Thursday, July 2, 2020

100WC Week #40 William

And then I saw it, a hunting rifle the most rare gun ever in fortnite season 2 

I picked it up and I knew that I would win the game because I already had a pump shotgun for close range and impulses  to blast me up in the air and then land and shoot someone. 15 minutes later…. So I was in a build battle with McCreamy. Edited my way up to the top of the builds and hit McCreamy with my shotgun and then blasted him into the air with impulse grenade and headshoted him with my hunting rifle 




100WC - Week #40 - Kate

“Come on time to go to bed” Grandpa said
“ Not until you tell me a story” I said begging him.
In 1986 there was something going on in the world where everyday someone would go missing?
It started in New Zealand when the first person went missing. Then it spared the whole world. I was on holiday in America when I got Kidnapped! The Kidnapper came into the light, and then I saw it!
I asked so you are the kidnapper right? He replied to me “ DA yes I’ve kidnapped you right now” the creature explained.

100WC - Week #40

  Night goes down the suns now taking over i was on the farm looking for the bull. That escaped its padic dad told me to wait there for me while he goes and opens a gate. I said “Sure” After a couple of minutes dad was driving back with a bull in front of his motorbike. then i saw it trying to charge me! I tried getting under the fence but it was to low i would get a big SHOCK! So i starting running The other way towards home!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

100WC - Week #40 - Hannah

I was outside sitting by myself looking at the moon. It was cold and dark outside. I didn't really care. I was looking at the moon but I heard a noise. I got up wondering what that noise was….And then I saw it.. It was behind the trees .It was big and tall, it had black fur and glowing red eyes, it had ears like a bunny and very sharp teeth with a human body, With sharp claws. I was scared I fell to the ground And cried it was the only thing I could think about. And I still don't know what it was.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

100WC - Week #40 - Charlie

I was on the mountain and then I saw it was a big tiger with big teeth  and then it was going full speed and right into the biggest tree there was. The people were screaming out loud help me please and then I was running over to the people and then bang there were lots of water spraying out of the dam ha  help  said a voice it was too hard to get to the people  because all the water was in the way oh no there is trees going to place to place because all the water is everywhere 

100WC - Week #40 - Taisha Walker


“How you feeling today” said the nurse 

“Good thanks when can I go ???   “ maybe tomorrow if that's okay with you”


As I was walking down the hospital hallway I heard something the sound of big waves “hmm that's weird”  so I kept walking. The sound gets  louder and louder . I look in the rooms know one is in there . Hello  anyone here ???

 know answer Doctor Vicky ??? The sound starts to scare me. I panicked and ran .

And then I saw it  big waves of water rushing down the hallway.

I scream , What's wrong honey? I  had a bad dream.

100WC - Week #40 - Bailee

¨Flutter, flutter, flutter¨

¨Where is it ¨ right now I am in my room looking for a stupid bird that my cat brought in.  My cat always brings birds in and it is getting annoying.  And even worse it is my job to get them outside!!!

¨flutter, flutter, flutter¨

Where is it?!

¨flutter, flutter, flutter¨

It is driving me insane, I hate that cat!!!

¨flutter, flutter, flutter¨

I follow the noise with my eyes and then I saw it.  Green feathers and a brown beak.  Poor thing; it can't fly. I feel so sorry for it.

Where is that cat?!

100wc- week #40- Carla

Once me and my friend Mia were on a adventure  in the

Jungle. We were trying to find gold then ssssssssssssss

Sssssssssssss. What was that I whispered to Mia! “ I don't know said Mia  whispering back to me. 

Ohno “ what i said “ look behind you said Mia” ...and then I saw it … RUN!!! I said to Mia it's a snake. “ Ohno mia said '' I scared it away ” that was a close one mia said well alest it is gone know. Ok where were we Mia with the finding gold oh ok said mia we were going to the trees. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

100WC - Week #40 - Milah

Squeak squeak. 

That horrible sound, I hear it all night. It's  time to go check it out.

I walk into the kitchen with my emergency frypan that I store under my bed. Scatter Scatter Scatter. I heard it, ...and then I saw it…  

TWANG!!!!!!. I try hitting the mouse with my frypan all night long. I chase that stupid little mouse. I'm surprised my parents didn't wake up from the amount of TWANGING i did.

  Sadly, I did not kill the mouse. So I went back to bed. 

It's the morning. I wake up, put on my uniform and rush down the stairs for breakfast. And then I see the mouse.

100WC - Week #40 - Samara

100WC - Week #40 - Aiden

I was on a walk like a normal person but as soon as I touched the footpath the ground started to shake but as soon as I took my foot off the footpath the shaking stopped. So as I put my foot back down nothing happened it might have been an after shake? But nobody knew. But  minutes later a giant spider came out of the ground eight red glowing eyes were staring at me. But I didn't see it. But then an army of baby spiders came rushing out of the ground and then I saw it circling me Ah ...

100WC - Week #40 - Mia

I looked up into the dark  sky, but I couldn’t see it. “What am I supposed to be looking for Mum?” I asked.

“Just be quite! And look!” Mum replied. I didn’t eve know what I was supposed to be looking for! Mum said something about a rocket ship. But I couldn’t  see a rocket ship!  And then I saw it… a rocket ship, soaring through the sky! “Is that it there?” I asked Mum.

