Thursday, December 6, 2018

100WC Week #13 - Rebecca

“Come on we got..ta, fin..ish this race,” I said panting for air.
“Yes lets..let's do this”
...but they were exhausted…
“I don't feel to great i am light headed and can’t breath”
“No help somebody help he has collapsed and is not responsive!”
The teachers came rushing over calling 111
“ hi we have a 11 year old boy collapse and is not responding”
“ ok we have an ambulance on the way stay on the phone”

“Everybody needs to stay calm we have an ambulance on the way”

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

100WC Week #13- Trent

I Saw Two people running down the street the other day. I looked at them. Did i know them from somewhere. I went over there and said hello. But they were exhausted. They couldn't say a word. They just looked at me like i was looking at them. Do i know you from somewhere he finally said. Yes i think so. But where from. Wait weren't you the one that i saved from that attempted murder. Yeah i think so. I never was able to thank you. Well thank you you saved my life. If it weren't for you that mad man would have killed me.

100WC Week #13 - Brooklyn

One day my bror Zak was playing fortnite and there was 35/100 and I was watching him.  He was having a build battle and he had the high ground and the black night was falling down.  He put a launch pad down and he tried to regain the high ground but they were exhausted.  Luckily my bro was a build pro and he will not stop building until he wins.  The black knight my bro won the game battle.

Monday, December 3, 2018

100WC #13 - Blake - room 4

It was the day for cross country and i was warming up with my age group in a circle line up we heard a teacher say. We were waiting at the starting line, BANG!!! We were of most people started sprinting but not me and one other person because we were being smart and starting with a jog. And then a lot of people started to slow down after the first lap. I just kept saying to myself only two laps left and then it became one lap and then a few hundred meters and then a couple hundred and one hundred and the fifty and then ten and then one and then done and I came fifth place.         

Swimming Sports - 100WC #13 - Alex - Room 4

It was the day of swimming sports and we were walking to the town pools these kids ran passed us. By the time we got there the kids were exhausted many people got called up. The kids were still chasing each other around the teacher had told them to save their energy but they didn't listen. I got called along with the kids that were running around. By the time they got to the diving boards they were all panting. The siren went off we dived in and swam as fast as we could but they were exhausted. I won.

100WC Week #13 - Lucian

We had a strict teacher today and we were having a bush walk. The teacher chose me to be her co captain, I had to warn about prickly bushes or if where going down the mountain steeply. We were going up a mountain and were getting really tired. Me and the teacher managed to get on some flat land, and our teacher looked behind us and realized that the students were lying down on the grass. “Why are you lot lying on the grass?” They all got up and started walking up “But they were exhausted” I said.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

100WC #12 - Olivia

One day my sister and I were going downtown to meet our friends at the park for my birthday then all of a sudden we heard noises coming from the tree, so we went to check it out. There was nobody there, then we heard noises coming from behind us. We slowly turned around…
“Gotcha” yelled our friends. We went off to go back home for the party then mum asked “why are you on the T.V”, then dad walked in and asked
“What is going on” dad asked.
“We seemed to be on the television” I replied confused.

100WC #12 - Rebecca

“Hey mum dad come watch this, they are showing “recently destructive” and we might
be on it.
“No we won’t in a little town like this we wouldn’t be on t.v”
“But we seem to be on the television right now”
“What let me see”
Sure enough they were the “recently destructive” top 5
“See I told you that we would be on t.v”
“Well I thought that since we are such a little town that we wouldn’t even to the news paper
let alone the t.v”

“I guess it did surprise me that we were on t.v too”
My family and I went to Australia, there was an earthquake where we stayed and we were interviewed about the earthquake. We left after the disaster back to new Zealand, The next day we were watching TV and we seemed to be on the television. I felt this shiver down my cheeks and the next thing, my face was as red as a tomato. I was speechless but my family kept on yelling “Were on TV!” over, and over, and over. The only thing I could think of is everyone's reaction in my classroom at school, everyone watches the news.

100wc week #12- leena

One day my mum said to me that hey look your on television and so is dad ok I said to mum and she said why are you on tv and I said because it was about the farm because me and my dad we said to you that we were going to sell our farm. WHAT why would you do that mum said and dad said because I need to get a bigger farm then after a few hours mum said ok let's sell it and then she thought nope I have changed my mind I’m not going to sell the farm that we had just bought last year we have only had it for a year ok that's it we are not going to sell the farm and that is FINAL.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

100WC #11 Nandani

Once upon a time there lived a tree,named Mr Willow he loved to travel.He had travelled for Hogwarts,his dream was to live in a dark place in the woods.But once a little boy who was about the age 11,got stuck in Mr Willow’s tree. 
Uh oh- It was starting to come to noon but was still unfound he was going to have hard in the woods.There was no TV for the boy to watch and no phone with him to call for help. Mr Willow was a nice tree person to talk to. 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

100WC - Week #11 - Lucy

“Be careful, don’t get too excited. Remember it’s only your first time riding a bike!”

