Sunday, September 22, 2019

New document - Olivia Richards

Walking down by the markets  I start to feel jealous over this beautiful bracelet all my friends were buying and having matching ones too. I was so desperate I greedily grabbed it and ran, luckily no one saw me (Well hopefully not.) I pulled up to my bicycle and  biked   my heart out until I got home. It was a kind of yellow gold colour with beautiful diamonds and with a name engraved on the back saying wait what that's not a name it says "I warned you" all of a sudden the lights turned off and I saw a dark figure in the distance wait a minute AHHHHHHHHHH

100WC - #3 - Brooke

She was desperate, for food for water for shelter….. The list was endless, but the woman had
stolen many things to keep her alive this was one of her stories.
A little boy was once riding a bright yellow bicycle but Pearl ( the womanÅ› name well that was what she called herself) was to quick for the little boy and circled him, then as quick as a flash she grabbed the bicycle and ran away. Pearl had been warned by the citys council to not steal a thing, so as soon as Pearl stole that bicycle everyone in the town had been frightened of what she would do next. Though Pearl greedily stole stuff even after being warned, and even though she was homeless she was still the worst criminal in town.

100WC#3 - Biankha

I was riding to school on my  yellow bicycle, there was a sign that said watch out wet pavement ahead, I couldn't read it so just kept on going . Dang I’m stuck in this wet pavement my bicycle was sinking I was sinking everything was sinking so I quickly jumped out and ran home. Mum said Biankha what are you doing home ,I said me and my bike go suck in this wet pavement and there was this sign but I couldn't read it, I think it said wet pavement. Mum said greedily you were warned so don't complain about it. Ok fine but now I am desperate to go to school and tell everyone.

100 WC week 3# Ruby

Once upon A time in a fair land …..    OK that’s just boring so there was this very old man ,he lived in a very unfair     land to be honest , well that’s what he thought  He tells , the story's very different stories…. “ I was just young fellow “  he starts with “I was a  pretty sneaky one too all I  wanted was a  yellow bicycle but my mum and dad didn’t have enough money for it I was so desperate that my father warned me if I don’t stop bugging them than he’ll take away something that I already had . I knew that he was thinking that I’m being a greedily child. In my mind I was planning baggarly it’s 3am in the morning I’m out the back of bike barnI’ve got the bike “ “stop right there .oo ohhhh.

100WC Week #3 - Lachlan P

Once  I was riding my yellow bicycle and popping wheelies then I fell off then desperately I got back on my bike and greedily go to the dairy and buy a chocolate bar. I biked home then my Dad said "why do you have a chocolate bar your mum is going to be mad at you so eat it qickly" then mum came out side and saw me eating the chocolate and snapped me.

100WC-week#3 caitlyn

The mystery bombing 
The town siren went off and we got warned that we might die , we are under attack.  (it goes off when there is an emergency)   and everyone started to go ballistic bang right beside me was a bicycle that blew up shooting parts everywhere , the yellow handlebar came flying towards me .
I greedily snuck into someone's house looking for some weapons ,on my way in right in front of me was a jar of lollies I was  desperate so I grabbed one and continued to look …….
To be continued

week 3 100wc - Charlee Gubb

“Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump” my friends screamed at me, I had got a brand new Yellow Bicycle and I was trying to jump over a small barrel with it and had invited my friends over to witness my triumph. I did it, I just got over skimming the top of the barrel but I did it, One of my friends Jimmy thought it was pretty cool so he Greedily grabbed my bike, I tried to warn him but he brushed it off and went up to the jump any way everyone started shouting and cheering for him, everyone except me. I had this terrible feeling but I didn’t say anything he started up the ramp, he wasn’t going fast enough, Jimmy had reached the end of the ramp but instead of flying off the end he face planted into the barrel. I warned him   

100WC - Week #3- Luke Van Baar

Jack liked his Bicycle it was black and it had Yellow stripes. When he was riding to school he stumbled across a kid in front of him, Jack pulled the brakes and stopped, the kid turned around and Warned him “Watch where you're going kid!” but then he saw Jacks bike he wanted it so he Greedily pushed Jack off and stole the bike, jack was Desperate to get his bike so he ran after him and cried “Stop Thief!” when Jack got to school he went straight to the teacher and told them everything that happend luckily he got his bike back and went home. by Luke

100WC - Lachlan w

Bang! my yellow bicycle hit a car I fell on the hard wet ground I was out cold when I woke up I was still on the floor it was raining  and people were around me like sharks trying to get a meal my bike was gone and for a sec I saw a greedily man taking off with it I had desperate in me. So I got up and went after him he went through a fence that had a sight on it said warned do not on sight but I still went on trying to find the man that went off with my bike and in the corner of my eye I saw him behind a bin so I fake it went I walk off and came back with him not knowing if I had left or not I was behind. Him I saw my bike and had my time to get it I got then I ran like a sport runner trying to get first I had made it back home and on the news I saw the guy who stole my bike he had just be running from the cops and they got him in the end.

100 WC -Abby. Jacob The Greedy

A boy was riding along the street in his mini yellow limo. The boy (called Jacob) belonged to some rich parents which made Jacob a greedy little boy. His parents said that he could have a bike but he wanted the best and most expensive mini limo in the store! The time he was at the store a old woman warned the greedily boy to stop wanting everything. But the boy didn’t listen and when he saw a pot hole Jacob pushed the breaks desperate to stop but they were stuck. Jacob fell and drowned in the sewers from greed.

100WC #3-Emma

One beautiful spring morning a young lady called Kate Barlow greedily took a yellow Gemstone! A man named Sam who was shot dead on a boat , warned Kate Barlow that if she took the yellow Gemstone a bicycle will drop on her head and she would look desperate for the rest of eternity! But of course Kate Barlow didn't listen so from that day on every bicycle would drop on her head and she would always look desperate! In Gallipoli a war was going on so Kate Barlow thought to herself I’m sick of suffering! So Kate Barlow flew to Gallipoli and stood in the middle of the war and got shot dead!

100WC - Week # 3 - Natasha Dalton

R is for Red.
A is for Desperate Anteater.
I is for an insect is Greedily eating all of my food.
N is for Nests filled with eggs.
B is for Bicycle.
O is for yellow Octopus.
W is for I Warned you.

This is my Random acrostic poem and yes it is a really Random I Just wanted to put it like this because it looks cool doesn’t it but kind of hate it because of how random it is but hopefully you like it

100WC #3- Riley Vandy- The alien Take-over

Bicycle, Bicycle I want to ride my Bicycle” Freddie Mercury Sung then interrupting his concert a
 desperate little alien ran in “A yellow cat was Greedily chasing me when I saw your show so I ran
 in and here you were but the cat wanted to eat you also!” The alien warned “What was his name?
Freddie asked. “GARFIELD” was the reply just then a cat came waddling in “slllhurppr LUNCH
 TIME!   But Freddie's guards just shot him but they had nothing to do with him so
 they ate him and then aliens invaded the world and ate the cats and all the people.