Thursday, February 13, 2020

100WC-Week#20 - Alex

I woke up and I was lying on the floor in the middle of my room well I thought I was. Then I nodded off to sleep then I jolted up I looked around and wondered. Where could I be.Then I realised I was outside then something was in the bushes then I turned around then a cat waddled out and it and it followed me.As we walked home I saw something in the sky it was big and it flew towards I couldn't see what it was then   BOOM!!!!!.Poof we disappeared.We had fainted.

100WC - Week#20 - Hannah

I was sitting by a tree, looking at the sky. As it flew towards me I couldn’t see what it was but I knew it was black when I heard a scream I ran away to the scream but…. The black was running after me. Something grabbed my leg and I could not look back.    I knew if I look back I will fall. If I fell I the black would get me. I would become part of the black shadow. It’s starting to close in on me.

William-100WC-Week #20

It was September 11 2001 and me and my family  were visiting the twin towers for my birthday. “I'm hungry” I told mum. OK you can go get some food she answered. “Can I come '' Jack yelled. “Yes”, “but hang on i'll just get you some money”, mum handed me a 10 dollar note “how come he gets to hold it “ Jack complained.because he wont drop it . as we headed up the escalator I looked out the window I saw something weird looking in the sky as it headed toward us. I couldn't see what it was. Oh no!!.......

Kate - 100WC - Week #20

It started at a desk being asked to go to war. But at the interview I was fiddling around. When I heard the head captain, yell out John come and join us. The Germans, the mean enemy of the Northlands. We go in tomorrow when the ship arrives! John woke up! Quick the ship’s are here.  John was placed underground to make sure that everyone was safe.  Wait where are they! Johns 2 youngest siblings got court by the Germans! They were taken to a camp where they were  to be slaves. Something was flying ,as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. They were saved!

HWC week-20 Jaxon

It was a nice Tuesday morning and i was ready to go to school. I got in the car an mum drove me to school “Bye mum love you!” “love you too bye” I hopped out of the car and walked into school as I was walking into school I saw my friends and ran over to them. “Hey Jaxon.” They said “Hi” I responded we all walked into school then suddenly something started flying at us as it flew towards us I couldn’t figure out what it was... we all spotted it and started running away... “huff huff” “THUMP...”

100WC - Week #20 - Phoenix

Me and my friend were walking down the street.  My friend saw something in the sky. as it flew towards us we couldn’t see what it was. so we started  shooting it .But it’s eyes were red and feathers were Blue and the feet were green and it had sharp teeth. it came back its mouth was open it is a a a zombie bird we thought it was the end but it was really nice I don't  zombies talk i said to the zombie bird they don't talk said the zombie bird how are you talk us zombie birds can talk to people…

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

100WC - week #20 - Carla

As dad woke me up I was like “why have you woken me up for.”  “We are going duck shooting’. I was like “ok lets go” When we got  to the pond dad said to me “have you seen a duck?” I don't know but as it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was dad was like oh really i was like yes the next minute I saw a duck I said yelled to dad “there is a duck.”” Got it” dad said to me. What do you think that thing  was, a  bird?

100WC - Week #20 Harlan

Its 8 March 2014 were going on a family holiday to Nicobar island near India and Malaysia from Australia. We arrived at the airport at 9:33, even though it was late at night it was still busy. We hurried over to our gate, went through security and were waiting to board our plane at 11:00. We started our flight at 11:10 at this point. We were all tired and soon fell asleep. It all went pretty smoothly until one kid said he saw flashing lights out his window.  we ignored him at first but then we all looked like it was big I quickly realised it was a plane. 

Joe - 100WC - Week #20

I was at my house playing when I looked up then I said  “What was that in the sky?  Is it a flying hot dog or a plane?”. Well it looked like a plane. It was scaring me a lot. It looked very dangerous because of how fast it was coming. Well it did look like a plane. This means if it was it would be fast…..well it's doing that. It looked like a plane. Hmm, then I looked up again and I almost fainted on the ground. Then it rushed to the ground OMG ITS A PLANE! BOOM!

