Tuesday, February 4, 2020

100WC - Week #19 - Milah

 I was walking to town that day to get our groceries for mum. She was feeling a bit ill. She has coughs and sneezes. When I was walking down the footpath, I felt isolated. No one around. We got to the supermarket and there was, Nothing, No one and it felt like there was NOTHING. But ...Although it was a Saturday, Nothing was open… I was confused. The supermarket is always open on Saturdays. I started walking off but then i felt a hand touch me. “Where are you going?, Missy” I ran as fast as i can back home.


  1. Hi Milah good story i would also get confused if nothing was open on Saturday then the part when the the unknown person touches you has this ever come to reality for you?.
    Love cliff hangers
    from: Addison

    1. Hey Addison!, Thanks for the awesome comment!
      No, No one has ever touched my shoulder but that would be SCARY!.Again thank you so much.
      From Milah

    2. hi Milah okay good. No stranger has touched you
      cause that would be scary definitely agree with you.
      By: Addison

  2. Hi Milah,
    I really liked your writing.
    I especially liked the scary part at the end.
    Keep up the good work!


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