“It sure is!” Mum replied. 

Later that night, I decided to write a story about the rocket ship, and then I hoped back into bed.

100 WC-Week 40 Jaxon

SCP containment breech.

(Alarm Sounds)

“Warning SCP-096 has Breeched Containment. please all class d’s return to cells.”
“Welp this is bad” I thought.
The intercoms came on again.
“Warning SCP-096 has entered light containment zone please all MTF officers go to light containment zone.”
All the class d’s returned to their cells. And then i saw it...
106 had also breeched containment i tried to warn the others but before i could the intercom came on again
“Warning all SCP’s at site 17 have breeched. launching nuclear warheads. please go to the nearest exit point.” 
I ran as fast as...

100WC - Week #40 - Kenneth

When I was out and about in the cold abandoned forest, my friends said there was a creature named Siren Head. At first I didn’t believe it. So I invited my friends, I was giving them a speech about how monsters aren’t real but they kept saying turn around, thinking they were joking. I carried on with my speech. The following hours was just sticks crunching. Then I heard a Siren. As loud as the ones on those police cars. I turned around, and then I saw it. 

100wc 40 phoenix

A a a a gigantic zombie and he had a sampil  that i neddy to finish the core butt  he wont  give up hes pieces of hir so he didint see us down here so reader yes u can u help ok can u plez give us all a   rocket launcher rplez  thanks Boom bang boom pow boooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!! Thank u for giving us the rocket launcher

Give and respond to feedback.

100WC - Week #40 - Ella

I was walking down the road and then I saw it. Yes I saw it. It was a puppy, a  cute nice puppy and it ran towards me and the i picked the puppy up. And I looked and the puppy did not have a collar and I said to the puppy I am going to name you Bella and she barked in happiness. So I got my jumper from around my waste and wrapped bella. In my jumper because she was shivering and she was cold so when i got home i gave her some dog food and water.

100WC - Week #40 - Joe

Hello kids! Said Camp teacher. Hi camp teacher...said the whole class. Ugh camp is sooo boring there's nothing to then just having stories. Said bandit. Ok kids let's head to the campsite! Oof I trip on a big stick. Said me. Ok kids who's ready to hear a scary campfire story? Um uh hehe no thanks..Said a nerd. Ohh are u scared?? Said bandit. uh no no i'm not scared!! Bandi cut it out, said me.  Ok the story is called...SPIDER!!! Whoosh TRUG then the thunder came. Ok lets start. There I was playing around and then I saw it...It was the spider. It started crawling to me then it string me around!!! Ahhh

100WC - Week #40 - Emily

 How far do we bike like how many k  ummm about 40k today. What that so must. We can  see the NZ bird. Really. Yes. that will be so cool. O and by the way we are in queen town well not really where we are on the Otago rail trail.  We get to stay at the best place ever. Let's start to bike ok. O we are with some of my family. You don't want to hear the bike bit do you no ok let's go all the way to the bird. Where here now let's try and find it. and then I saw it.

100WC - Week #40 - Madison

“Look at that! “ yelled my sister Lizzie.
“What?” I questioned.
And then I saw it...
There was a baby elephant and its mum walking through the street...
But hold on, we live in a small town not a jungle!
“Why is it here, we don’t live in a jungle?” I said.
“Maybe they're lost?” said Lizzie.
“Doubt it, but how did they get here, the jungle is miles away! “
I said.
“Maybe they’re here for a circus?” she said.
“You really think that they’re gonna do a circus in this little town! “ I said
Then the elephants started to walk away...

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

100WC - Week #39 - Joe

There I was minding my own business in the snow. Then I saw this weird person with a car or a bike? I went over there and then He was at the back of this weird thing...I went over his thingy. THEN it creaked and it fell to the ground! AHHHH… ugh where am i…? What is this place??? Then a man came and picked me up. I feeled so great! He gave me fish and then...and then...AH Oh it's just a dream COM´N MAN!! I was in my home at the ice place...I am myself Im a polar bear just like I was! Yay whew.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

100WC - week #39 - Ella

As I walk around my car I see a polar bear looking for me and I try to keep as quiet as I can  and it. slowly moves towards the back of the car so i slowly move to the front of the car and then i runs. towards me and then it grands me and opens its mouth.and then it stops and i realize that it was my friend amber the polar bear and i say are you hungry and she says yes and no my friend amber is not a human she is a polar bear amber.

100WC - Week #39 - Kenneth

I was just standing there, fixing my broken down car. When I realized there was a polar bear just standing there right in front of my eyes. I was worried that it was going to attack. But then it looked kinda friendly. I waved to it, and it tilted it’s head. I thought it was confused till it waved back. I thought he was mimicking me so I started doing funny tricks. Doing a handstand, and believe me I thought he wasn’t going to do it. But, he flipped over on his hands and stood there frozen in the air.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

100WC - Week38 - Carla

Once I worked at a speech zoo and a light gray elephant started speech zoo. I could tell that he was a good reader so i said hi who are you what is your name “ Hello my name is henry and i was wondering if i could be  a student here i am a good reader and i love doing speeches “ well I said yes you can. So your speech is mouses. That day of the speeches. ...then the Elephant delivered his speech...  hello henry said with his  speech in his hands i am going to tell you about mouses...