Thursday, November 19, 2020

100WC - Week #11 - Aiden

 I was at home on my Ipad playing Among Us It's a fun game I guess. But at 3:00 in the morning well I was playing Among Us and then something random happened. I was brought into the game. I was white I was on the castle map. It was my favourite map. I like this map because it has so many rooms. It's super hard. Imposter me and Joe. My name is JEFF of course because that's my name in real life. When me and Joe win we will be the champions of Among Us. But that if we win. Ahhhhhhh. Few that was just a dream. Or was it...  

100WC - Week #11 - Milah

 Leaves were rolling  everywhere on the footpath as I was walking. The cold breeze was rushing against my skin causing me to have goosebumps.I keep walking until i see this lady, a beautiful lady with snowy white hair and a crafty purple raincoat on with white paint splattered on it 

                                                          “ Where are you going, miss?” she asks me. 

                                                     My  brain was confused the it comes up with this:

                                                                       “UH I- i uh the castle

                                                                   “The castle,.. I see follow me”

            We  walk for miles until we reach this beautiful castle. Then, I figure it's not as beautiful as it seems.

100WC - Week #11 - Xaveika Mclachlan

 One day I was rolling around in the leaves minding my own business with my dog. Just then a man snatched my dog right out of my hands, “NO!” I shouted as I sprinted to get my dog back “WHERE IS MY PHONE?!” I said panicking and confused. “Shoot, I left it at home!” I said. just then I found a white pole and string “good thing i'm crafty” I said. I tied a knot in the string and pulled it tight on the pole and took that with me. Then I found the man in a castle and spun the pole around knocked him out, and got my dog back.

100WC - Week #11 - Joe

 Once upon a time... There was a brave man on his rolling cart going to his palace where the castle was. After he had made it to his palace he went to the castle but all the crafty things were difficult to check while he was walking. Finally he made it to the castle where there were leaves and other nature and he forgot that the castle was white. He went into the castle then he found the king to talk to, he said. Your ornery I traveled all the way here to see you because I need your help. Um king?

100WC - Week #11 - Jaxon

 Rolling into the castle i felt the white wind blowing against my back the Leaves Crackling beneath my feet

I was in danger.

The guards were chasing me, i ran as fast as i could and ducked between a couple of buildings.

My Crafty self kicked in i started thinking. 

I finally came up with a solution i would bait the guards into thinking i was trying to escape the castle then i would duck into the palace and disguise myself as one of them.

A simple but hard plan, I ran out and Started phase one...

100WC - Week #11 - Charlie

 We were going downtown rolling in the car and leaves were crashing into the car bang crash.  There was a big white castle right beside us. There were Crafty people walking out of the door. We locked the door. They were running after us. We were going over the speed limit but we just needed to get away from them. But we just stopped they were knocking on the door and let us in. People are trying to get us. So the jumped in . We speed down the road but we are still speeding we got away from them just in time 

100WC - Week #11 - Mia

 I stood in the doorway of a shop called CRAFTY kidz. I can’t believe i’m doing this….this is such a baby place. I thought, as I opened the door. Someone came running to the door to greet me.

“Come! Come and take a seat at a table!” She said.

I had a look around, and the place looked like a CASTLE with WHITE walls and there were LEAVES all over the floor. I saw kids ROLLING around in paint! I decided that this place looks quite fun after all. I went to sit on a chair at a table.

Monday, November 9, 2020

100WC - Week #10 - Aiden

Today was the day I was allowed to get a puppy. But it was massive. I said to my Mum that if only it was a bit smaller I would love it but this dog is gonna grow way too big. Can I get a new one please? NO! My Mum said she paid $200 for this dog and she could not bring it back without a receipt but for the pet store we got the dog from there's NO receipt. So NO! NO! NO! She said that this is now my pet dog. Sadly now I have a giant dog in my house.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Harry 100WC #9

Running through the prayer garden, we see a bee lying there on the stone’s.

Me and Addison  look down at the bee…

Bzz! Bzzz! Bzz!!

It tries to get up





Addison trips on one of the steps,

We Scream!!

And we looked behind us to see if the bee was still following us and then BZZ!!!

It stings us both.


It flies away,

We scream!  

And still keep running! Then all of sudden a big swarm of bees come and then..

100WC - Week #9 - Taisha

 “Pack your bags we're going on a picnic” mum said 

“Uhhh really it's so embarrassing do we have to wear those white things” 

“Yes its no big deal”

I pack my camera because I had a feeling I would catch something amazing .

“Hey Lucy, you can’t catch me,” my brother says .

Oh really 

Get off the table, I say. 