“Mum I will be okay this bike is really good.” he hit it once and the bell fell off.

Mum gave him a questioning look.  

“Okay, well, just ride around the forest and yell for me if you need help, okay?”

“Okay, okay but I won’t need any help because riding is very easy.”

“Oh and Dad will be home soon so when he comes ask him to help you riding.”

“Mum, I told you I don’t need any help.”

Turns out he was wrong.

100WC - Week #11 - Keira

¨ Aye mate lets go on our bmx track in the bush outback¨said Lucas.

¨ Sure how bout that¨ repealed Max.

¨  Well move ya butt then lets gooo¨ shouted Lucas

So they go and grab there bmx and head to the track Max did a big jump and turns right into a tree and releases his hands off the bike  Crash! The bmx when right into the tree he fell down and got minor concussion broke 3 of his ribs,left arm,right leg and had to be in a wheelchair for 1 year! The bike stayed there for years and it got rusty  and now it is in a museum!

¨ better luck next time¨ joked Lucas

100WC - Week #11 - Hayley

¨Hey Summer look at this bike!¨ Said Hannah.
¨Wow! How do you think it got there?¨
20 years earlier……….
Kate was riding her bike past a tree on the way to school.She then realized she forgot her bag. She hopped off the bike and chained it to the tree.She ran back the way she came and got her bag.When she went to get her bike she realized that she didn't know where her bike was so she just had to let it be. So she just had to walk to school.And off she went.

100WC - Week #11 - Laine

What the heck is that is that a bike in a tree. Or is the tree cut so the bike goes through the tree  cause that is amazing. No why is there a bike in a tree why how is that funny it is just a rusty bike in a tree.Ok let's get this straight there is a bike in a tree how is that cool it is really just a bike in a tree.That is really cool how it got in there but is it or for looks or just there cause someone put it in there bye.

100WC - Week #11 - Olivia

One day there was a boy who was going to the Olympics for cycling. Then again he went out to the woods with his friends and started doing stunts on his bike. His friends told him he would get very hurt and have to go to hospital, but he didn't listen. He kept doing stunts and the next year the commonwealth games came he entered in the cycling event. But three days before the commonwealth games he was doing stunts and crashed into a tree he got sucked into it and died. To this day his bike is still stuck.

100-wc week#11 leena

One day I was going into the forest and then I went past this bike and this bike was stuck in a tree so then I went to call my mum and she said what's wrong and I said that I was going for a walk in the forest and then I saw this bike and it was stuck in the tree and mum and dad said we will try to get it out and they tried to get it out but they could”nt so then they got a digger to try to get it out.

Oh no Mum dad I had my bike left in the tree and its stuck and I can’t get my bike out so what do I do now well you can just buy a new bike if you want to.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

100WC Week #10 - Rita

Wednesday, 31 October 1993. The night of halloween is my favourite time of the year.It was 6:00 pm me and my friend Stacy were heading out.But all of a sudden the news reporter announce that a Gorilla ran through a brick wall and he was chasing down a pretty little girl down Masterton road.¨Oh no That's on our road!¨ Stacy screams.
Then all of a sudden the news report says this girl is wearing a yellow dress about the age of 9.¨Sorry kids No trick or treating this year¨ says Dad.
¨Nooooooooo!¨I scream.

100WC Week #10 - Zak

I was at the zoo.  I went to look at gorilla at the zoo. But one gorilla  make eyes at me and then he ran and broke the brick wall.  I ran to get help but the gorilla saw my phone.  He ran up to me and took my phone off me and a ran away with my phone.  My grandma looked at the gorilla and the gorilla turned to stone. I couldn’t say anything. “Um um?”

Gorilla Mania 100WC- Mitchell

Gorilla Mania
One day it is foretold that Gorillas would soon rule over all and their leader Yellow Joe, not to be mistaken by Brick Bob. Firstly to stop them from taking over you should run away as fast as you can. Running might not seem effective but is very useful if you are pretty. If not and everything is over run by gorillas then the end is nigh. But if you are safe the end is still nigh but you have about seventy four thousand year to go. Good luck, sometime I will be back. Bye bye, Good Night.