Charlie - 100WC - Week #20

As I was walking out of the car I saw a massive  airplane. It was just leaving in 10 minutes. So I ran to the plane. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was… Ah! It was another airplane coming right  towards us. I am so scared now. It is very dangerous because It is going so fast. We are very high up in the air. It is awesome fun in the airplane. I am going to Fiji. It is 3 hours away. I am so excited to go to Fiji. I am looking forward to going.

Chloe - 100 WC - Week #20

“Hi Bob” “Hi Joe are you ready for the concert tonight?” “not really Bob I need a chair”  “don’t  buy one I have a lots” “wait what is that? Joe I do not know is it a …..ummm ….a bee? no it is flying towards us….”.As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. “Maybe it’s a fly?  No, it is too big! Is it a flying monkey?  No! lets get ready for the concert tonight. Ok im going to go to your place. Ok Joe. Hey it is sill flying at us….. Stop!…”

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


It was a late afternoon when I was walking my friend home. We did not know how far it would be from my house .  Look at that cool sunset i said , That's so cool we need to take a picture , so we took a lot of pictures and then started to walk on . When we were walking my friend said look a bird is coming towards us, As it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was, mmm i don't think that a bird maybe its a pig said my friend don't be silly it can't be a flying  pig.

100WC week #20 Bailee

“Go away” .I growl at my sister. I have just finished tidying my room and she is messing it up, “ But why doesn't he have to go” she yells back pointing at my brother.”because he isn’t making a mess in my room”. I yell as if it was obvious.”fine “, she says then retreating out of my room. Finally I said to my Brother, "she left". I continued to brush my hair then next minute something was flying at us, and as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was . Wait a second ,is that my cat ,"shoo"

100WC-Week 20-Ayden

As I was driving a plane in the sky when I came to land as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was . When it came closer I found out it was a giant  radioactive eagle and about to crash into its nest with her eggs . The eagle started shooting eggs at the plane I jumped out of the plane with a parashoot the bird  started chasing after me so I pulled out my tranquilizer I started to aim pow there the bullet went hit . man no It was a  dream in my head I really wish that was true .

100WC - Week #20 - Aiden

I was on my way to the base in hamilton when something flew towards me and grabbed my shirt it flew up and up  and up but dropped me into a bush when I got out of the bush I saw a friend of mine and it looked like he was on his way to the base to so I started walking with him that when he asked why were you in the bush something attacked  me and grabbed me as we were walking it came back and as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was sad!

Emily - 100WC - Week #20

I am going on a bush walk to see all the birds. wait what is that. Run! It is chasing me. What is it? Will it hurt me? Well whatever it was it will not stop. Quick hide in there. yes! It does't know am here I  will just see what kind of bird it is. It is an unknown bird and it is a very dangerous. wait will this mean it can kill me. I need to find out what it is aaaaahhhh it heard me run.It was  flying so fast but as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was it was a big mystery that no one knew ? and no one will know because if  you find out you will probably maybe die.

100WC - Week #20 - Madison

Me and my brother Tyler had gone for a walk downtown to get the groceries when I saw something, I thought it was a bird but as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was.                                             “Duck,” I yelled to Tyler.                                                                                                                      When it had flew past I took a quick picture of it with my phone.                                                          We carried on following it until it just vanished into thin air.                                                                  “Where did it go?” I asked Tyler.                                                                                                              “No clue,” he said.                                                                                                                                    “It just vanished into thin air,” I said.                                                                                                        We went back home and told Mum.                                                                                                      “That's interesting,”Mum said questioningly.

100WC - Week #20 - Milah

Katy and I went to the local carnival. We saw it in the newspaper yesterday morning. We arrived at the paddock they were holding it in. We went to get some yummy candy floss. I was looking in the distance and I saw something snapping at a baby bird. “Hmm, strange.” I mumble to myself. “What?” Katy says “Never mind” ...As it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was.. OH NO! Its a big angry eagle! I pushed Katy out the way to save her.

