Friday, March 27, 2020

100WC - Week #26 - Kenneth

They were positioned very specifically, almost like they were preparing for an occasion. I looked at every single one of them. Each had their own symbolic sign. It looked like Egyptian writing but we couldn’t tell. I walked up to the one in front. Then I was consumed by this huge portal, I saw the statues turning into humans. I saw a cannonball fall on a soldier. I take a breath, and realise. I WAS IN WAR! I heard a soldier yell, “GET DOWN!” 
I realise I went back in time.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

100WC - Week #26 - Charlie

This picture looks like it is in Sydney because the Opera house is in the background. There are lots of statues on the brown grass. There is a man in a black suit in the corner of the picture. Four palm trees stand in the background almost touching the sky. The high rise buildings have a great view of the red, blue, yellow and white statues. The dark grey shadow of the trees reflecting on the brown grass. Three statues are higher than the other ones,I think that they will have a good view of what is going on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

100WC - Week #26 - Madison

I was in Sydney when my family and I walked past these colourful Chinese statues.  Then one of them looked at me, no it can’t have looked at me, it's a statue.  I turn back around to find that it is staring at me.  
“Mum,” I say, “That lonely purple statue in the middle is staring at me.”
“Don’t be silly,” she says.
“I’m not being silly,” I say, getting nervous.
I turn around again and find that it is still staring at me,  “Look,” I quickly say to  Mum.  She turns around and there is no purple statue there.

Monday, March 23, 2020

100WC - Week #26 - Ella Frost

Did you know there are colourful Chinese statues in the beautiful Sydney, some are yellow and some are red. Some are blue and some are purple. Did you know that there are so many of them. I would like to go and see the statues but I am too young to go by myself as I am only 10. But I can when I am older. Did you know that my mum and dad have been there before and they had a good time in Sydney. So if you go to Sydney you have to stop by the Chinese statues.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

100WC - Week #26 - Kate

I was in Sydney on my yearly visit.  When the sun went down. I was trying to feel my way back to my apartment.  When something pulled me back but the hand felt like concrete.  I didn’t remember  falling asleep.  But I must of!
Because I woke up on a seat in the city centre ?   Now in the  place where something pulled me back are colourful statues?  So I had two thoughts:
Either the person that did it put the statues there or it was the statues.
But I think I’m going back to my apartment to pack and go home.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

100WC - Week #25 - Alexander

What w-were am I the ground… why is it sooo soft.Why is it not dewy.As I jumped into the air but when I landed I bounced into the air again.That odd I say to myself.As I get up I am on two feet.My body feels heavy and I'm not black and soft.I take a step and I start walking round like a drunken sailor then… Clunk my wardrobe door and damaged it badly.I realised there is a banana skin on the ground and then I want to eat it and I do.

100WC - Week #25 - Charlie

I was in the jungle l and there was a big banana in the way in the path.  It was very heavy I moved it a little bit then a monkey jumped out of nowhere.  I really wanted what he was here for, I know what the monkey is here for, the banana.  The banana is too big for the monkey.  Me and the monkey tried to shift it but it was not moving.  Plan B, the monkey has a motorbike it is a four wheeler.  Nah the motorbike is black and is too damaged

100WC - Week #25 - Kenneth

It had damaged one of the five generators. I didn’t know what to do and where to go. I take a quick scan of my surroundings. I quickly jumped over the window frame. My heart was beating faster than a cheetah could run. Knowing the strange creature behind me, would easily tear me apart in seconds. I had to fix all of the five generators in total to escape from this vast wasteland. I looked in my stash, I found a banana that had heavy black spots on it, I ate it.  A message appeared on the screen. “YOU DIED!"

100WC - Week #25 - Phoenix

Me and my friends ate a banana.  It was black and heavy and it was a trick it was a zombie.  We ran we grabbed a shotgun  and we did little damage and we all blew the zombies head off  but there were more and we had little ammo.  We ran to a gun shop that the whole back room was filled up to the top top top.  When we were fighting we ran out of ammo so we ran into 100 shops.


