Thursday, August 22, 2019

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Caitlyn Kampenhout

I sailed through the light breeze and turquoise water quietly  looking around suddenly I saw what I thought was coming towards me awwww I scream pirates  it can't be it is just my little swimming pool the pool was turning yellow I might have accidentally wet myself even though I was already wet I hope you get what I mean anyway let’s get back story the pirates were coming towards me getting closer and closer until I realized that it was just my dad dressed up I will get you back I yell I suddenly get another vision and there were tropical cats fly around and lots of flying pigs .

August 19 (8)-100WC-Emma

As I sailed Quietly towards a tropical island I heard a sound that sound like cats.I Quickly sailed across the turquoise water to find out what it was.There in mid air where flying animals.Who would do such a thing I thought to myself then I knew it was Dr Know-it-all!I saw the machine that made the animals fly and turned it off that was a bad move!Suddenly every animal in the sky started crashing down on me!There I saw it the majestic cat of gold it was guarded by a python I grabbed it then...

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Leena Rangiawha

One night It was my big brother’s birthday and mum said to my big brother we should go on a tropical crue’s so then we did. Then Mum in the middle of the night  Quietly packed the bag’s and then we sailed. We only had 2 cats and we brought  them with us then it was dark and we sailed     
Then a few weeks later there was a boat at my house and then I took it to the beach and then Dad said where are you going and I said the beach do you want to come I said yes but Quietly.

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Brooke

All I could hear was the waves crashing down on my head, water filled my nose and mouth as I ducked under the water.
Suddenly I felt sand between my fingers as I sat up, and stared at my surroundings.
I gasped, I was sitting on a tropical island well that was what I thought, I stared in wonder as the turquoise waves splashed upon the shore. Suddenly I remembered how I had come here, the boat had tipped and I had immediately fell into the waves. I had watched as it had sailed away.
Meow! I jumped startled as cats raced quietly across the clearing I was in, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad I thought. I tipped my ear I could hear wind blowing toward me, I gasped the boat I had fallen was sailing right toward me…….

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Olivia Richards

We went on the pacific exquisite cruise as you probably know it was quite nice, When we hopped on board you probably expecting us to find a nice pool or something but we saw tropical  dancing cats in hula dresses dancing around we were astonished.we stepped on board and hoped for the best… as it sailed of i realized that we were the only people on board. So I quietly scurried over to the  window and saw that we were in the middle of the ocean but the water was turquoise something definitely going on...

100WC #19 week Ruby

Swoosh Shshsh!  on one mystical night a young girl named kamilla sailed through the wondrous ocean searching for a  castle that was hidden on an island far far away daylight came as she sailed  quietly across the turquoise water  she heard a shuffle it was a cat hiding in her bag when she found the cat she patted it then it fell off the boat but after that she heard another rustling sound russssshhhhh nothing was to be seen as she turned around ….

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Kate

“My favourite colour is turquoise,” announced Kayla, as she tugged  the shoulder of Sharanae’s tee-shirt. “Mine is pink, sharanae replied quietly
“Shhh,” whisperers Acelia, tiny flecks of spit came rushing toward Kayla from Acelias mouth, “Ewww!” screamed Kayla, all eyes rushed her way. 
“What is all this commotion,” questioned Mrs Horan. 
“Nothing,”  Kayla replied silently.
 “well then,” Hrs Horan said, “we will get back to the story.” “The cats were extremely adventurous,” Continued Mrs Horan, “that is why the cats decided to travel to a tropical island, they sailed for 14 days….”

 “This is so boring,” whispered Kaylah. 

August 19 (8) - 100WC - Charlee Gubb

What is life? Are we just the figment of someone's imagination? Is this all really real? These are some of the distant thoughts that flooded my mind as I blinked in and out of consciousness….

I woke up to voices, city voices I was no longer Sailed in the Tropical Turquoise waters of the Caribbean, I was at the vet, surrounded by the meowing cats and the woofing dogs, then again why shouldn’t I be here after all I’m not human, I Quietly jump down from the bed and run out the door and into the waiting street...