BANG! I feel dizzy,

I feel my eyes shut - Im in a different world

100WC - Week #20 - Samara

 BANG!  As I  tried to forget that my parents were gone for good, I just couldn’t. I was holding my sister as tight as I could. I didn’t want to lose her too! My sister was screaming WAY too loud, I tried to keep her quiet, so no one would find as.But it was too late. I could hear people talking so the best thing I could do was go to sleep….  I woke up to hear nothing. when I saw something in the sky, as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. The war was over we could finally go home.

100-WC week #20 Xaveika

  I was in the forest one day and I saw something in the air. I couldn't see what it was but it looked like it was flying towards me then my friend came rushing in because she wanted to play with me so mum told her where I was ‘yes!’ I say to myself ‘me and my friend have never played in the forest together before’ so me and her set off. Then I saw that thing again I tried to focus on what it was… as it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was… the end ….


"Arrrgh!!!" I scream, "Dad what was that." "I don't know" He said as he made dinner. "Can you set the table" As I went to set the table, I saw it again. "Dad!! Its there again!!" I yelled, but as soon as he got to the window it was gone. "What do you think it was?" I asked Dad as I ate my potatoes. " I don't know… but there it is again!!" Dad jumped to the window. As it flew towards us, I couldn't see what it was… "Its a plane!!" I yell.

100WC - Week #20 - Kenneth

While going on a trip in the Safari, I encountered a huge type of Bird. Possibly an eagle. But as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. All I saw was a long sharp talon. When I woke up, I was horrified at the mess it had made. Clothes everywhere, dirty and ripped. People unconscious, at least I hoped. All the animals were gone. I wondered what this creature was, and where It’s hiding. I tried to remember what I saw, but all that was stuck in my mind. Was It’s terrible screech, and It’s long sharp talons.

Monday, February 10, 2020

100-WC #19 - Harry

Humph!  playing in the backyard with my friend I look up and see something flying in the air going around and around, going REALLY fast! I try to see what it is but it is going too fast. As i'm looking trying to figure what it is I watched it go around and as it flew towards us i couldn’t see what it was…..a bird uhh a PLANE?! a bird but what sort of bird could it be? my friend says it’s  “a RAINBOW BIRD!” no ? “what is it ?”says my friend I say well it could be umm.

100wc-week #20 -Ella

As it flew towards us i couldn't see what it was i was scared, happy ,sad ,amazed,coo,l hot and cold .I have so many emotions i don't know what to feel, was it a spaceship? An alien? Umm i don't know ! There it goes again, but this time it has red and blue stripes and it is yellow!  i am getting so scared and happy at the same time. Now there's three in a row.... now five .....o my gosh i might faint i am good for now but i  need to sneeze....ah ah choo....yuck.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

100WC -week #19 -Ella

My story starts here on saturday nothing was open because there was a BIG!!! Monster and I saw the powerpuff girls from off cartoon network on tv omg! I said mum mum look it is .the powerpuff girls from cartoon network tv mum said wow!!! It is too, they're going to fight the. BIG!! Monster i said yay this is the best day ever the powerpuff girls stopped at our house and they rang the doorbell i opened the door they said are you okay me and my mum said yes they said ok  do you need any food water no thanks.


It was  Saturday morning and I was minding my own business walking the street. But then I saw lots of places not open. I was wondering what was going on because I needed some tools at mitre 10. But it was closed too. So I had to go home and do something else instead. I just had a problem that everything was closed. I was so confused about it. This was a big problem. I just don’t understand! Why are the shops closed? This is weird well… I need to do something else  although I should just go back.hmm no I will relax.


