Thursday, May 23, 2019

100 word challenge week 31 - Laine

We were playing with a anchor and it fell through the earth and it landed in china. And they throw it back and we were playing throws for like 12 hours.It was fun the dinner came up and i cept the ball so they could not play anymore so then they came up and took it away from me. So i jumped down into the ground and I was  fighting them so they would give it back but they did not so I had to beat them up big time

100WC #week-31-BRENDAN

One day a ship came and the tide was very high. It was at night so the captain did not see a thing and he put his anchor down and his ship crashed so the anchor is in the museum.It has been in there for 1000 years and know body knows who was on the boat. So one night someone went to the museum and tried to find out who was on the boat. He found out who was his name was bob so everyone knows who was on that boat.

100 word challenge week 31 - Abbie Hornsey

‘’Let’s go honey or we will be late’’ mum said. Were going to rarotonga today it takes 6 hrs 20 minutes from wellington  i am so excited. We are at the airport, we are on the plane the air hostess is walking around she comes to me and asks if i want a cookie and a lollie i say ‘’of course i do’’ we take off and i am listening to music it felt so fast because we are already there but the pilot say that we can’t land because there is an anchor in the way so we have to go back home. Waa i cry well what was the point of that i say.

100 word challenge week 31 - Biankha

Lets go to the beach today OK what beach are we going to maybe i don't know you chose OK whangamata  let's go now OK get in the car you do know you have to take a bag of clothes because are staying there the night ya ya can we stay at uncle big house sure because we are going to have a girls weekend but uncle big is a boy ya that doesn't matter we will have girl day in the day time and uncle big will be at work OK our day is finished lets have an other girls day soon

100WC - Week #31 Keira

One day i was going to go to the museum and we had arrived there was this strange guitar looking thing sinking in quicksand or something so i went and touched and thank goodness the quicksand had dried so i did not sink well i saw it and realized this is not part of the museum cause like three roads away there was a museum sign this was not part of it we left to go to the museum but i got kinda suspicious and i asked mum if i could walk to it she said yes and when i arrived there a whole group of lizards came from behind TO BE CONTINUED

100WC week #31 - ruby

An anchor sit’s far far away from… actually right next to the highway on the way to the beach as you can sea it’s quite close to the beach but the wrong one we’re going to cooks beach cooks beach is were captain cook first landed when he visited new zealand  it’s really relaxing but it can get a bit boring they have just opened a new restaurant there it’s called the vessel it’s really nice it makes the beach a bit more exciting anyway we pasted it were just coming into tairua and we getting diner we notice there's a fish and chip shop open so we go in there and I yell what's that glorius smell it’s mini donuts .

100 word challenge week 31 - Abby Sommerhalder

I found it! The pickaxe of glory. I was playing minecraft and I was in a cave. A white pickaxe was glowing in the middle of a stone island. The only obstacle : A four block wide lava pit. I am really bad at parkour and I can’t make a 4 block jump. Only pros can! I slowly back up until I hit the stone wall. Then I run and jump. Yes I made it! I pick up the tool of glory with a big smile, until I slip into the lava! I then die in the lava. I hate life.

100WC-Week #31-Brooke

“Ready, set, charge”I yelled the battle had begun.

There was a space battle, in a rocket ship, out in the middle of space.Two robots were having a battle, to win you had to get your opponent’s sword out of their hand.Robot 1 was winning right now while robot 2 was having a hard time.Suddenly robot 2 fell, his giant guitar fell to the earth and the space ship we were on jerked downwards.We all watched as the giant guitar smashed into concrete and began sinking down into the pavement, robot 2 had won.

