Tuesday, March 19, 2019

100WC - Week #25 - Charli

One day after school my friend came over when she got here we went and explored  outside.
Then we found this mysterious big black thing behind the to big trees so my friend and I went

And pecked behind the tree. it was a haunted house we were so surprised so we went close a to the house and we opened the big creepy door.  the first thing we said was it really is a haunted house and the first thing we sore were creepy brown stairs then we walked in a little closer and sore this old candy bar  there was this creepy sound it sounded like a person talking then we run when we got home we said that we wood never go there a geen.

Monday, March 18, 2019

100WC-week #25-Liam

Once upon a time there was a family who just moved Into their new mansion but there was one thing they didn’t know It was HAUNTED. So one night the kid needed to go to the toilet when he was on his journey trying to find the toilet but It took him ages because the house is massive. Finally he said I found the toilet so he went toilet but he didn’t wash his hand so when he came out he heard something say wash your hands so he went back into the toilet and then he heard something like a gunshot then he heard a girl scream HELP. He was sprinting his heart out so he was running to his parents room but when he came in they were DEAD so he was alone himself then he sees them hang on the door to his room. He was SCREAMING for help he even called 911 but they wouldn’t answer so he just tried to go to sleep on the massive couch but then he felt a gun to his head and BANG. but guess what It was just a story.


¨Um Sally I don´t think this is a good Idea this place has been shut down for years now¨ murmured Mia.
¨Don´t be a cry baby think about this,this place could be ours but in secret¨Explained Sally.
¨Hey look a candy bar the lolly´s look so good my eyes are glued to the candy can we have some Sally please¨Mia said with druel comming out of her mouth.
¨NO we don't know how many years they have been here for!¨Boasted Sally.
To late Mia had already eaten half the candy and is throwing up on the floor.
¨Told you not to eat it¨Teased Sally.

100WC - Week #25 - Abbie Hornsey

I´m walking through hogwarts very scared just thinking one of the ghost are going to come out my friend biankha is with me we hear someone coming so we hide behind the candy bar but it is only harry potter so we come out but then voldemort comes with slytherin and he has made ron and hermione follow him we hide again harry potter distracts him so we can gap it we gap it into dompeldorcks office he looks at us very weirdly but then he finally speaks and whispers ´´where is voldemort´´ fighting harry potter me and biankha cired. Dumbledork goes out in a flash we follow but lose him. We finally find the entrance and we leave. ´´wow that was scary.´´   
I whopped huffing and puffing we run home we tell my mum what happened it was so cool we announced.

100WC-Week #25-Keira

It was really early in the morning and i go to get my dog Allie but she is nowhere i look under the bed, in the kitchen and the laundry basket but she is nowhere. I hear a knock on the door and when i answer it i get a letter so i open it and it says If you want your dog back you have to come to us, I quickly call my friend Genevieve and she comes as fast as she can and we both run to the place we needed to go. When we arrived we see a candy bar and we check if there is anything but there is nothing but then a lolly lady pops up and starts barking we stare for a bit and then we realize it is Allie i was extremely happy.

Gracy 100wc week #25

When I was just walking along with my sister minding our own business we saw old building
We tip toed inside to look around and see if there was any old stuff that we could have. But there
Was nothing until we found an old painting my sister said it had a rip in it
I took a closer look at the rip that's when I saw an old candy bar.
I went through the painting and so did my sister but when we got in the rip in the painting was
Gone we were trapped inside my sister tried to get us out but it was hopeless we are trapped
Here forever.

week #25-leena Rangiawha

One day I went to go to pick up my best friend and go to town and we saw this building with a candy bar.

She said does this cost money and I said it might be free so then kelly my best friend and I went to go and eat things from it.

Then we decided that we both had enough so then we both went to get into our car and then we both went to go home and then my mum and dad said where have you been that hole time.

I said hanging out with my best friend and so then it was bedtime and then I went to get into bed and go to sleep.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

100WC- Week #25-Brooke

“Holiday time!” I shouted as I woke up.