I jump up onto the table all of a sudden we fall to the ground.

Why am I so small ?

Bzzzzzz bang something landed in front of us i take photos 

“It looks like a bee”

“Leave his leg”

Then ...

100WC Week #9 - Chloe Old

“Man this bee is so big” “or are we just tiny” “nope the bee is bigger thin a baby rino” “we are tiny bob” “no the bee is big jack” “look lets just do our since and get on with work and look it is a bumble bee and “he is cute can we” “no we cant keep a bee it can i will sting me and you” “na  you are so cool you let me keep the bear” that is because it was a toy” “no It was real” “ get on with your work” “ahh I  got stan help”… 

100WC week #9 Xaveika

Max and I were weeding the garden minding our own business. Just then we saw a bee, So we decided to say hi to it. 

I went up to touch it and then that's when it hit me. A shook shivering down my body, feeling like I was getting smaller and smaller. “HEY MAX!!!!!” I shouted “huh? Oh harry is that you?!” max said “YES!” I said.

 just then max touched the bee and became small the bee started to die, “hey look I found a camera!” max said “cool!” I said we took a picture and grew back to normal...

100WC-Alex-Week #9


So, I was playing with my figurines and all I hear is this stupid bee buzzing around room so then when it comes near me I cant help but swat it. BANG!!I sigh in relief Because that was a near miss the bee almost hit my figurines. Then I realise this could be a perfect scene, I pretend my figurines are scientists studying the bee. I do this several days with different storyline but then on the fourth day I go to get the bee but it's turned a brown color and worst of all it stinks, A lot!!

100WC Week #9 Jacob

 WOAH! I yell “Is.. Is.. That a Bee?” I yell over to Jaxon “YES Its.. Very.. HUUGE!” Jaxon mumbles

“Hold on let me get my camera!” I say. I start videoing the bee that seems to be knocked out. “Let me check if it is actually knocked out!” Jaxon Says. Jaxon lays down his boxes and starts tugging the leg of the bee. “YEP! Its dead..” Jaxon Yells over to me. I start to lower the camera and lift up my head. “Hey i think its wing flapped!” I Whisper “Phh your joking i was tugging its leg” I hear wings flapping repeatedly! “RUUUUUUNNN!!!!” I scream!

100WC week #9-Carla

 Hi I am called bumblebee so once in was flying very high then  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh puf!!!! Yep as you could guest I crashed into people taking photos of each other they got mad at me they started to take photo of me and I don't like photos but I didn't know at that time because I fainted,it was so bright and loud so one person still was taking photos and the other was looking at my foot. 3 hours later I woke up smelling huny and then it was gone so I flew back to my home and the end.  

100WC Week #9 - Jaxon


 *Helicopter noises*

“Were flying into the location now”
My hearts pounding it was only a couple of months ago that we had to deal with the hornets but this... this is much much worse its a honey bee 10 times the size of the average man.

We lower the helicopter to the site and get out to analyse the bee.

My first initial thought when i heard about it i thought it was alive but it turns out it was dead which means theres something bigger than it  like a bird that can kill it...

phoenix 100WC

 I am a bee. And I put some mods on my server. Now I killed a bee. And got its soul and i beecam a bee. Now I am small. Bang . no my wing. Maday maday be going down. I feel ill. Ok let's test him. But the race is tomorrow. We need to tame him. How. that is a problem.  Please don't kill me. We won't hurt you. But I am a bee? We know that you are a bee. Its the bee race tomorrow.  The next morning. We won. I can't believe it we won thanks bee. 

100WC Week #9 - Kate

 First of all let me get something straight these men got stuck in a new machine that shrunk people.  This is so embarrassing but that's my dad and uncle. They are not scientists, they are vets.

Well they were on the table sitting and waiting for dinner. Something landed with a bang!

My dad walked over to the other side of the table. There it layed a bumblebee. 

Dad yelled at the top of his lungs “ GET ME VET KIT!”

I ran and got dad's vet kit. 

I asked “Dad what's wrong”

He said “ The bee is injured. I don’t think it’s going to make it”.       

Kenneth - 100WC - Week #9


Lying before me was a monstrous creature. Created by the gods to try and destroy us, we had taken them out, but there were more to come. 15 have been reported shot and killed on the spot, if the citizens ever knew our planet would go to hell.

                                                                                    East Asia

“There’s the giant creature.” I said. “Look at that monstrous thing.

“Damn, wouldn’t wanna be stung by that stinger. “ The Pilot said.

“Yeah that would poison you so much that it would kill you on the spot.” I respond.