Genevieve - 100WC special prompt - Aug 19 (8)

I was on a boat, there was a huge storm and there was nothing anyone could do to save us, we sailed away, or at least we tried suddenly I was hit in the head and was knocked out and after that I don’t even know how long, I woke up I was covered in sand and after a while I opened my eyes what I saw what not normal I was on an island with turquoise colored sand and cats were everywhere just quietly wandering around, they said they were “tropical cats” they for some unknown reason could talk and walked around in flower leis then one of then slapped me and I woke up but no one believed what I had told them.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

August 19 (7) Abbie Hornsey

2000 years ago I was going to the moon on the spaceship flying so very fast I finally hit it ‘’wow’’ i  gasped i am floating. I hop out with my shrinkerator i put it up against the moon and shrink it ‘’finally the moon is mine.’’ hahaha finally no one is as evil as me. Now i’m down on earth the evilest villain of all but as i turned my head the world just spun. whoa may be i came down to fast. ‘’Ahhhh its the villan runaway’’ said everybody. haha nobody can be better than me and i am better than victor.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

100WC week 4 - Kate

Waiting for the surface to slowly dissolve beneath my feet. Not wanting to look back to see the horrors of everything I once knew was gone. I was stuck, I didn't know what to do, should I just stand there and let the ground carry me into the depths of the world or should I run,  not knowing where I would end up. I was scared and lonely. As I turned my head, the world spun. Looking back was a bad idea, I could see nothing but darkness, everything seemed a blur but I know I wasn't safe here….

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Aug 19 (7)t - Kerrin Wilson

The year 3000 a man created a vr headset. Well it's not for games it makes the world spin so the man put it on as I turned my head, the world spun like crazy that make him fell over, so he takes it off it was night time he said ̈it was daylight before now its night time ̈  then another idea. He name it a time machine to the past the year 2025 when he spawn in 2025 he see no flying cars, bikes, scooters. But they look to the future but on the ground, Everything looked very different in the past but know one can ́t see him but he tried to find him in the past he knows what street he lives he went into the house he finds him he takes out his Iphone 15  and take a photo of him and the past him. He pushes the button and went home, he takes out His phone the photo is still there.

Aug 19 (7) - 100WC- Brooke

Rain was falling onto my jacket as I found myself lying on a dusty mat now wet because of the rain. Where am I? I asked myself, this place was unfamiliar to me. So I decided to take a look around I padded over to the edge of the small space I was in.

Suddenly I slipped and found myself lying with my belly on the ground and my face hanging over the edge as I turned my head, the world spun, I quickly heaved myself off the wet ground and walked away.After that I had realised that I was on the top of a building. How do I get off this I panicked.

Bang! I jumped up scared as the normal world came back to me, I was lying in my bed with my blankets pulled over my head. I sighed with relief, it was just a dream.

Aug 19 (7) - 100WC - Harvey Cabug

When the whole school was going to the biggest museum and we saw the coolest dinosaurs that got extinct  for 65 million years ago and wow that was super amazing. We went to the spinning around weird machine and everybody has to spin it around. Later I was the last one who has to spin the weird machine so I spin it and as I turned my head, the world spun so I didn’t know what it is and I felt like I was having zero gravity from the moon. I got really dizzy and never ever try it again.

August 19 (7) - 100WC Laine

I was in my room and I was in bed and I tried to get up but I could not see where I was. Because I was in a dream how silly am I but then I noticed that I was not in a dream.It was that weirdest thing ive been in for a long time I did not know what to do what to eat and what to drink.And then I saw my mum and I ran over to her and gave her a hug  and then I saw Alvey it was good it see him it made me feel better and not scared

Lachlan w 19 (7) - 100WC

We were playing a game when you have to spin around in a circle and see who the last my standing wins and the loser has to do the chicken dance and everyone can watch it. Lets the story start Jake and fin were thinking of a game to play and fin thought of one to play spin around game and they as they did that and stop fin. As i turned my head, the world spun and they fell over one by one and they never did it again and they keep doing it and they got sick and ran to the bathroom.