“Yay!” I heard my brother scream.

“Pack your bags.”I heard my mum shout.

Then the next minute we were in the car, "I wonder what the holiday house is going to look like.”I heard my brother say.I looked out of the window, when we were close to the house.I then saw this bulky looking house stop right in front of me.

“Is this the house.”my brother whispered to me.

“Let’s hope it looks better on the inside.”I whispered back.
My dad opened the door, I padded inside cautiously, then stared at the kitchen.

“Candy bar”my brother said hopefully.
This was not the holiday house I was hoping for.

100WC week#25- Ruby

I’m walking through the abandon museum with my best friend every step we take it makes a huge creak me and my friend Abby scream like we're getting sucked up into a vacuum .We run across the checkered floor boards to the stairs we run up the stairs we hear footsteps but that's just Abby trying to freak me out I smirk really Abby I’m so scared  but I really am were up the top of the stairs on the second floor we see a moving pillow so I grab it and throw it back down the stairs we realise It's just our mum's trying to freak us out .

100WC week #25 - Abby

“Where are we?”I whispered. Me and Ruby had got kidnapped to where a big mansion stood. We both had a walk around the building and came to a stop near a candy bar. Ruby jumped in and she saw a sign that said: stairs. We ran up the stairs and found a door. We jump out of it without thinking. We start to fall. I caught a branch then grasped Ruby’s hand. The branch snaps and we fall into a river. When we swim to land we are in candy land! Oh what a sweet way to live forever.  

100WC - Week #25 - Caitlyn Kampenhout

it's  time to go dad shouted waiting in the car for us
Ok we all said  we all hoped in the car and then we went to our hotel ,
how long will it be alena said concerned, it will be about 2 hours dad says happily noooooo alena mumbles ,
Shame I say happily I've got my phone, hey caitlyn what  no phones on this trip to the hotel dam .

We are here dad yells yay let's go have a look ok but be good wow there is a candy bar I say excitedly to alena wait where is alena oh it looks like she has already found it.

100WC - Week #25 - Laine

We were going to the house to get our stuff packed. So we can move to the new house I have not seen it.So I am excited to see it for the first I beat is really big and it has a candy machine. And it is made of wood and it has no candy in it that is my guess and then we get to it and is so old and it is going to be boring.So I need to get some stuff to keep me from being bored ive got my brother.So that will be good.

100WC - Week #25 - Biankha

As I was walking into my house everything started to disappear. I got so scared as this weird sound started .I run up the stairs and down to my mums room I screamed as I looked around mum m m m mum. This sound arapeard your mum isn't here I whispered who are you go aways freeky voice ,a random thing appeared do you want some candy yes, yes please. I saw that candy bar sign ,and a ugly white thing was in there I cried no no I don't want candy .I ran out of my house screaming help me help me there is a ghost in my house.

100WC - Week#25 - Genevieve

“Did you hear that?” Whispered Kassie to Lucas “n-no” Lucas said clearly scared, their torch started to flicker as the heard glass shatter “what was that!?” cried Kassie. “I’m not sure but we have to stick together” answered Lucas, at that very second Lucas’s phone rang and Kassie disappeared into the shadows, “H-hello?” stuttered Lucas to the caller “Hey Lucas where are you i’m still at home you okay?” the caller asked, “Kassie? Is that you?” Lucas said confused “Yeah? I’ve been at home for the passed 2 hours” Kassie said over the phone confused “t-than whose here with me?” stuttered Lucas. Lucas’s phone died that minute and he heard someone… something scream.

