Wednesday, September 26, 2018

100WC - Week #3 - Laine

  One day we were going to Queenstown for a holiday it was so cold there was a ice park and ice bar  in the ice bar you got to drink out of ice cups then on the last day we went up a big hill when we got to the top it was really cold and at the top  but then but it seemed to be going backwards it was scary i thought we were going to die I couldn't believe it then my dad got the handbrake and stopped the car safely as you can do it it was a relief that we didn't die that would of been scary .

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


“PASS the truck now Bob”. “Your going to have catch it , John”. “MUMMY HE WONT GIVE ME THE TRUCK”. “ Bob give him the truck. “ Good luck mummy, I’ve got a remote”. “I’ll get it john, come here you rascal”. “Move you stupid truck move”, “ GOT IT”! “ BUT IT SEEMED TO BE GOING BACKWARDS”. “Here you go John”. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”, “MUMMY !!!!!!!!!!! Bob stole the toy truck again”. “ RIGHT I’M GETTING THE SECOND REMOTE”!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Oh no your not getting that second remote”. “I don't need to, I already have it . “Now come here”,”no come here “. “ OH NO !!!!!!!!!!! IT'S FALLEN OFF THE VERANDA.

Monday, September 17, 2018

100WC - Week #2 - Notch Espiritu

I was walking in my class room then I saw my teacher Mrs Horan wearing a mauve coloured dress because she likes mauve coloured clothes more than anything in the world. One thing is she has 3 kids and a cat, a dog and an alligator. When she was a kid she always wants to be a teacher when she grew up, and likes to climbing stuff but she was to scared to get down cause she thinks climbed I meant climbing down was tricky and that's the story of her life.

100WC - Week #2 - Natasha Dalton

Today when I entered my classroom my Teacher was a Alligator and my Alligator Teacher was wearing a Mauve coloured dress.
“Hello class my name is Mrs All, Today we are going on a field trip to Tricky valley it is called that because people have tried to climb to the top but only one has climbed to the top and their name was Tricky wolf” Mrs All said.
“But Mrs All how old were they because people say that he was eighty” I asked Mrs All.
“Actually, Tricky was 10 when he did it” Mrs All responded.
“Oh, well he is eighty now, because he is my grandfather” I said.

100WC - Week #2 - Keira

“Ahhh” screamed my Teacher  as she climbed up her desk.  “What are you doing?”I replied
“l-l-look, there is a mouse under m-my desk”
“I will get it” I replied.
It is quite tricky to get but I got it. I took it outside and and it ran away “run little mouse be free be free!” I yelled. 
Today we are going to the zoo! I am so excited to go!  First we see the Alligators!   We see the zoo keeper and his shirt is quite mauve but anyway we have to go home and have a big rest I will remember this day...

100WC - Week #2 - Rebecca

“Stop what are you are doing” said the teacher as Stella climbed a very tricky mountain. “No don…” before i could finish my sentence she reached her hand to the a broken rock.  “Nooooo” i screamed as tears rolled down my cheeks.  I had just lost my best friend 60 feet down a rock roll into a mauve coloured alligator. I tried to climb down to get but there was no time to look back now. I had to go on there was no way she was still alive I will come back for her later. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

100WC - Week #2 - Olivia

“Mum where is my mauve coloured shirt” I said.
“It’s in the wash, you can where it tomorrow” said Mum. “and you are walking to school.”
“Can’t you just drop me off it will be easier” I moaned.
“Suck it up” Mum said. When I was walking to school I saw an alligator, I ran for my life.
“Okay class, what we are doing today is a test, it will be tricky, but do your best” said the teacher. I climbed out the window and ran home so I wouldn't have to do the test but the teacher caught me on the way out.

100WC - Week #2 - Morgan Bootten

On Thursday morning I got changed into my mauve t-shirt all excited for the day ahead, we were going to climb a tricky mountain. We had to be at school at 8:00 so we could catch the bus.  When the bus arrived it had a picture of an alligator on it.  When we got there the teacher looked at the mountain and said I have climbed this mountain before and it is a challenge so we started to climb.  The teacher was at the ground taking us the easy way up when we got half way the teacher said we have to go back now, it isn't wet and slippy.  So we went back down when we got to the bottom there was a real alligator by the bus and we all scattered...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

DOWN FALL 100WC #1 - By Mitchell


Once in beautiful ancient times there were three factions.  The three were called Giants, Dragons Diamonites.  Diamonites were happy but the rest were all murderers and scary ones at that.  Giants live on land, Dragons live on mountain peaks and Diamonites live happily in underground caves all over the world.
Some people still think they roam amongst us.  They look like us but don't bleed and their insides are Quartz and had protectors called Titan.  This picture shows the remains of the last Titan. 
Fun Fact: Quartz can store and use electricity so the Diamonites can live until the Quartz dies.