Ava - 100WC - Week #10

Ahhhhh help! I say running from a giant Gorilla as strong as Bricks.                                       
I’m too young to die I think in my mind .
Wait why are you running from me. I just wanted to tell you something.
I’m not falling for that trick again.
I promise it’s not a trick. I need a friend and I was going to say your yellow dress is very pretty.
Oh ah thank you your umm teeth are very shiny and sharp.
Thank you can we be friends .
Umm sure why not but there's one thing i want to know your name.
I don’t have one.
Oh ah i’m gonna call you bob...

Nandani 100wc #10

Ahhh,came a scream in a distance.It was  Young pretty woman running for her life because there was an  gorilla named  Bobo chasing at the wild ,uncool zoo. Bobo was in shock that someone was running away from him .This happened for the first time, the pretty wore  a beautiful yellow poke-a-dots dress. The lady ran so hard she got got tired so she started to ride her bike.She biked so hard she got tired so she went on her husband´s motorbike,but the motorbike was on the fastest speed that it had no petrol.So she ran so more  all the way home.

Blake 100WC Week #10

“From what”
“The gorilla”
If you can’t tell yet there's a pretty lady in a yellow dress and yellow high heels running away from a giant gorilla about to be hit by one of those bricks that are flying at her. Oh and that gorilla there, see right there yea it’s a alien that's right an alien I know right. But you can kinda tell by the red eyes and the floating teeth I know what you're thinking isn't it just a robot but NO!!! It’s an alien and now you're probably saying no it’s a robot but guess what it an’t. Now have a nice day and bye.

100WC Week #10 - Marissa

I am a yellow Gorilla  and people say I am pretty. My favorite thing to do is smash bricks and running after old people in yellow because they are more fun to run after.I was born in a very small place it was called a glass box because they thought I would hurt people I would never hurt anyone because that is what my mum told me to do is to never hurt anyone because it is mean.My dream home is to be with my mum in the open jungle.

100WC Week #10 - Keira

¨Okay coming honey!¨Mum replied
¨Okay nice at pretty  lets  goooooooo¨ shouted Molly sarcastically.
They hop in the car and go down there yellow bricks road
Like follow the yellow brick road get it off the wizard of oz?
Okay they drove down to the soccer prize giving the went past the zoo and saw a big Gorilla running
¨Omg list is a crazy day¨ Molly whispered but loud enough to hear
¨what was that honey?¨ Mum shouted
¨Oh nothing just daydreaming¨Molly replied louder this time  In hope she is not deaf

100WC Week #10 - Isabella Mcpherson

Breaking news. There is a gorilla chasing a old lady down yellow street.police ten 7 are on it so no need to panic .This was a story from when i was a little girl But now its  coming ture. I'm running as fast as I can. Wait I'm going to crash in to a brick wall.I'm running so fast I can't stop. This is It I'm going to die.chip chip .what was that.Its a killer bird monster.His face is as yellow as the sun.It looks like he has come to save me he picks me up and is taking me away.The gorilla is try to fly.This so funny.
Issy m

100WC Week #10 - Rebecca

Once upon a time there was a gorilla that loved smashing through the bricks and giving his old owner the fright of her life. His owner was dressed in a pretty yellow dress while getting her lovely big green christmas tree ready. Running full speed bang the gorilla pushed through the bricks and gave Gretta a fright. “Augh you got to stop doing that to me one day you could give me a heart attack then who will feed you.”

100WC - Week #10, Brooklyn

One day there was this little boy. He went out into the wide world in York. He said something to me and next minute I know he was a gorilla jumping around my bedroom jumping up again. He was breaking everything even on my bed and then he fell off. Mum came  to see what happened but it was too late the room was trashed and the gorilla was laying down underneath all my clothes. He got away with it but I did not so the next day left home .

#10 dillan - killer gorilla

Once upon a time in a lab a man mixed Dino DNA with Gorilla. Bang! A killer gorilla appeared.  Then it was running away after a pretty women wearing a yellow shirt. She ran and ran but the gorilla got her and did not kill her because it fell in love with her shirt.  She took off her shirt and fell onto bricks and ran all the way back to the lab room. To get another shirt and help get the gorilla back under control and in its cage. They found it sulking in a old sewer pipe near a zoo and brought it back to the lab.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

100WC Week #10 - Natasha Dalton

One day when I was at my Grandma’s house she told me a story from when she was younger. She told me ”One day when I was walking down a street beside the zoo. when there was a loud crash. a Gorilla was smashing through the brick wall. Bricks and dust were flying everywhere. My pretty yellow dress was getting ruined. I started running away. ‘ahhh!’ I screamed. I rang up the zoo to come and get their Gorilla."
"Wow that was a intense day" I replied.
"Yes it was a bad day, I had to throw away that dress that I was wearing" said my Grandma.

