isale going into my brothers hospital room an I see this little cup with a yellow lid on the top  .So I thought finally mum bought some water,  so then I drank it thinking nice fresh water but then suddenly my mum screams noooo!  And my brother max starts laughing his head off and then my face screws up so tight it feels like it’s been turned inside out and then I realise its pee! Wowwwww! But it looked just like a glass of water my mouth drops  open.

100WC #34 - Biankha

As I was walking to school I saw a glass of well I don’t know it looked just like a glass of water. So I picked it up then it turned blue I thought maybe it was a reflection but it was the real whatever it was .I tried it and it was flat lemonade I thought it was going to be way worse  but I was so relieved so I started to drink more and more until it was gone and then I turned green and blue. As I keeped on going to school I changed back to normal.

100WC #34 - Keira

It was a school morning i do what i normally do i get changed i pack and then we go on to breakfast.I make it and stuff and then i get a drink of water from the table but it wasn’t a glass of water it looked just like a glass of water but it wasn’t i grab it and when i drink it but the water stays up in the cup i was thinking what is it in the cup i didn’t want to drink it cause it could taste bad and make me sick. My Sister burst’ in and says “PRANKED YOU!” I got so angry at her so i screamed “I WILL GET YOU BACK!” She laughs back “Hahaha” So it ends up being prank wars...

100WC #34 - Caitlyn Kampenhout

“Hurry up Emma, I,am going to start mako mermaids now ,
ok ok I'm here I got you a glass of water Emma says sitting down” 
“Far out Emma how many times do I have to tell you I only like ice ,
Well since the movie has already started I am going to need to do it myself ,
Wait what did you just say  I said I am going to need to do it myself.
 So right before Emma's eyes I did it  Emma said it looks just like a glass of water
 how do you do that Emma says walking away quietly. 

100WC #34 - Kate

“Hello”…. “Ummm thank you for your time,” Nick was quite nervous he'd been waiting for this day ever since the end of graduation. People thought he was crazy but he really did think he had made something that could change the way that you see the world. “I came here to show something that could change the world,” he reaches into his suitcase  and pulls out a cup of water. They looked at it squinting their eyes trying to find something small inside, and yes it looked just like a glass of water but it isn't what you think it is...