100WC - Week #25 - Olivia Richards

Creeping slowly through the woods we see  a abandoned candy store “lets go inside” shyla whispered creepily “NO” I accidentally yell “be quiet”shyla giggles “the ghosts might hear us” she cracks up laughing after she said that sentence. She runs off “i'm not staying here on my own so ill come with you”. “My mind is playing tricks on me again” I moan she didn't hear me “wait where is shyla” “booo” she suddenly jumps out behind me I scream for how knows long.
“Let's go “we quickly scatter to the abandoned candy store “AHHHHHH” I yell I wake up in my bed thank goodness it's not real I  sigh in relief.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

100Wc Week #24 - Genevieve

A long time ago there was a pirate who had been searching the world for just this one treasure chest. Inside it wasn’t just treasure, but there was also many more treasure maps to lead him to more treasure! That was what he wanted at that moment.
He travelled for many months, until one day he came across an island he’s never seen before but it was in spot he visited a week ago? He was extremely confused so he went to travel it, he walked to a shady area of it and saw something shiny sticking out of the sand, he quickly dug it up and there it was, Empty. What a surprise!

100WC - Week #24 - Abby

“Come on Ruby, were almost at the pantry!” I shouted. We had been swimming in our pool and we wanted a chocolate covered Oreo. When we get there we found out that all that was left there was a trail of crumbs. Empty. What a surprise! We follow the trail and find our brothers, Max, Cole and Leo eating them all. We are not sisters but we felt the same angry way. When we ate the Oreos we play with the cat but not before we tied the boys up on some chairs. We are never happy when we can’t eat.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

100WC week 24 - Lachlan W

One year ago Jack had a sleepover with his friend Alex.  They saw a beam of light in the sky and it was falling down to earth.  It hit the ground and made a hole. So Jack and Alex got their flashlights went down quickly.
“Shhh” said Jack. “We need to get past my Mum.”
“Okay,” and Jack went outside with Alex and ran all the way there. 
They saw smoke where the spaceship hit the ground.  They started to go in the hole Jack went in first Alex was by his back they look in the window of the spaceship empty. What a surprise? “Look” Alex pointed to a green button.
“What’s the button for?”
“I don’t now let go back home” said Alex.

100WC-Week#24 Brooke

The cookie tin was empty. What a surprise!  I knew my brother had a midnight feast I could hear him walking quietly down the hallway, I’m surprised Mum and Dad didn’t hear him.
I stormed into his room.
“You had a midnight feast” I said angrily.
“No I was totally asleep, didn’t you hear me snoring.” he said innocently.
“Oh just give it up.” I shouted back.
“No seriously, it must have been someone else.” he said back angrily.
“Okay” I said as I walked out of the room.  I looked at my kitten suspicious, then suddenly realised she had biscuit crumbs around her mouth.
“Oh Misty, you cheeky little kitten.” I said as I patted her.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

100WWC week#24 - Kate

Ding Dong, ¨who must that be,¨ groaned Jenny as chips spat out of her mouth.
¨I'll take one more chip and….. Ding Dong “Okay, Okay! I'll come¨ shouted Jenny. As Jenny was opening the door she felt a peculiar feeling shiver up her spine.  Squeak 
“I've got to get this door fixed, I'm so useless,¨ mumbled Jenny.   In front of Jenny she saw a fabulous present ¨Ohhhhhhh what's that, is it for me?”
“It's so sparkly I may as well take a little peek,” but the present was empty.  What a surprise! 

100WC - Week #24 - Abbie

‘’Mum’!’ I yelled ‘’I’m going to my friends house to hang out.’’ 

‘’What friends house?’’ she shouted. 

‘’Stephanie's" I say in a loud voice. "See you later Mum have a good time all by yourself’’ I say as I scramble towards the door. I decide that i am going to walk to Stephanie’s house to get some exercise. Yay i’m finally there.

‘’Hello is anybody there?’’ I ask. That’s odd the door is open she never leaves the door open when no one is home. ‘’Oh well’’ I say so I walk in. Ring! ring! ring! ring! Oh it’s mum i better take this.

‘’Hi sweetie, how are you?’’

‘’I’m good, but, umm, nobody is home and the door is open.’’
‘’Oh well, is there Dog coco home because if he’s not then they are either biking or at a dog show or washing Coco or gone on holiday okay. Can you text her and if she doesn't reply then just come home okay?’’ 

‘’Yes but I need some food first okay because I’m hungry.’’

‘’Go fast though because they could be home any minute.’’  