100WC - Week 1 - Brooklyn

One day there was reunited kingdom Above the clouds one day there was a boy, his name was Jack. He had different fathers. This boy called Jack got given some beans. He was told not to get them wet. Above the clouds there was a beautiful kingdom and then underneath the ground there was a death and dying jungles full of giant big ones too. The Giant had a crown. Whoever puts on the Crown Sharpie King they will worship him to dance. Then there will be another can to always keep things going 100 years later.

100WC - Week #1 - Hayley

The Giant of Hayfield.
Once upon a time in the small town of Hayfield there lived a giant named Canaan. He loved his house and his town, he was a ropeilder (rope il der, someone who builds ropes). One day a giant named Meanie came he was a bully to everyone. After a while Canaan got annoyed with meanie and they fought each other. No one was going to give up, finally using all of his strength Canaan pinned down Meanie. Meanie surrendered, Canaan had finally won the fight. Soon after the fight he died and a statue was placed in memory of him.  

100WC - Week #1 - Tom

There once was and old man called Alfred.  He was quiet, small and shy.  He was a scientist and he made lots of potion. One day he made one in his den under the bank because he was the bank owner.  But this was no ordinary potion, it was a potion that he would drink to make him much bigger, like giant big. The next day he slid down his rope into the den and smashed his potion. Suddenly he grew and grew and grew he was now stuck in the ground and people have concreted his hands there for good.

100WC - Week #1 - Laine

One day there were two hands holding a piece of ripped rope.  They were coming out of the ground. It looked like a zombie hands holding a knife or a piece of metal or rope. It looks weird, who would put metal hands that come out of the ground. They look like Jesus' hands or a God's hands.  I just don’t know what it is and what to say, it is just so weird. I wonder what town that is, who would put hands in a town have you asked the prime minister to see if it is banned or not?

100WC - Week #1 - Alex

Long ago in around the year 305 there were enormous things, those things were giants. These giants were normally used as guards for castles, farms with heaps of crops and other things like that. In the year 307 there was a huge raid on one of the biggest castles in the world. There were 3 giants released to protect the castle. They took one down nearly instantly. Another one down within 5 seconds. The last one was standing. The next thing he saw was a flash of light then darkness. Now to this very day the giant is still underground.

100WC - Week #1 - Blake

These are Edmund Hillary's hands. If you don't know who Edmund Hillary is, he's a famous guy who climbed up Mount Everest in 1953 with the help of a Nepalese Sherpa named Tenzing Norgay. Ed and Ten were the only ones who made it to the top. The thing in Ed´s hands are one of the ropes that they used the monument was made in honor of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did something that everybody said the couldn't do but the defied all odds and got to the top and they are now heroes.  

100WC - Week #1 - Marissa

"Hey Mum, what is that?" I said as I run to the hands and my Mum said it was a giant.  Back in the 1800's a giant was trying to take down the town but the townspeople turned him into stone and then everyone pushed him into the wet stone and he has stayed there for years.  People call him the great big saver.  "Why do they call him that saver Mum?"
"I don't know, ask your dad when we get home."

100WC Week 1 - Charlee

Once upon a time there lived a big giant.  The big giant was very naughty, he was called Aboota.  All the other giants hated him so they did everything to get rid of him but they could not succeed.  They would not give up, so they keep trying.  One day a giant came up with the idea to push him in quicksand and since it was a really the only idea they had they gave it a try and they did it but some of Abootas friends throw him a rope but they were to late because he was already dead.

100WC - Week #1 Issy M

Whose hands are these? A mad genius scientist.
Why are they underground? Because he lived underground when his lab blew up.
What are they holding? A stick full of explosion.

Once in 1365 there was a mad giant scientist that lived underground. One day he was sitting in his lab thinking of what he would invent next when the idea of explosives came to mind. HE then made a  stick and he filled it with a explosive named bal bal bla bal and he test it out and He exploded.

100WC - Week #1 - Morgan Bootten

In a far away land long long ago there was a guy who died when he picked up a piece of rope.  The piece of rope had a disease on it that could kill.  Whoever touched it died straight away.  He was the first person to touch the rope and he touched the rope because he was a scientist that was experiencing the rope.  But one day he forgot to put his gloves on and he died and because of his bravery he got hands holding a piece of rope and his name lived on.