One day Banana came to life and was so evil he was black as obsidian.  He was planning a heist to steal all the valuables from the museum. So they planned to climb up the side of the museum and to get the glass damaged and jump down though the broken glass crack, steal valuables and escape with stealth .
He went to do his mission he climbed the side of the place crack he jumped down he sets of the alarms rushing around he take the bones of dinosaurs , the gems ,MONEY he smashes the window BANG but the police are already there "WOW a mutated banana get him" he shouted.

100WC-week 25 Aiden

One day I was eating a banana at home when a big heavy car just came crashing into my house and boom the car exploded “whoa I said” “wow this must be a bad day for me” I said.
The next day… “Yes I know yesterday was bad for me but today is a new day I said” now the day went on and on and zzzzzzzz it sounds like he’s asleep zzzzzzzzz yep “whoa I say” as I get off the couch and head to the living room woah that was a big sleep a big kangaroo jumped into my house with a big crack in the roof  looks like my big black house is damaged.

100WC - Week #25 - Mia

“MMM, this is so good!” I say to myself as I munch on my banana. 
It was Sunday night and I was having a midnight feast. It was all dark, and it was great before everything just went black.  I jumped up, and ran to where my light switch was and felt around for it. “OW!!” I yell in pain. I had damaged my finger on my mirror. I felt something very very heavy jump on to me. “HELP!!!” I screeched. No one could hear me, my room was fully sound-proof. It was pushing even more weight on to me...

100WC - Week #25 - Milah

Once there was a man called John.  John worked at the supermarket.  One time he was packing bananas. Then suddenly. The BIG, BLACK, heavy wolf from midnight swamp JUMPED up on the freezers and ROARED. ROAR. BANG CLASH BOOM.AHHH everyone screams as they run out. John watched as the wolf DAMAGED everything. BUT.. john was the last person left… Scratch Scratch goes his claws. He was as big as the sky tower. The wolf approaches him.
“G’day Mate!” The wolf says. “I don’t know why everyone is scared about me” 
My mind was going around and around in circles.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Emily - 100WC - Week #24

Ya today I get to do my diving test. Mum! Have you got the keys we need to take me now.  I am not taking you your dad is.  WHAT WHY? I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME!  Just go with it.  Find dad let's go.   Yup let's go in the car.  When we were in the car it was silent.    HI my name is Ed so who will be driving today?     Me.   we get in the car I start diving my dad start telling me what to do. stop it dad. But it didn't. Then when Ed was looking away my dad started to? BANG! we crashed. I'm trying to hold  on, he shouted.

100WC - week #24 - Carla

We are walking into rainbows end and what ride should we go on first? “ maybe the roller coaster“ yes that is a good choice. Ok lets go. This is a very big rollercoaster “ yes” ok lets go. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! “Im trying to hold on” he shouted! Just try I said trying to hold on too ” ok ”. One minute later ok that was fun wasn't it “ totally it was now what ride shell we go on now maybe the log one ok lets go aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  I am never going again “ ok “ oh now I dropped my phone somewhere go and find it no.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

100WC - Week #24 - Phoenix

Me and my friend were walking down the street. when i heard a blood carling scream
I looked down a hole.  and it was Carlie.  He said help so I helped. Then I coed riche him so my friend found a rope so he could gabe it but the rope was too small. We tried a gene. So my friend a harpoon gun but i said no tise to dangers ok said my friend but i found a grapple  gun i shoot it next to him gabe in and i wall poul u up thanks but now it’s time to eat your brains

Mia - 100WC - Week #24

“What are you doing??” I ask.

“I am looking at the great view!?” My little brother tells me.
“Up there you're not!” I say looking up at the roof.
“Why not?” he said. 
“Your going to fall of up there! I can see your butt slipping!” I say getting worried.
“ARGH!” My brother says with his hands holding on to the edge of the roof.
“I’ll go get a ladder! Hold on!” I shout.
“I’m trying to hold on…” He said. 
“I’m coming!!” I heard my brother scream and then a big thump that  sounded like someone hit the ground...

