Sunday, March 31, 2019

100WC - Week #27 - Biankha

My dad is going shopping today for me and I told him to buy me a nice black and white baggy t -shirt.  He said he will be about half an hour.   Uuh! my Dad is home I wonder if he got the right one because he never gets anything I tell him to get.  Gross, a brown and green t-shirt. But it is the wrong colour, it should be black and white . Dad "whoops, there was no more in the colour you want so this was the only one, don't you like it."
"Well it’s alright I guess" and from that day I never wanted to take it off.

100WC - Week #27 - Kate

Nearly about to fall down I stand on my tiptoes and grab anything I can reach, ¨got it ¨ I yell as Olivia catches a small little red box that fell from the pantry.
¨YAY CHOCOLATE¨ we yell. We open the package as if it was Christmas morning.
"That looks weird,¨  Olivia said holding the little brown cube that has chunky stuff in it.
"Mmm let's eat,¨ I replied not knowing it was Oxo beef stock cubes.
"But it is the wrong colour!¨ Olivia said in shock.
"Who cares.¨ I say as I put the chocolate in my mouth,¨That's not chocolate¨ I yell as I spit it right out!!!

100WC - Week #27 - Keira

Me and my sister Alexis were going to the mall to buy some stuff.  We went all over then I see this really pretty dress “Alexis Alexis please buy me that blue dress i want it so badly” I beg.
“Fine fine I will get you the dress” she says looking like she won’t do it.
I get so excited then I see her coming back with a box and when I open it it is a huge big brown hairy dress “Hey it is terrible I don't want to look like Chewbacca”
“What I didn't know what was wrong with it “
But it is the wrong colour!”
I run in and scream I didn't get the right colour so they give me a box and when I open it there is a blue dress key chain i get so angry and give up but then when I get home my mum comes and says “APRIL FOOLS” and she gets out the dress and gives it to me I have the best day ever

100WC - Week #27 - Olivia

YES it finally came i'm so excited to open it wow even the box is wrapped nicely so it had to be good right? I start unwrapping it and realise it says girls yellow top what I ordered a girls pink top that's weird they probably just got mixed up with the packaging who cares. When I finish unwrapping the box but it is the wrong colour! That so unfair this always happens to me WHY I was so excited for my pink top why did it have to be yellow i guess i just have to deal with a yellow top.

100WC - Week #27 - Caitlyn

Rushing to the colour shop grabbing some paint I look at the tin and thinking it is grey.  Biking back home and said to Mum ¨I have got it ¨
 ¨Quick paint it¨ she says.  
Grabbing the tin trying to open it up getting frustrated saying to Mum ¨can you help?¨
"If you stop yelling at me."
¨Quick¨ Alena says  "Dad said he is coming home in 1 minute."
Jumping up and down splatting it everywhere hoping it does not get the carpet, grabbing the tin and putting it in the garage.
"It is finally dry but it is the wrong colour!" says Mum "and Dad's home" says Alena "Noooooo."

100WC - Week #27 - Leena -…but it is the wrong colour!…

…but it is the wrong colour!…

Hey my name is Amy can I please get a bucket of paint and I want to please have light blue’.

Ok but the thing is we only have dark blue is that still Ok?

No I need light blue so do you think you can get some in?

We will try?

Ok thank you

That’s Ok

we will find a way to get it delivered to you or we will call you will that be Ok?

Yeah Ok that will be fine thank you.
That’s fine do you want anymore colours no thank you just the on if that’s Ok?

Yeah sure you can have just the one if you want it?

That’s Ok with me?

100WC - week#27 - Genevieve

I was online shopping for my bratty niece, Keira while she was at the mall with her sister, Alexis getting presents for her birthday.  I saw the most beautiful teddy ever it was pink and fluffy with a white stomach, “Perfect!” I exclaimed while adding the toy to my cart and smiled wide.
About a week later it arrived in the mail, I didn’t want to look at it yet because I wanted to be just as surprised as Keira.  Two days pass and it’s her birthday! I take the toy to her house and the house in covered in pink decorations! “Wow…” I mumble to myself I give the present to her and she tears it open right away she starts crying but it is the wrong colour! She screamed “Oh no!” I say it’s fully brown!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

100WC week 26 - Ruby

Abby scrambles we’ve been waiting so long for this we setup our bedding and I say shall we go play in the tree house  and she say yes now we’ve been playing in there for at least an hour  so we go inside and get some lunch we have sand witches  they were so good.  Then abby’s mum shows up saying she needs to go home today but they stay here for a little bit  my brother says he’s going to cut the ladder so it doesn’t work my brother did mean it he did he was  just showing off but I was so cross that he did that.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

100WC Week #26-Keira

“Mum Alexis is being mean to me” I scream in anger
“Stop it I am getting annoyed”
I feel as angry as ever so I go and tell mum to tell her to stop and nothing happens
“I am so angry just stop it please”
And I go in my room and do some of my homework in till Alexis comes and bugs me again
Then I go I was so cross that I start to scream then she starts to hit and it became a big disaster 
but in the end we are all happy again.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

100WC - Week #26 - Kate

¨Its 6:30,¨yelled Rachel as she takes a sip of her coffee, ¨Sarah, Billy wake up!¨ Rachel walks to their rooms slowly trying not to spill her coffee. ¨Gosh damn it,¨as Rachel lifts her foot to flick the piece of Lego off, ¨Coming Mum¨ yelled Billy as he pushes past her not knowing that she is holding a cup of coffee, ¨Oopsy sorry Mummy,¨
¨That's OK,¨ replied Rachel, ¨Not just my good WHITE worktop that now has a big brown stain on it,¨ she mumbled I was so cross that I spilt more coffee on my top. Well I better start doing the washing.

Week #26 - Biankha

I was lying peacefully in bed half asleep beep ,beep my alarm run though my ears, I flung  out of bed shut the alarm off . I was so cross that I screamed ,really why!!. I run to the bathroom and put my blonde bleached hair in a ponytail . I then stormed down the hallway  and put my ugly black comfortable sandals on ready for school.As I sat down on the couch my mum screamed” what are you doing sitting down you have  a lot of stuff to do and they are not fun stuff .Come on hurry up. I just did all of that.(with a smirk on my face )

Monday, March 25, 2019


¨Livvy¨I yell angrily ¨have you been in my room!¨
¨No why would I ever go in there¨Livvy said sarcastically.
¨Arg you did now my room is all messy what were you trying to do.¨I growled
¨Oh ya know just find your hidden stash of lollies¨ Livvy laughed.
I was so cross that I stormed into here room and turned her room and turned it upside down.
¨Mum! Emma messed up my room¨ Livvy yelled.
¨That's it Liv you've crossed the line now! ¨I screamed
¨AHHH help me help me Emma´s gonna get me ahhh¨Livvy says desperately.

100WC - Week #26 - Caitlyn

¨ Mum I don't want to eat the yucky sandwich ,there gross ¨ I say disgusted
Well mum says your going to have to eat them ,because thats all I,ve got¨ she says angrily
¨Can I atleast get a sharp and pointy  knife so I can scrape the vegemite off the bread so I just have cheese ¨I said red faced
No she says you can just have it like that ¨ she said
¨I was so crossed that I just chucked it in the bin .¨
Mum was really depressed that she chased me around the house what a catastrophe .