Thursday, December 6, 2018

100WC Week #13 - Rebecca

“Come on we got..ta, fin..ish this race,” I said panting for air.
“Yes lets..let's do this”
...but they were exhausted…
“I don't feel to great i am light headed and can’t breath”
“No help somebody help he has collapsed and is not responsive!”
The teachers came rushing over calling 111
“ hi we have a 11 year old boy collapse and is not responding”
“ ok we have an ambulance on the way stay on the phone”

“Everybody needs to stay calm we have an ambulance on the way”

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

100WC Week #13- Trent

I Saw Two people running down the street the other day. I looked at them. Did i know them from somewhere. I went over there and said hello. But they were exhausted. They couldn't say a word. They just looked at me like i was looking at them. Do i know you from somewhere he finally said. Yes i think so. But where from. Wait weren't you the one that i saved from that attempted murder. Yeah i think so. I never was able to thank you. Well thank you you saved my life. If it weren't for you that mad man would have killed me.

100WC Week #13 - Brooklyn

One day my bror Zak was playing fortnite and there was 35/100 and I was watching him.  He was having a build battle and he had the high ground and the black night was falling down.  He put a launch pad down and he tried to regain the high ground but they were exhausted.  Luckily my bro was a build pro and he will not stop building until he wins.  The black knight my bro won the game battle.

Monday, December 3, 2018

100WC #13 - Blake - room 4

It was the day for cross country and i was warming up with my age group in a circle line up we heard a teacher say. We were waiting at the starting line, BANG!!! We were of most people started sprinting but not me and one other person because we were being smart and starting with a jog. And then a lot of people started to slow down after the first lap. I just kept saying to myself only two laps left and then it became one lap and then a few hundred meters and then a couple hundred and one hundred and the fifty and then ten and then one and then done and I came fifth place.         

Swimming Sports - 100WC #13 - Alex - Room 4

It was the day of swimming sports and we were walking to the town pools these kids ran passed us. By the time we got there the kids were exhausted many people got called up. The kids were still chasing each other around the teacher had told them to save their energy but they didn't listen. I got called along with the kids that were running around. By the time they got to the diving boards they were all panting. The siren went off we dived in and swam as fast as we could but they were exhausted. I won.

100WC Week #13 - Lucian

We had a strict teacher today and we were having a bush walk. The teacher chose me to be her co captain, I had to warn about prickly bushes or if where going down the mountain steeply. We were going up a mountain and were getting really tired. Me and the teacher managed to get on some flat land, and our teacher looked behind us and realized that the students were lying down on the grass. “Why are you lot lying on the grass?” They all got up and started walking up “But they were exhausted” I said.