Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Special Prompt #2 Lucy

The Magical Door

Nick loved magic and fairies and princesses and the colour pink but the one thing she hated the most and she never wanted to go there or hear the name of was a forest. But one day she went to the forest just to see what was in it and then she saw blew her mind it was a magical pink sparkly door so she went in and when she got where it lead she was shocked. Everything was pink she LOVED it she wanted to stay there forever and ever and never go back home.

Monday, July 30, 2018

special prompt #2 by morgan

Once upon a time went I was walking home through the frost I found a door the door was blue when I went close I could see right through it once I got the courage I put my hand through the door then my head then the rest of my body then I looked around and I was in another dimension.  In the dimension there was magical creature and fairies  I walked up to a fairy and said "Where am I? The fairy said fairy and elf land  what's your name and where do you come from my name is ...

Special Prompt #2 - Ava Craig

Magic door
“Dad Dad” Come and read me the magic door book" I said
“I will be there in a minute sweety i’m just finishing off some work” dad said
“Ok but hurry” I said
“Ok where are you up too”? Dad said
“I am up to page 5” I said .
A few minutes later…….
Wow! “That book was great dad thank you can we go for a bush walk tomorrow”? I said.
“Sure sweety maybe when I finish“ Dad said
“Ok thanks good night” I said.
The next day…….
“I’m ready Dad” I said
A few minutes later…..
“This bush walk is amazing”  I said
“I know right” Dad said
Wow! “what's that” I said…

special prompt #2 rebecca

One day there lay a mysterious door in the middle of nowhere with only a forest surrounding it.
Some hikers were walking through the forest and they came to a stop looking right through this panel they wondered if they could walk through so one of the guys tried to walk through it. But he never came out the other side they stand beside  the door one down two to go. They waited and waited but he never returned they wondered if they should go but didn’t want to be alone in a different world. Will they go through the door.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Special Prompt #1 - Lucy

“So, as I looked over the edge, I saw something that no human had ever seen!” Oh! Silly me I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Lilla and I am 7 years old now on with the story…
“I saw something that no human had ever seen it was a BIG HAIRY SCARY MONSTER!!!!!”
“Hehehehe” my sister sister Kat laughed 
I was putting on a play to make Kat laugh that’s all I want to do for her!!

Special Prompt #1 - Ava Craig

"WOW!" look over there said my brother while he was looking over the edge of the bridge. "it's beautiful, I can't keep my eye off it" he said. I sprinted to the other side of the bridge so, as I looked over the edge, I saw a beautiful whale, it was diving up and down. We run down off the bridge to go and get Mum and Dad. We told them there is something beautiful. We sprint back and it was still diving around. "That's amazing" they said.
"What's that" said Mum.
"It's a baby whale! Wow!" we said.

Special Prompt #1 - Trent Allen

The Skyscraper

I was on top of a skyscraper. There was a man there with a gun pointing at me. I am tired, I can not run anymore.  I thought it was the end. Then an idea popped into my head, "I know I will jump of the edge'' but before I could do and thing he grabbed.  He told me to look over the edge. So, as  I looked over the edge, I saw absolutely nothing. I was glad I didn't jump. Then I saw a flagpole and a flag. I jumped grabbed the flag and went fast down the flagpole.

By Trent

Special Prompt #1 by Morgan

One day when I was at school there was a whale and a strange noise coming from behind it.  As I looked over the edge I saw a baby in a basket.  When I went to the wall the baby stopped crying.  Then I saw a note on the basket and the note said "please take this baby home because the parents do not have enough money to look after 50 kids." So I took the basket and took it home to my parents and said "I found this baby behind a wall at school, can we keep him?"

Sunday, July 22, 2018

by laine special promt 1

One day me and my friends went to a cliff that you can jump off with water at the bottom of it. It is really big. So as I looked over the edge I saw a lot of water so I went back home to get my friends. I said to them "Come, come with me, I saw a cliff with water at the bottom, it is really cool." So when we got there I was like "Let's go and jump off the cliff." First I jumped, then my friend jumped and then we went and climbed back up.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

morgan week#38

Dad dad what time is it
It is 9:40 why
Because i have tennis at 10:00 in helmoton
 Aug Go get in the car we better go or you will be late
Ok harry up though it starts at 10 past but we need to warm up fist
Do you need tennis
Yes can i get purple once with leopard patterns  on it
Ok we will go to the shop now
When we got to the shopI grabbed the Tennis ball that were purple with leopard patterns on them  then I played my game and I won yay

100WC - Week #38 - Ava Craig

One Saturday afternoon a new tennis shop opened.
Yay! Scremend the whole town evan the animals in the Zoos apart from one animal the the leopard  as you can tell the town loves tennis well not the leopard he hates tennis so that sunday he escaped out of his cage and broke into the tennis shop he grabbed a purple tennis racket and ran he is very fast.That next day the shopkeeper went to open his store when he realized that he had a brake in ahhhh! He screamed in fare i’ve been robbed help help please he called the cops they came straight away....

Monday, July 2, 2018

100wc#week38 Issy m

“Daddy the sun's in my eyes.” said molly. “Honey be quite.”Said molly dad. “NO you be Wow. look daddy it's a purple leopard.”Said Molly.
“Yes honey that's a Purple pride leopard.They are very rare.If you touch it you may be cursed forever.” said molly's dad.
“Ok time to go back to the campsite.”Said molly's dad.
“Ok.” siad molly
“But I want to stay and touch the big pretty purple cat.”Said molly.
“NO! Said molly's dad.
“Fine I'M not your best friend.”Said molly.
“I love you honey.Yes I love you.”said molly's dad. Issy m

week 38 100 word by laine

One day there was a tennis shop it was a really wired color cause it was purple like who make there shop purple whoo!! ItÅ› is the odd one out on the whole street I walked into the shop it was so purple inside I said to the person behind the counter I said to him can I get a tennis racket he said yes shore so I grabbed the tennis racket and I went outside then I went to  go play tennis and when I was playing tennis i sore a leopard it was creeping on to the tennis court