100WC - Week #30 - Olivia Richards

On planet zorgon we take yes for an answer and no  for a punishment um excuse me said little sally what is that thing over there it looks like a lost guitar it is quite funny  no sally it is an anchor it holds down our ship if we didn't have it our spaceship will float away so it is very important why don't we have an anchor said sally so our feet so we don't float away little sally  said zorg gravity doesn't like us so we won't float away OK said sally thank you for taking me you are very welcome replied zorg

100WC #week31-LIAM

One lovely morning me and my friend went to the beach we walked down a road close to the beach and in the   distant we saw something that looked very small and white.So we kept on walking to it it started to get bigger and bigger as we got closer to it finally we were right in front
Of it it was humongous is it a guitar no it is and anker is it a boat i don’t know so why are you asking me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

100 word challenge week 31 - Kate

“Oh look mummy” said lily as they walk closer to the anchor, “what is this weird looking guitar,” said lily in a disgusted look,

“That isn't a guitar, it is an anchor from thousands of years ago.” “whoa that's awesome tell me more,” “well”…. “One day far ago there was a pirate crew caller timbuktu, they were sailing out far in the ocean and was never seen again,” “what does the anchor have to do with anything,” asked lily, “it's supposed to be their anchor,” replied mum,” but you'll never know,” said lily's mum in a slow voice.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I am tall I am skinny  I am used in the water.I am elegant I am smart I am white.I am famous I am beautiful I am awesome.I am not like the rest I am the best I beat all the rest! No one is like me I am the only me no one can beat me cause I am the best!I live next to the sea I feel the ocean breeze I hear the fish as they  talk to me and what wonderful stories they tell!

I am tall I am skinny  I am used in the water.I am elegant I am smart I am white.I am famous I am beautiful I am awesome.I am not like the rest I am the best I beat all the rest! No one is like me I am the only me no one can beat me cause I am the best!I live next to the sea I feel the ocean breeze I hear the fish as they  talk to me and what wonderful stories they tell!
Who am I?

Monday, May 20, 2019

100 word challenge week 31 - Caitlyn

One day I was walking down the beach and I saw this white thing I went over to it and discovered it I did some testing and it turned out that it was captain cook's anchor we stored it in a safe
Place in this clear box we left it there for one night and it was gone the next morning it was gone there was blood all over the floor on the windows it said spell red rum backwards it was murder it was so creepy I got creeped out really bad I ran out to the beach and another one popped up...

100wc #31-Riley

50 years ago a ship was sailing along on the pacific ocean it was taking oil back to land for factories to work. Then a day later a storm struck and pulled the ship off course it traveled for a week then at about 11 o’clock in the morning on the 8th day bang! Everyone rushed outside onto the deck then they all heard a scream from the cabin in front of the boat at that moment everyone realized.

THEY HAD HIT LAND! Some of them screamed some yelled for joy but none of them knew if it was a good or bad thing. The captain had already dropped the anchor. Now… there is now a monument for the day that man died but the ship was taken away only for an anchor to be left.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

100WC week #30 Ruby

Yay we're going to the zoo I hope they Lemur experience is open I really want to do it so I look it up online and It’s open I scream! mum says the hole of Hamilton could hear me I say whatever anyway my best friend is coming her name is abby we walked over to the Lemur cage and the person who was taking it was called Gerald we asked if we could do it and he said we need to pay it at the office so we go to the office and pay we got back to the lemur guy and my best friend abby said are we running a marathon our going to the zoo when abby said that Gerald couldn’t stop laughing is this guy nuts I say that wasn’t even funny


One day I was doing my morning walk, I walked all around town. And I went to Gerald's house and I told him a joke, and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing and he laughed for an hour I freaked out. I thought that he had a sickness.

 So I took him to the doctor and the doctor said that he has got laughy itis. The only cure is to tell a bad joke, I could do that easily. But I didn't know any bad jokes so I looked on google and there were lots of bad jokes, so I told him the worst joke ever and he stopped laughing so I was so pleased.