Charli Tracey 100wc

I was on a plane going to Australia as I was watching a movie the food had came as I turned my head, the world spun as I was getting my food I asked for water when I got my water the lady left as she left I drank all my water  hours later we landed as I was hopping off the plane I felt really dizzy as I was walking into the airport I fell to the ground then everyone came to help.

Aug (7) Biankha

As I was walking up the hill to my dream house I immediately fell back ,which I thought was quite random but as I turned my head the world spun ,it felt like I was on a spinny thing and the person pushing it lose control but I was going really fast it was like I was flying to the moon.I was a bit under control I was smashing into everything and everyone I broke like 100 things .

Monday, August 12, 2019

100WC #7 Ruby

A famous family named the Jacksons just wanted to get away from all the pop ratsey and  have a nice spring break away at Hawaii . But what they didn’t know is that they had fans everywhere as I turned my head the world spun. They’ve  just got off the plane and are hushering  through the airport to try to find their luggage. Once the people in that airport noticed it was the jacksons they went crazy  they were like “can I have your autograph” “ can I have your selfie pleassssssssse” and that's when they realize they are already on vacation they live there vacation.

August 19 (7) - 100WC - Caitlyn

I was on this high building has high as a  crane waiting for my friend to arrive, little bob pep and little bob Kevin were striding along my slide.
 My friend has finally arrived, Why don't we look over the edge and have a glass of wine.
 So over we went holding hands and drinking a big glass of wine .
What a lovely view and  then….. he said goodbye, Down  I go off this big building falling down so fast, as I turned my head , the world spun nothing could be seen I was waiting to hit the ground when I suddenly  realised it was just a dream .

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Genevieve - Aug 19 7 - 100WC

I wake up in an unfamiliar place, it’s a bedroom but not mine? I was confused, so I rushed out of the bed and ran out the window or that was my plan but as I turned my head, the world spun I was somewhere new I was in the middle of the ocean but on a cruise ship. “Oh this is nice!” I said in my head then I got a terrible feeling in my stomach and the ship started to feel uneven, we were sinking. I panicked when I I knew what was happening, I needed to turn my head, so I did and I was back at home in bed and I had just woken up.

august 19 (7) Liam

It was 3:00am in the morning I was walking down my hallway to get a drink. While I was walking I heard something that sounded like a little girl laughing. As I turned my head it felt like the world spun there was a little annabelle doll lying down on the floor laughing. I ran to my room and locked the door the laughing stops…...  I open my door BAMMMMM she is at the front of my door with a she cut my leg and damn it felt like a but check on a stick… I call 111 they come and arrest the doll but i was confused because its a doll.

100WC -Aug 19 (7)-Emma

 I am so tired I felt light and drowsy struggling to get into bed.As I turned my head the world spun around me what had happened.In the morning I had a real big head ache my mum told me I passed out in her room so she and Dad slept in my room.I saw unconscious bodies scattered all over the house ¨WOW ̈ I cried.̈ What had happened ̈ I asked ̈the party went a little bit overboard ̈Mum whispered.̈ ̈MUM WHY IS GRANNY HERE!̈ ̈ I yelled.̈ ̈Umm I don't know?̈Mum answered.

100 wc olivia

Walking into the spaceship I get butterflies not the  normal ones, the ones that feel like they will be the death of you. ̈ ̈Buckle up ̈ a loud noise comes out of the speaker I  buckled up turned on all of the switches and buttons and sat back I quietly prayed this might be my last time on earth I slowly stutter to myself 3, 2, 1, blast of  a strong wind pulls me back.I sit in silence and the gravity lets me go I get out of my seat and as I turn around the whole world spun...

100 WC Abby Sommerhalder. The Long Fall.

I run up the stairs to the top of the skyscraper in Auckland and stand behind a crowded line. “Hey what's happening?” I say. The glass had been smashed all around the place. “A crane smashed into here so there is no wall or glass. The crowded walks away but I stay where I am. Suddenly Leo comes running into me and I fall off the edge. I just grab a pole and look down I am about 4 miles off the ground. As I turned my head the world spun and I let go. I start the long fall.