100WC - Week #24 - Madison

I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted.
You are not,” I yelled to my brother.                                                                                                           “Yes I am,” he shouted back.
He was dangling from the school monkey bars and
probably about to fall off.
He had just jumped off.
Why were you up there in the first place?” I asked him.
I don't know,” he said.
Ow!” he grizzled.
What?” I asked.
My arm is sore,” he said.
So what,” I said.
It hurts,” he said.
We went to go find Mum and Dad.
On the way there he said
Tricked you!
Little brothers can be super annoying!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

100WC-Week #24-Alex

We walk through the door, as we open it. A cold breeze gets thrown at us.  Chill flys up our spines.
It's cold in here I say.Ya, what's in here Jacob said.I don't know but, I know there is goods, in the back I whispered.
As we set off, we see a gap in the wall.I think it's in here. Jacob said loudly.Jacob stuck his hand through the wall, and found something.Its a spade, then through the gap,Give it.A man pulled.give it he yelled.`I'm trying to hold on he; he shouted.

100WC Week #24 -Bailee

“I’m losing all memories” My brother yells.
“Hold on”I yell back
‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted
Hold on tighter I”m coming” I run towards the sound of my brother's voice just in time to see all of his memories sucked out of him.
“NO” I yell there is no way I could let that happen.  I've got to turn off that machine and quick.  I run towards the whirling machine.
“Where's the off button?”I whisper to myself.
“There”I whisper again
‘BEEP BEEP BEEP TURNING OFF’ the machine booms

“Wow what happened?”asks my brother. 

100WC-week#24 - Aiden

I´m sitting at work and then a big crane comes and smashes the roof off the building with a massive wrecking ball! The building is starting to collapse I hold on  I say I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted ok I said the walls are cracking crrrrrrrrk boom the door fell down oh know are you ok I said noooo what do you think hold on looks like we're falling ahhhhhhhhhhh help the building snaps in half one half collapsed the other fell and smashed who did all this said my boss said him the one with the crane.

100WC - Week #24 - Milah

Wow!. This is such an awesome view!. Me, Mum, Dad and Abbie (my sister) were on a beautiful canyon in the USA. All these other people were going really close to the edge of the can-.
“AHHH!” The man fell from the edge and is holding on to a small tree!. …….. “I'm trying to hold on!” He shouted. One man grabs the mans hand then everyone helps.
“1… 2… 3… HEAVE” We all pull as hard as we possibly can. We all pull pull pull PULL. BUT. then one man slips. It all went silent. 
We all… go...down

Monday, March 9, 2020

100WC-Week #24-Ayden

As I walked to the sky tower along the sidewalk . I walked into the sky tower in Auckland, the ground collapsed below my feet ,my friend quickly grabbed me but my hands were slippery ¨ I 'm trying to hold on¨ he shouted . I had fallen down and broke my leg and it was stuck under a heap of rock and concrete everybody called 111 . The police came and the ambulance came as well. I was lifted out and put in the ambulance . The police investigated how this had broken the hole looked it looked like a mineshaft underneath the sky tower but there was a bomb inside so they evacuated.

100WC - Week #24 - Kenneth

We were entering war for the first time . We were walking sneakily till the Commander yelled. “AMBUSH! RUN.” Suddenly KABOOM! That was the last thing we had heard before the explosion. “Hello?, is anyone there.” I said. There was no response. I carefully looked down at the old broken bridge. There was a soldier holding onto the bridge for his life. He wouldn’t say a word. He looked as shocked as a man being tasered. “Don’t let go.” I said very clearly.
“I’m trying to hold on.” he shouted as if he was a mile away.
I drag him up and we duck behind the sandbags.   


Thursday, March 5, 2020

100WC#23- Joe

What's going on? Something is happening around here? As I walked straight ahead of me nothing was in sight. I wonder what was happening here? Hey look at a Sign! What does it say? It says…….be…..ware….of the creature! BOOM!!! WHAT WAS THAT!? OMG ITS REAL THE CREATURE OF BLACK!!!! I gotta get out of here before it's too late! But as soon as I ran I fell into a trap AHH Boom! What the….he..c..k happened? Oh great I into a trap Well I can try get out of here if… I… can. Oh I don’t know…


One day I went for a walk and totally took no notice of the sign which said watch out for the drop in to the sewer but I kept walking along  the sidewalk I wasn't looking and fell down Ouch . I started to yell but no one could hear me so I Pulled out my phone to someone ring but there was no reception so I started to wander around for a ladder out . Finally I found it but there was a problem . It came out on the road I had no chance of getting out there. I'd probably get run over by a car .  I'd probably DIE .