100WC - Week #30 - Abbie

‘’Wake up’’ mum yelled ‘’gerald is coming over today he will be here any minute so get dressed’’ ‘’ok’’ I add someone knocks at the door ‘’i’ll get it’’  i say. ‘’oh hi gerald do you want help me make my breakfast’’ i asked hoping that he would say yes. ‘’shore but you should get dressed first and i will get everything out’’ he say weirdly. ‘’Ok’’ i am so confused anyways i go and get dressed and i come back and he says ‘’can you please open these tomatoes for me.’’ ok but i fee… SPLAT! They go all over me and  gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

100WC - Week #30 - Harvey

When me and gerald we were about to watched try not to laugh impossible challenge on youtube and so I played it and watched. When  we saw the video that guy who is dancing and has a lobster and also puts his nose on the lobster and got pinched which is really was funny and me and Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing and so we lost and watched it again and again again until we laugh to death a little bit so we watch the another one and another until we finished the try not to laugh challenge ever again.


“Ok Gerald here's a joke” says Denis “I was watching t.v. and there was a tractor tug of war It was wheely good” Gerald sniggered “What’s the best thing about Switzerland?” Says Denis “I don’t know but its flag is cool.” Gerald almost cracked but I still had a long way to go. “Why did the truck driver sleep under the oil tank? Because he wanted to get up oily in the morning. Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove he wasn’t a turkey. Then he cracked Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!  Then he said so funny.

100WC - Week #30 - Kate

“Hurry up we're going to be late for school,” screamed Patrick as Gerald was running down the hallway nearly tripping up on his untied shoelaces,“Bye Mum,” they yelled and went out the door, “don't forget your lunch,” she says kissing us on the cheek,” be careful,”

” yeah yeah we know ,”they pick up their scooters and soon as you know it their on their way. “Ahh!” yelled Patrick as he fell face down to the ground. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing,” you're the worst brother ever,” said Patrick as he picks up his scooter. ,”Yeah I am,” said Gereld.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

100WC - Genevieve - Week #30

There’s a boy named Gerald he is a normal boy, he has a nice life. One morning, when Gerald woke up to go to school, he noticed something, “Where’s my school uniform?!” he sprinted, in his pajamas to his little sister’s, Sophie’s, room who was about five, he found her playing dress up with her dolls, using his uniform! “Mom... “ he yelled defeated, “Ring the school and tell them my uniform got messed up by Sophie…” so he went to school, in normal clothes. He was late to class so he sat down next to his friend his day was terrible but his teacher farted and for no reason Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.


¨Hey Gerald can you ahh¨ Lucy screamed as she fell down the stairs.¨Help me Gerald!¨
¨What is going on down there I better go and have a look.¨Gerald thought
But when he saw Lucy on the floor Gerald just couldn´t stop laughing.
¨Ha Ha Ha¨Gerald laughed ¨Ha Ha Ha that is hilarious!¨
¨Gerald can you stop laughing it's getting on my nerves now!!¨Lucy growled
¨Oh Ok then i'm going to the playground now bye¨Said Gerald sarcastically.
¨No I didn't mean you had to go away can you please help me get up¨

¨Ok then I will¨Gerald said happily.

100WC - Week #30 by laine

We were at my friend's birthday party. It was so fun more fun than my birthday cause when we were going to have the cake.Gerald pushed his face into the cake and then Gerald just couldn't stop laughing. It was really funny but is was really mean at the same time I felt bad for him.  He started crying and he ran inside his mum yelled at us and we got in trouble.So then we all had to go home it was not fun after that I just went home and played video games.

100WC - Week #30

YES that's such a good idea let's scare timmy  when he comes down the hallway well jump out and scare  him it's gonna be sick. 1 minute later  timmy come here now yells  gerald quick come  ok yells gerald back in a rush  raghhhhhhhh shouted gerrald  ahhhhhhhh screams timmy and falls down the stairs timmy moans I think I just broke my leg hahahahahahahahahahahaha  Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing after that timmy went to the hospital he didn't break anything but they were never friends again i suppose that's  a good thing

100WC-Week #30-Liam

One night my friend Gerald came over for a sleepover we watched a movie till 9 o'clock.

After that we stayed up telling riddles here’s one for you there is a beer in a room with you also a hyena and a jaguar

What do you do!! You drink the beer you shoot the hyena and you drive away in the jaguar.

And then he told me a joke that i already know! Why did the cow cross the road to get to the mooovies.
It didn’t make me laugh but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.