Wait what is the date today and what is the  day What! Nothing is open although.Does the shop open on a Saturday. Wait yes yes it does open on a Saturday wait I could just go to Hamilton and shop there in the car I go. On ya just ya there are no shops open there. I just want to shop for a friend.            Although it was Saturday nothing was open. Wait what the date today. I will just get my phone and  no it's Sunday and then next weekend so I will just go shopping next week when the shop is open.

100WC - Week #19 - Kate

It started at home when Ryan went through a growth spread.  He was eating all the food until where was nothing! So Mum yelled at me “don’t come back until you have food”! Well I guess I have to find food?
As I crept down the street’s  all the signs that I read was sorry closed. But although it was Saturday nothing was open? Dairy, supermarket were all closed. Minutes past that became hours waiting at the front door of the dairy.  There's just one problem I can’t go home until I have food. So on sunday of all days it opened!

100WC-week # 19- Bailee

I was sitting on my bed as disappointed as a chicken when it finds out it can’t fly “ I’ve been waiting forever” I say to my Dad as he stares out the window in horror. Although it was Saturday nothing was open the warehouse, unichem, wagon wheel  all closed. Something weird had happened and I was determined to find out what. Maybe a robbery and the whole towns in lock down or a bomb left in town I don’t know .Meanwhile I was having all these thoughts dad was looking on stuff and realized that we took the wrong car. “DAD!"  

100wc-week # 19 - Carla

A little while after I got my horse my mum said. You need to get a new saddle to ride your horse without a saddle. I said ok so I went. When I arrived I was beside the shop and said although it was saturday nothing was open so I went back to my home back on my horse with no saddle on and said it wasn't open to my Mum. You look sad. I am. I said to mum so on monday i went back to the same shop and it was opened yay i said finally.

100WC - week 19 - Ayden

Although it was Saturday nothing was open but the shops are always open on Saturday. Maybe it's because it was new years eve  every single person might have been going to stay up till midnight for the fireworks  I needed to get to the supermarket  because  I have no food at all my fridge was bare . I really wanted heaps of snacks to stay up like lollies , chips and pies . I also need a heap of ice , fizzy drinks  and some ginger beer in my chilly bin and ice packs. It is so annoying that the shops are all closed .

100WC-week # 19 Taisha

It was Saturday and the sun was shining . I was wondering what to do. So I asked one of my friends to come over. What should we do? I asked my friend,  let's go downtown to the warehouse  . So we started to walk .  When we got to the warehouse   it was shut so we went to another shop and saw that it was closed .We looked around and everything was closed .  Although it was Saturday nothing was open said my friend. Maybe it's a public holiday .Let's go home so we walked home, then asked mum if it's a public holiday.

100WC - Week #19 - Chloe

I came downstairs for breakfast. I had four weetbix. I bought a ticket for the crisis. It is open AT 7:00 Mum I need to  be at the crisis a 7:00 ok  be there i'm getting my nails done it is 6:58 ok  downtown. We are at the crisis. It was not open although it was  Saturday, nothing was open. but the food shop. Hang on mum where are all the kids and parents that come  to the crisis it is popular around here o good point and where is your friends lets go home.   


So we were getting ready for the beach and then we were on our way to our friends house and then we picked them up and went to the beach when we got there we went straight into the water and i keeled down then BAM i keeled straight on a jellyfish OW i screamed in pain i ran to mum it hurts then we peeled all the  tenticels off we tried to get ice cream but although it was saturday nothing was open so we just went home and ate a sandwich instead and had fizzy
The end…

100WC - Week #19 - Phoenix

My story is  about zombies   once I  was sitting  in my  room.  Then  I  heard something  saying  Brands.  I got  my mingun  out and my rocket launcher and my pistol.   and went to my friend's  home and gave him a gun   when we looked outside and mine heads were spent.  We killed all the zombies   in the world but there were more zombies we ran out of ammo so we ran to the gun story i found a shotgun and my friend found a minigun. I shot 56789 heads off zombies and my friend shot 111 heads off zombies. Then we faced the giant zombies they  were so giant  we all most fanted... to be continued