"Bye Mum." Okay, yay found the cupboard well hmmmm it is empty. What a surprise.      


100WC - Week #24 - Harvey

“Sans you lazy bones!” shouted Papyrus.
“What is it papyrus?” said Sans.
“We are moving to the new house” replied Papyrus
“Oh... okay papy well are we gonna lived the new house near at Toriel and Frisk's house?” questioned Sans confusedly
“Oh yes sans we are going to the new house” answered Papyrus.
“So what are we gonna do?” asked Sans
“Don't worry lazy bones lets pack our stuff and we are good to go!” said Papyrus. Later when sans and Papyrus packed their stuff and when they reached to their new house Sans said furiously, “Empty. What a surprise!

100WC week #24 Ruby


Hi my name is Betty and I hate eating my own lunch.  Mum always says I have to eat or I’ll starve of hunger but that's why I eat grass so I don’t starve she just thinks I do. 
One day she said she had enough so she made me eat my lunch otherwise no tablet for the rest of the month.  I thought that isn't fair but I guess I have to eat my lunch if I want my tablet for the rest of the month . So now it’s lunch time at school and I’m freaking out but I have to eat it now so here I go yum yum yum  but really I mean yuck yuck yuck  so now I’m at home mum checks my lunch box. Empty. What a surprise!


It was Saturday morning and I woke up to get some biscuits.  Everyone was asleep so I thought it was fine.  As I crept to the bench I found a trail of crumbs guiding me to the bench then saw the empty biscuit container, and heard some shuffling in the container.  I ran as fast as possibly could to bed and lay awake in the black room and dozed off.  When I awoke I went to the kitchen and saw a mouse in the biscuit container and said "Empty.  What a surprise!"  So I was scared of a mouse, I'm so embarrassed now.

100WC-Week #24-Liam

Today was my birthday. I only got one present which was a surprise I normally I get like a hundred presents. I couldn’t open it right now because my Mum told me I have to wait for family. Two hours later my family arrives then I can open it. I opened It and I got the biggest shock in world history, the box was empty. What a surprise! I was the saddest kid alive, I was an inch away from crying but I’m grateful for having my family over. But then my Mum said "Darling it was just a prank, you have 37 presents downstairs."
"Yahhh" I shouted and then my sad tears turned into happy tears.

100wc #24 - Birthday present - Gracy.

¨Happy Birthday¨ yelled my sister.
¨Gaaah¨ I fell of my bed and my sister was still jumping.
¨ATHEINA YOU MADE ME FALL OFF MY BED ¨ I said with anger.   
¨Uh sorry I guess¨ she said.  That's my sister Atheina she gets excited every time there is something special.
¨Come on let's go to the kitchen, I have got a surprise for you¨ she said.
¨Okay ¨ I replied.
When we went to the kitchen I saw a nicely wrapped box but when I opened it
Empty.  What a surprise!¨ I mumbled.
¨I know it's empty because it's too big to fit in the box, come on follow me.¨ she said.
My sister gives the best presents.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

100WC - Week #24 - Caitlyn

¨Hey Mum can I have something to eat?¨
¨Yeah sure grab me something too.¨
 Its empty. What a surprise! You forgot to go to the supermarket.
¨Oh¨ mumbled Mum.
¨Stop what you're doing and let's go to the bakery now” I said disappointedly.
After we got back from the bakery Mum had forgotten that we had guests coming round , and they will be here in  five minutes so we and to rush to the supermarket and buy some food, and somethings that are going to make the table look nice.  After that the guests were here waiting for their food.  It was a catastrophe .

100WC - Week #24 - Biankha

"Mum, Mum, Mum, I found this package on the front door step.  Is it for me? Is it for me?"
"I don't  know" sighed Mum. "Read it to see."
"It says my name, it says my name, can I open it?
"No!  Save it for another day" answered Mum.
"No I want it now." Mum finally said yes so I opened it but it was empty .What a surprise! I know who it will be my hypo brother.  He did this last week as well. 
"What a troublemaker" whooped Mum.  "I told him not to because it was winding you up."