I jump down and start taking shots at the creature. When it falls to the ground we start to dispose of it. 

“Another one down.” I say.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

100WC Week #9 - Samara

In my mind I was thinking I couldn't get out of it alive, 

But Little did I know…...

We were on holiday, happily minding our own business.

When all of a sudden a giant bee fell out of the sky, landing on my friend.

I struggled to get it off, I  backed away.

  It slowly crawled off him, before it started to gap it towards me.

Slowly backing away, I tripped over my suitcase.

My friend stood up, and ran to get his camera.

He took a picture, the beast backed off.

It fell to the ground, I ran, and never stopped 

100WC - Week #9 - Mia


“Uh….WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?!” Yelled Johnny.

“What’s what?” Asked Tim.

“Are you crazy!? Can you not see it?” Said Tim, looking up into the air. 

“O-” Tim started.

But it was too late, ‘THE THING’ was already flying towards them. Tim and Johnny were on a wooden table, and they decided to make a plan fast. They started jumping up and down on a spot on the table, ‘THE THING’ came right down and died on the table. Jimmy pulled a leg on ‘THE THING’.

“I have discovered….it’s a bee!” 

“ I already  knew that! Obviously... ” Said  Tim

100WC - Week #9 - Bailee

 “ Wing torn, leg broken, in shock. Over”     

“Roger, Can you get our friend mega bee up onto the chopper?  Over”

“ We will try. Over”  

“Alright good luck. Over.”

“Ready Guys” The chief vet paramedic  questions.. 

“Ready when you are!” The rest of the bunch reply in unison.

“Alright, 3,2,1,  LIFT “

“YES, we got him on!” someone yells.

“Got him on, see you in 10. Over”

“See you there chief.”

“ Yes I see what you were talking about. This is a critically endangered species of bee.  I am proud to have such an excellent team working for me.”  He paused “Now let's have a look.  Wing definitely torn,  Leg fractured here and possibly there”

“ Will he be OK”

“ Only time will tell…”

100WC - Week #9 - Jeremy

 300 miles of the south African rain forest. A humongous bee has landed in the middle of the torrential habitat here. 

“This is a great discovery. We once thought that these Besius Epsoloutus pronounced bee-sus ep-so-lo-tus were the top of the food chain. That means we might have discovered a new species of bird or bee and that means more predators. Us humans thought we were the deadliest beings on the planet oh boy we were wrong, 3 times actually”  ''First viruses in 2020 then alien creatures from the moon and now carnivorous flying creatures that can kill a 9 meter long BEE.

100WC - Week #9 - Aiden

 Im joe, joe soup and I'm an insect doctor. When an insect is in trouble I shrink down to their size and see what's happened to them then see if we can help. The things I have worked on have been horrible but that's what we do to help the environment.

 The things I do are like save bees and spiders or earwigs and ants. But today we have a big emergency, we are helping a bee. 

He called and told us that he had been sprayed by something and he feels sick. He wants help before he dies. So that our mission today is ready? 


100WC - Week #9 - Madison

 Bzzz…  Bzzz…  Bzzz…

“What’s that?” I said to my friend looking up towards the sky.

“What’s what?” She replied.

“That buzzi-” I was interrupted by the noise again.

Bzzz…  Bzzz…  Bzzz…

Then it fell to the floor in front of me.  It was huge!

“I think it’s… dead,” I said.

I picked up a stick and prodded it cautiously, it didn’t move.  I poked it again.  It woke up and hovered in the air as if motioning for us to get on.

My friend and I smiled at each other and hopped on for the ride of our lives… 

100WC week #9 Ella

 This creature is real, what does this mean? This means that someone has made a big position to make stuff bigger so the person or people that have made this has tried it on a bee or more bees. Some people are trying to figure out who did this. This is one news on tv as i turn off the tv i tell mum i wonder who made it? I don't know what sweetie she replied, dinner is ready, what are we having for dinner, we are having macaroni and cheese . Yumm!!! I yell please don't yell in the house my mum exclaimed ok sorry mum its ok sweetie. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

100WC-Week 9-Wiliam


My goals this week are: I can include metaphors in my writing, e.g. she is like a walking dictionary. I can use adjectives, similes, and onomatopoeia with confidence.

Lights, camera, action 

The scene where Marc Matthews, Voice of the Character Jack sparrow  has just set up his camp halfway up Mount Everest, (Backgrounds will be added soon). The figurines were a perfect substitute for real humans, figurines are as flexible as gymnasts so any position necessary can easily be pulled off. Anyway back to the movie, as Jack sparrow lights his fire a bumble bee comes flying in and lands on its side, right in the middle of the set and smashes the mini, non authentic campfire.

