Thursday, May 30, 2019

100WC-week #32-LIAM

One lovely morning when I say lovely morning I mean christmas.
I run straight to my parents room and I shout It’s christmas excitedly. then I go to my older brothers room and shout wake up wake up and he just responds shut up and go away so I walked away and the he was lie jk It’s christmas. For christmas I got a rose gold scooter for christmas my brother asked a very transparent sadly my family were too late to see my reaction to my scooter.

100Wc week #32 ruby

I was so late so so so so so so late for school do you know why because I tried to find my transparent electrical scooter it was lost the tires were rose gold  I think it was a prank from my little brother  because once he left so excitedly after he found out that I lost it  little brothers I mean there so stupid they go around annoying everyone they can I’m pretty sure every younger sibling is like that well I hope that or I’m probably making a massive fool out myself .

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

100WC-#week 32-Emma

¨Rose where are you , you need to get ready for school!¨ Mum shouted ¨your gonna be late
¨Coming mum!¨Rose said excitedly ¨ I can't wait to ride my new mobility scooter to school i´m gonna look so cool!¨
¨Yes your gonna be the coolest in class¨ Mum shouted from downstairs.
As Rose went down the hill to school she got some weird looks from people walking their babies and going for a run.When Rose arrived at school she got bullied so much she started to think she could be transparent and never be seen again!
¨Why are people bullying me?¨Rose thought to herself.

Monday, May 27, 2019

100WC - Week #32 - Olivia Richards

As i
rose from my deep deep sleep i ran down stairs it's Christmas i happily ran  along to my parents room  jumped on there bed like a drill hammer and yelled its Christmas its Christmas i just realized i was  late to open my presents my brother had already opened his  i excitedly ran to mine and thought there is only one  but when i opened it was a pink scooter with transparent wheels i screamed thank you so much and rode it down the hallway that was my Christmas.