Abbie 100wc #10

Once upon a time there was this Gorilla and he loved to build but he especially loved to build with bricks.  One day he was building a wall with some bricks for this old lady she wore a spotty yellow shirt and square black glasses. The old lady came outside to check how Mr Gorilla was going he turned and and started running towards the old lady Mr Gorilla thought that she was so pretty.

100WC week#10 Tom

On Wednesday the 23 of October I decided to go to the zoo to see my favorite animals like the Monkey, Turtle, Giraffe and don’t make me forget my favourite of all the Gorilla. I jump out of the shower and put on my spotted yellow dress and hop in the car. After a 10 minute drive I arrive and pay at the counter. 30 dollars later I find myself staring at the gorilla and then make my way over to see the pretty young giraffe. I get half way there and I puffing behind the brick wall it gets closer and closer and then BANG "Hi gorilla" I say and then start running to safety…

100WC Week #10 - Isabella Dryland

Once upon a time there was a Gorilla and a mad Scientist who was trying to make a formula the turned the gorilla yellow. But it went wrong and the scientist made the wrong formula and it made the gorilla grow and grow and grow it grew so big that the Scientist was running away from it. It was throwing bricks at him but well he was running he saw a pretty girl her name was Lola she was the the most wealthy person in town.

100WC Week #10 - Morgan Bootten

One day as I walked out to my car, out of nowhere  a gorilla broke out of the basement chasing me and making me run. As I ran for  my life around my property I tripped on the broken bricks that were yellow.  I grabbed my phone and rang the zoo to tell them that I found there gorilla.  As I kept running I found a deep hole that the gorilla will not fit in so I jumped into the hole then the zookeepers came and took the gorilla back to the zoo and I was safe at last.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

100WC Week #10 - Hayley

When we got to the theatre we got popcorn and walked into a horrible Gorilla. The main character had a pretty yellow dress on and was walking past a building when suddenly a Gorilla crashed through the bricks when the main character saw it she started running away screaming. The Gorilla began chasing the main character whose name was Mrs Calgen ( if your last name is Calgen it is a coincidence.) Mrs Calgen ran into a building and shouted ¨a Gorillas coming.¨ Then the screen blacked out. The theatre blacked out. When the lights were on everyone's food was gone.

100WC Week #10 - Lucy

One day there was a pretty lady, wearing a yellow dress walking around town talking on her phone. Then people started yelling thing at her like:
Wondering why they were yelling at her she looked around, and behind her was a huge ugly Gorilla. She started running. She ran around a brick wall but the Gorilla just smashed through the wall.
Soon she jumped in a bus but the Gorilla smashed that. Then animal control came so she stopped and looked behind her the Gorilla was gone!


100WC - Week #10 - Lucian

I went to the zoo, I loved going to the zoo to see my favorite animals, penguins, zebras, lions and the gorilla. I decided to wear my favorite yellow shirt with white spots. I saw all my favorite animals except the gorilla’s. The cage for the gorillas was a huge dome with brick walls but people would go up stairs to see the gorillas form up top. Until suddenly one of the gorillas smashed through the walls and the others escaped as well, everyone managed to get out and they closed the zoo.

100WC Week #10 - Notch

“Doo de doo de” I was just walking to bank and saw this lady with a pretty yellow dress near the bank and then I wondered, I’ve seen this lady before. So i thought and thought and I thought. Then she wore her glasses and now i noticed her she was my Mum’s friend. Then a gorilla jumped out of the bank. Everybody was screaming and running for their lives. Then it smashed bricks from every shop there is. Then it took a nap right next to my mom’s friend and then threw it away like the hulk. Like a boss.

100WC Week #10 - Olivia

One day an old lady saw a gorilla in her house chasing her and probably trying to eat the little lady. She was running as fast as her legs could carry her. The gorilla grabbed her pretty yellow dress but the dress was made of silk, very delicate so it ripped. The gorilla chased her past a house made of bricks and then she ran right around the gorilla and fell down a hole. The gorilla was so fat and big he couldn't fit down the hole but she could. She was so small she just slipped in the hole.

100wc week#10 - Leena

One day there was a house and the house was built with bricks and the house had a gorilla so then my Mum thought it was pretty cool but it wasn't it was so so scary and my two brothers liked it as well. I said to mum "I don't want to live in this house again ok."
Ok Mum said but you need to know that the monster is not real we had found out that our dog had turned into a monster not one of us.

100WC Week #10 - Laine

One scary evening there was a gorilla that was running around the town for about a year.  Cause the cops could not get it cause it was so big and it was killing the cops. Not just hurting them and then this girl that was not scared of it so she tried to calm it down. So it wouldn't be so rage it wasn't pretty all that did was make it  badder than it was in the first place. I think I know the thing that made it like that her shirt was yellow. And then the girl was running for her life and then there was bricks everywhere.