The director yells impatiently ''Can we get some new props please!!''

100WC Week #9 - Joe

 Captain we seem to be losing control of our bee! WHAT!? The captain said. We need to land somewhere safe before it explodes! Ok ok sir! “The bee lands” Whew that would have been bad now we have to shrink the bee and us too so we can check what happens to it. Yes sir! Here goes nothing! BOOF!  Oh my bees! Wait no dont get distracted we need to fix this bee! Yes sorry sir! Hmm Oh yes we just need some honey for its fuel. Oh ok boss! “Fuels up” Done! Now lets get out of here before something bad happens. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

100WC - Week #8 - Mia

 She stood there, ready for coach Tom to blow the whistle. “Can you blow the whistle?” Bella Said.

“Bella...don’t be rude!” Said  Tom.

She just ignored him, and waited for the whistle to blow...5 seconds later, (Which actually felt like 10 years) the whistle finally blew. “Finally-” Bella started. But she couldn’t finish her sentence because Jack, flipped her upside down, and flung her on her back. All her breath was knocked out of her. She slowly got back up and exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists, she aimed her fist at his face….and POW! 

100WC - Week #8 - Kate

“What's going on, why is there a big crowd” the girl behind me asked.

 “Amara and Emma got into a fight, it’s starting to go violent” I tell her.

Turn around to face her , it’s Emma’s little sister Lucy. She looked upset.

 Then she asks “is Emma going to be OK.”

I tell her “ it will be fine.”

“Or will “I say quietly to myself so no one will hear.

Lucy pushes everyone out of the way. She tries to  stop the fight but Lucy's friends pulled her back. Amara punched Emma in the stomach. Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists.

100WC - Week #8 - Joe

 Ahhh my head… Huh what? Where am I? What is this place? Then in the distance, He could see someone. What? Uh hello? Ma´am could you help me? I'm lost. She started to look exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists. Um excuse me? Hello… You may not know who I am... Yea who are you? I am your NIGHTMARE! Um okay? PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM! How exactly? By doing...ZOMBIES!!! What...OH I SEE NOW! UM I GOTTA DIP CREEPY MAN! HEY…..DONT SAY THAT TO ME! WHO CARES! I'M OUT! Rrrr Brains...BRAINS! Oh quacks man!

100WC - Week #8 - Chloe Old

 Fighting for her life as she was tired exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and killed the Mitty best and was given a gifted and.

 That gifted will never die and that is love a gifted of love and peace because of her braveness and kindness.

 For proceeding her town from the best because she was an orphan so she had no love and no peace because she was treated badly.

 So now she has family and friend’s  she is a town hero she has all she would like and her orphan friends have a home and love. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

100WC - Week #8 - Samara

                                       It was midnight, 31st October, Halloween.

I was walking down the street, on my way back home.

A car pulled up beside me, Someone jumped out. They grabbed me


I woke up in a dark room, Taped to a chair.

A light turned on above me, she walked into the light.

I could hear that they were exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists….

I closed my eyes, Nothing happened. 

I opened one eye, She walked out of the room, the light turned off.

The tape was gone, I hopped off the chair….

Out of the darkness,  I saw it...

 I can't believe my owner has not played the game for a year. ROBBY!!!!. Please come and play. Hey you. Said a mysterious voice. Who is there “your worst nightmare” said voice again. Show yourself. Ok. Hi my name is Alex what's your name. Who are you talking to? You silly. Sorry my name is Steve. I am a god at this game. Look out for the cave Steve. Aaaaaaaaaa to late Alex. So you say you are a god I want to engage in a battle 3 hours later exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fist.

100WC - Week #8 - Charlie

 I was in a fight at school  and then she did this exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and I did not know what she meant. She said the fight is over then they just still did it. Then a teacher said go to the staff room and you can sit on the set outside. Then we said yes Mrs Horan. Then when we went back to class everybody was looking at us like  what were you doing at lunch.  Then it was home time and everybody  were coming up to me and saying what happened at lunch time 

100WC - week #8 - Ella

 She started running towards me exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fist at me and came to a stop and asked, ``Why are  you not scared of me? Hmm.  hello she said then i said hey are you a ghost yeh she sed am i scary no i answered . Aww she sed i sed what's wrong she sed ghosts are meant to scare people oh ghosts don't scare me i send back to her. Do you want to be my friend i said  she replied with an omg yes yes please oh my i have never had a friend before. Umm what is a friend? she sed i sed  a friend is two people that like each other as friends.