Wednesday, October 31, 2018

100WC Week #8 - Hayley Watkins

The Clothes Argument.

“Why do we have to go.” I said.
“Because I said so” said Mum.
“But MUM I don’t want to go to the clothes shop” I whined
“Well to bad, we need to get you some warm clothes for the winter time.” she replied.
“Okay” I replied with a sad tone. “But can I at least get what I like.”
“Well that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give suggestions.” Mum replied.
“Fine but make sure the suggestions aren’t about ugly things like a blue,
red and white striped top.” I replied.
“What could I suggest about then” said Mum.

The Argument - 100WC Week #8 by Dillan

“Come on bro why won't you do it for me?” said Cameron.
“Because I said so” said lil brother.
“And you're my slave, so do it” said Cameron.
“I’m not going to pick up your girlfriend, not happening.”  said lil brother.
“Mum! Mum! Mum!” shouted lil bro brother.
“What!!” their Mum shouted back, annoyed.
“Cameron wants me to pick up his girlfriend” said lil brother.
“Cameron don’t, she's your girlfriend not his, so don’t make him do it.” said Mum.

100WC Week #8 - Isabella Dryland

I was riding my horse called Chappie and I was at a big jumping comp.  It was my turn and I looked at the last jump, it was 1.2 meters.  My Mum was standing right next to it.  I looked at her and she looked at me and nodded.  Earlier on that day when I was walking the course with my Mum I saw the jump and I said to my Mum "Do I have to jump it?" and she said "Yes" so I said back to her "Why" and she said "Because I said so….."

100WC Week #8 - Lucy

“But Mum thats such a horrible job. No one likes doing it. I really don’t want to do it. Why do I always have to do it.”
“Just do it already!”
“But why do I have to do it??”
Because I said so.”
“Aaagggrrrhhh! I hate it when you say that. But fine I’ll do it.”
“Good girl.”
“Don’t get grumpy at me. I’m just asking, why can’t you do it for once?”
“Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m going to do it now!”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

100WC Week#8 - Lucian

I was on the PS4 playing Fortnite, I almost won my first solo match until Mum interrupted, she got in my way, I tried looking around her but she moved again. I paused the game not like you can pause an online game. “Timmy can you dry and put away the dishes, your sister has already washed them for you,” I didn’t reply. “I mean NOW Timmy.” I moaned “Why now, why not later.” “Because I said so.” “Ugh fine I whipped my headphones off my head and I saw myself die in the game in front of me. My sister was grinning at me.

100WC Week #8 - Marissa

"Trelise can you go and put the washing in the wash house please?"
"But dad asked you and because I said so" 
"But it's too heavy"
"What an excuse" I said.
"No it is not" she said.
"FINE "I said "I will do it, you're so lazy.  When I was doing it I saw a 20 dollar note and when I was done I went to my sister and showed her.
So from now on I do the washing.

100WC Week #8 - Laine

One day I was doing something  in the garden. I was planting plants for Mum, it is so boring planting things. "Why can't I do anything else" I said to Mum. "Why can't I do the dishes or vacuum the house, why do I have to plant flowers and fruit?"
"Because I said so Laine, so get to it and chop chop. Maybe after that we can eat jelly and have chips and dip, if you're lucky.
"Okay okay, I will get to it so I can get those chips and dip and jelly." Yay let do this.

100WC Week #8 - Rebecca

“Mum do I have to go”
“Because I said so, so hurry up and do your chores “
Later day her mum came back into the kitchen to make sure she had done the
dishes. But she didn’t see what she wanted to see.
“Jasmine get here NOW”
“Yes mum”
“Don’t you go yes mum like nothing happened young lady”
“Fine i’ll do the dishes”
“You better”
“I will now scram”
"If i come back and you have done them you will be in big trouble."

100WC Week #8 - Olivia

One day my annoying little sister was about to go to her dance rehearsal and I had to take her, I tried to argue it out with Mum and Dad but it did not work. “Why do I have to take her?” I complained.
“Because I said so.” is all she said.  So I ended up taking her to her little kid to dance rehearsal. When we got there the room was filled with little kids wearing tutus and and ballet slippers. I was sitting there for hours and after a while we finally got to go home.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

100WC - Week #7 - Charlee Gubb - Lego-Man

Monday 21st October 2030

I have decided that I WILL go and explore the lady hole, despite the rumours about ‘people who go in never come out’ or ‘there are great beasts inside that hole’ but I am an explorer and I’m ready for anything!.

Tuesday 22nd October 2030

I have left Lego City and am heading for the hole, it was kinda annoying because on the way out everyone was yelling and saying I had to turn around I just ignored them through. 

Wednesday 23rd October 2030 

I have arrived and so far so good… whoops… I accidentally dropped my flashlight down the hole. What's that noise?... oh no… LADYBUGS… ahh ahh..

100WC #7 Notch

Steve was a famous actor known as a lego person that he got chuck into the woods with a camera to make a series of episodes and learn about the wild but one thing is how did he survive in the wild.

¨Welcome people to the first episode in the wild my name is steve and i will show how to survive in the wild.¨

1 boring hour later. ¨well folks that's fun see you guys next time.¨ But the people did not now that was fake the thing seem fake but it just a 3d model and well that was absolutely horrible but it spread and people went crazy about it and started fighting forever.

100WC - Week #7 - Laine

One day there was a camera man taking pictures of ladybugs. There was heaps of ladybugs I couldn't believe. There was more than 100 hundred of them. Why would there be so many of them, it is incredible. I would be scared if I was the man but not really it's not like they bite or anything.
I wonder if it is a nest, probably but I wouldn't worry cause ladybugs are harmless there just little bugs. Red and black bugs what can they do to you  crawl on you maybe probably there not bad there just bug bugs.

100WC #7 - Lucian

Out of nowhere I thought of making some kind of art with nature and a Lego man, yes it’s weird but I had a great feeling that it would be beautiful. I started by getting an unused glass bottle and washed it. I dried it and that’s when I started decorating. I put a couple of small rocks into the glass. I got some glue out of my sisters shelve and glued the Lego man onto a rock. It looked better than I thought, but something was missing, nothing was living in it. I put some ladybirds in it. I loved it.

100WC - Week #7 - Olivia

One day there was a small Lego man, he liked to go on heaps of cool adventures and make lots of new friends. But then one day when he went out for his normal morning walk he saw something that looked like a balloon on the ground so he went to go and have a look. Then he saw all the people in the city in the big balloon and someone was about to send them off. So the Lego guy went to save the day, he grabbed the kidnapper and tied him up, and then he cut everybody free.

100wc week#7-leena

One day me and my sister went to a park and there I saw a Lego person on the stones and then my little brother had said let’s get this and take it home to put in our other collection and mum said ok so then the 2 boys took it home and then they had played with it the hole time and then mum said time to go home so then we took it home and then we went to go home.

The next day Dad said where did you get that Lego man and Liam said I found it at the playground yesterday so then dad said it is so shiny and clean do you want to go and play with your Lego now dad said oh ok let’s go.

Hey mum look oh what is that well mum it is a Lego piece hey Amber can you come here for a minute please. Ok mum I’m coming.